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Winner_3_-_366_shadowFRIDAY SALES GROWTH LINKS

This week, we’ll work on growing you into more of a winner in everything you do. Most of these traits are applicable beyond your sales career, so look for opportunities in the links below to grow into more of a winning person…who works in sales.

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Dan_Waldschmidt_small_shadow-1Dan Waldschmidt’s Blog
9 Surprising Lessons You Can Learn From Winners
Leader of “The Edgy Empire” (@GetEdgy), Dan Waldschmidt (@DanWaldo), writes a blog which has been named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 7 sales blogs “anywhere on the internet.” This post lives up to that prestigious designation.

KEY QUOTE: “Winners refuse to go through the motions on anything they’re doing right now that isn’t helping them get to where they want to be. When you realize something is a waste of time cut it off completely, immediately.”

You can check out a longer list of 29 lessons from Dan here#neverstopwinning

[Reading Time: 1:30 minutes]


Mark_Hunter_small_shadowThe Sales Hunter Blog
10 Things Top Performing Salespeople Do Regularly
Author, keynote speaker and award-winning blogger Mark Hunter (@TheSalesHunter) gives us this helpful top 10 list of the patterns or traits we all should be sure to consistently include into our work days.

KEY QUOTE: “This list leaves me with one conclusion. The only thing holding back any salesperson from becoming a top performer is themselves.”

Some of these will take more discipline than others to develop into traits, but they’re worth the effort. #neverstopimproving

[Reading Time: 1:30 minutes]


Keenan_small_shadowA Sales Guy Blog

An Unexpected Trait of The Truly Successful
CEO, keynote speaker [and professional ski instructor] Keenan (@keenan) doesn’t pull punches in his consulting, writing or speaking gigs. It’s helped set him apart. This thoughtful post features Keenan’s observant side as he shares how each of us can benefit from a common trait he’s found in successful people from all walks of life.

KEY QUOTE: “I was extremely impressed with her humility and commitment to learning from every interaction and apply those learnings moving forward. It’s her humility and commitment to learning as she goes and ultimately applying the learnings that will make her successful.”

Do you possess this valuable trait? If not, begin developing it today…then, apply what you learn. #neverstoplearning

[Reading Time: 2:00 minutes]


Colleen_Francis_150x150-1Engage Selling Blog
The King of Sales Skills
Founder and president Engage Selling Solutions Colleen Francis (@EngageColleen) is a sales veteran with more than 20 years of experience. This video sales tip is about what successful sales teams constantly do to remain strong and growing.

KEY QUOTE: “Sales leaders are often asking me, ‘What’s the one skill that my team needs to get better at that’s gonna make a huge difference in whether we hit or don’t hit our goals this year?’ And I believe it’s ‘Opportunity Creation.’ Notice I didn’t say prospecting or cold calling….”

You may believe you’re already doing this, but what would happen if you did it more effecticely? You likely have room for improvement. #neverstopcreating

[Viewing Time: 2:11 minutes]

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