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Cheerleaders_355_shadowAs a sales manager, we both know you need to effectively motivate your sales team, but you shouldn’t be shaking a pair of pompons to get the job done.

There are so many stories in our industry of well-intentioned sales managers, who had no idea how to strategically motivate the individuals in their sales team, and more or less used painfully bad cheerleading efforts in an attempt to rally the troops.

You’ve probably experienced that, as I have, and cringed the entire time as the show wouldn’t seem to end.

I was reading an article this week on the topic of sales team motivation, and I appreciated the approach the author used to help sales managers grow in this area of sales management.

Sales trainer,  neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert and keynote speaker Leigh Ashton (@nlpsalessuccess) wrote a post this week for Sales Initiative’s Toolbox (@SI_SalesUK ) titled: “Your Sales Team: A Motivation Check List.”

I believe you’ll find it helpful as well.

Ashton begins with a set of diagnostic questions:

  • Does every member of your team know where they fit in to the bigger company objectives?
  • Do you know the higher purpose of each of your team?
  • Are your sales peoples’ targets realistic bearing in mind your industry’s current market conditions?
  • Do your team members only very occasionally contact you for guidance?
  • Do you know the “meta-programmes” of each of your team?

A higher amount of answers of “yes” points toward your team likely being more motivated.

The rest of the post goes on to unpack each of those questions, including additional questions to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your sales team. Read through each of them, they’re brief, and see what you can use for your own team.

As much as money can help motivate an individual, it’s not solely as effective as you may believe:

“Most meaningful research suggests money is only ever an effective motivator in the short term. And that’s usually always confirmed whenever I dig below the surface at the companies I train and when I talk to sales directors and sales teams generally.”

Read Ashton’s post now.

[Reading Time of the Sales Initiative Post: 3:00 minutes]

 What forms of motivation have you used, with success, as a sales manager?

Let’s talk about it…

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