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Social_Selling_2_-_294_shadowSocial Selling is useless and is a complete waste of your time.

That’s what one [shrinking] camp would tell you. The other side would show you example after example of how beneficial it has been in growing their sales.

Social selling is for real. It has an important role in a certain percentage of sales that are closed every single day across all industries.

The larger debate is around agreeing on a clear description of social selling.

I came across a pair of resources last week. One was from HubSpot’s Sales Blog, and the other was from HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. Between the two of them, we can further define what social selling is and is not.

First let’s look at Emma Snider‘s (@emmajs24) post titled, “The Sales Professional’s Go-To Guide to Social Selling.”

Snider offers a solid definition and then adds this important reality check information:

“Instead of a hard closing tactic, social selling more closely resembles lead nurturing. Therefore, social selling isn’t for reps seeking quick wins or a silver bullet. Salespeople have to be willing to put in the time and effort to engage with their target buyers on an ongoing basis, and even then, there’s no guarantee that their efforts will pay off.”

The post then moves through a strong case for social selling (“The Power of Social Selling”), and then proceeds on with these topics which are described quite efficiently and very effectively:

  • How to Get Started With Social Selling
  • Optimizing Social Profiles for Social Selling
  • Working Social Selling Into Your Day
  • [Asks the question…] Is Social Selling Creepy?
  • Measuring Social Selling Success

This post really is a comprehensive look at the closely aligned topics of what social selling is and how to do it well. [Great work on this feature Ms. Snider.]

Next, let’s run through Jill Rowley‘s (@jill_rowley) post, “What Social Selling Isn’t.”

Rowley writes this feature as a straight-shooter with 15 different statements, all beginning with: “Social selling isn’t…”

Some examples include:

  • Social selling isn’t outsourcing to marketing.
  • Social selling isn’t immediate.
  • Social selling isn’t the new channel for spam.
  • Social selling doesn’t replace phone and email outreach.


  • Social selling isn’t right for everyone.
  • Social selling isn’t about selling.

Each claim is described and the entire post makes a strong case for its thorough understanding of what social selling is not. Read it all now. You’ll be glad you did.

And thank you, Jill, for this excellent resource for all of us to bookmark.

QUESTION ::: After reading both posts, where do you personally see opportunities for improvement?

Let’s talk about it…

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