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Doctor_354_shadowI was 10 years old when I came down with what my family believed was the flu. Later that weekend they found me in the corner of my bed tightened into the fetal condition and unresponsive.

The doctors quickly determined that my comatose body had contracted bacterial spinal meningitis and that I likely would not live more than a couple more days.

I woke from the coma four days later, to the surprise of the entire medical team, and a funny thing happened at the hospital a week later.

It was almost Christmas, and so I asked my father if he really would buy me any game I wanted since I woke from my “sleep.” It was something he told me while I was still in day three of my coma.

In sales, sometimes you may not believe your buyer is taking in your words with consideration, and truthfully sometimes they aren’t, but there is often more going on in their head than we can see. So trust in yourself, even when what you see is causing you concern. Remember what’s worked and work it.

Yes often starts off looking a lot like a No.

I told you this story to make two points:

  1. Well-Built Stories Are Powerful: They’re far more powerful than simply talking about a list of your product’s or service’s features or benefits.
  2. Storytelling Speeds Growth In Business Relationships: You can deepen the relationship in a shorter amount of time with relevant, powerful stories.

You’ve heard this before, about the power of storytelling in sales, but do you really know the science behind it?

Once you do understand it, you’ll become much better at it because there will no longer be any doubt about how much we as humans are built to seek, enjoy and respond to stories.

I found, last week, what I can easily say is the deepest dive into the science of storytelling, as it directly relates to selling, I’ve ever read. And, if you have any interest in this subject at all, you’ll enjoy learning more about storytelling from it as well.

Founder of Vesper (@meetvesper), pilot [and a fellow lover of French toast], Jimi Smoot (@jsfour), wrote a blog post titled: Stop Selling Features, Start Selling Stories: The Science Behind Story Telling And Why Selling With A Story Works.

It’s the only blog post about storytelling and sales you need to become absolutely convinced that stories are essential in the work we do.

“The difference between any particularly emotional story and a good marketing story is that a marketing story has a purpose” — Tim Halloran

I want to share with you elements of Smoot’s post so you know a little about what you’ll find in this important resource. The author shares the science behind:

  • Why Telling A Story Right Can Add To Your Credibility
  • How A Good Story Can Literally Shift a Customer’s Brain Chemistry
  • How Stories Transport Customers to New Worlds
  • Why Storytelling Can Squash the Skeptic In Your Customer
  • Why Stories Are Critical To Build Relationships

There are also two embedded videos you should definitely take the time to view.

Once you understand, and trust, this information, your colleagues will notice more confidence building in you. Your buyers will respond even more positively on a steady and consistent basis.

That will mean more sales for you. Read the post at Vesper Blog now.

Oh, and yes…my father was true to his word. I chose my game wisely [then I was given many more games and toys by my parents and others]. That year we enjoyed the very best Christmas together as a family we ever had.

[Reading Time of Smoot’s Post: 7:00 minutes]


QUESTION ::: What’s the best story you’ve used in gaining a sale?

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