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Social_Selling_-_Laptop_287_shadowFor businesses looking to boost revenues and beat their quota, social media is an excellent [and often-under-utilized] sales tool.

Though marketing and PR have long accepted the value of social reach, many sales teams have been slow to embrace the social network as an avenue of consumer connection.

But gone are the days of cold-calling and face-to-face meetings – today’s savvy customers are using social media to screen their business contacts, familiarize themselves with brands, and connect with industry experts and influencers.

Which means if your sales team wants to meet increasing quotas and boost revenues, they’ll need to update their social skills and connect with your prospective audience on their preferred platforms.

Shifting your attention to social selling can take a bit of adjustment, but if your business is serious about boosting sales, you’ll need to take the leap; your competition has already done so.

I’ve outlined my best suggestions, below, to help smooth the transition.

  • Do your research. Prepare to enter the world of social selling by doing a little digging. Your sales team will want to identify your industry influencers and their preferred social networks, and spend some time following the current conversation – what are they talking about? And, who with?Remind your sales team that social selling is not about pushing a product or service – it is about establishing credibility and connection through conversation. A little research will help your sales team gain great insight regarding the values and attitudes of your prospective audience – and apply it to drive real dialogue.
  • Establish concrete, measurable goals. Outline a plan for increasing your social reach, and make sure your sales team is up to speed. Whether your goal is to increase your page Likes on Facebook or boost the number of posts re-Tweeted – take time to set real, actionable, and measurable milestones, and you’ll find it far easier to track your progress.
  • Allocate time specifically for social selling. It takes time to build a strong social presence – but even 15 minutes per day can hold a huge impact on your success. Build social selling into your daily schedule, by asking each member of your sales team to spend a period of time each day interacting via social media. At the end of the month, review your reach – and make sure to record your results.
  • Track activities and results individually, and as a team. Keep an eye on your metrics! While most networks offer built-in tools for tracking results, you may find it helpful to use a comprehensive sales solution such as that offered by SalesFitRX to aggregate and track your social selling results between networks.However you choose to approach it, make sure you follow your progress and results both as a team and individually. You’ll not only see the impact of your efforts – you’ll identify which members of your sales team have a knack for social selling.
  • Provide support and motivation. Check in with your sales professionals frequently, to see how their conversations are going. Provide clear content guidance, periodical prompts, or suggestions of interest to help inspire those who might benefit – and discuss the results as a team in your weekly meeting. Discuss your progress, and share the data which proves your results – and you’ll find your team motivated to continue extending your social reach.
  • Adjust the strategy to meet your desired results. Over time, you’ll discover the nuances of each social network, and learn which avenues are the best revenue generators. Maybe your prospective audience has a stronger presence on LinkedIn, or Twitter – whatever the platform, encourage your sales team to focus their efforts, allocating more time to presence where you see results.

Social selling is still a new world to many sales reps – so ease your team into the transition by providing effective education and guidance.

You’ll help your sales team extend your business’s reach, establish credibility, drive conversational connection, and meet their increasing quotas – all while boosting your bottom line.

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