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This week’s resources are focused on Top Sales Books.

We’ve brought together, for you, lists from four sales industry bloggers, listing 60 titles (some are repeated…so pay special attention to those).

It’s all in an effort to ensure you’re making the most of your time and to help you grow as a sales professional.

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Alice Heiman’s Blog

15 Sales Books That Will Motivate You to Sell More
Social selling and personal branding expert, Alice Heiman (@aliceheiman), is featuring a very helpful list of books to motivate sales professionals in her recent blog post.

KEY QUOTE: “I know you will be shopping for gifts for all the great salespeople in your life and perhaps you will even have a quiet moment during the holidays to read something to motivate you for the coming year.

II agree with Alice and recommend Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson by @RobertTerson#GetSmarter

[Reading Time of This Post: 8:00 minutes]


Nick_Hedges_116x116Inc. Magazine

The Best Books For Salespeople
Nick Hedges (@Nick_Hedges) is CEO of @Velocify. He wrote this article for @Inc magazine about his list of the five best books salespeople should read.

KEY QUOTE: “I take these opportunities to continue my education by reading, as I truly believe the best salespeople never stop learning. Specifically, reading books about leadership, business best practices and high-level sales strategies keep me sharp and give me new ideas.”

Along with Hedges, I also recommend The Little Red Book of Sales by Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer). #MakeTimeToGrow

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]


Accelerate Blog

27 Must-Have Sales Books to Help You Sell More
Kameron Noel (for @hirevue) has written some strong content. This one is is our longest featured list today; it contains 27 book reviews! How many of them have you read? How many are new to you?

KEY QUOTE: “…these books are listed in no particular order, but they are essential (in our opinion) if you want to win in today’s sales environment..”

By this third list, you’re starting to see some titles mentioned again. That’s an extra strong indicator it’s worth a read. #CreateAReadingPlan

[Reading Time: 28:00 minutes]


Robert_Barsi_116x116Sales Hacker Blog

Best Sales Books: 23 Reads That Give Salespeople All the Answers
Ralph Barsi (@rbarsi) is the Vice President of @Achievers and he writes for the @saleshackerconf blog. He apparently put in quite a bit of time in creating what he believes to be all the books salespeople need to get all of the answers. It is quite well-rounded. What do you think?

KEY QUOTE: “Slow your roll. We’re all used to tweets and texts, and flying through content. Books, however, require focus and attention.”

I like that a lot of the classics made this list along with some newer titles. Younger generations of sales professionals would do well for themselves by beginning to read through this list sooner than later. #ReadTheClassicsAgain

[Reading Time: 10:30 minutes]

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