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Mars_349_shadowNearly 20 years ago, Mars candy bars surged in popularity quite unexpectedly.

It was unexpected because the company that produced, and still produces, the candy bar didn’t have a new marketing campaign, they hadn’t made any changes to the product, they hadn’t spent more advertising dollars…nothing had changed on their end.

So why was there a surge in sales?

1997 was the same year NASA launched a rocket into space carrying the highly publicized Pathfinder expedition probe. Do you remember which planet that probe would soon study?

You’re correct if you said it was the planet Mars.

The media attention given to the planet via the NASA expedition triggered popularity in the candy bar.*

I’m not exactly sure how the marketing team at Mars, Inc. missed the opportunity to intentionally create a campaign to leverage that opportunity. They certainly proved they weren’t a bunch of rocket scientists over there. They were simply fortunate to get what they did receive in increased sales.

Trigger events. They’re constantly occurring around us, and within our online sphere, all day/every day. They’re opportunities upon which to capitalize, but only A). if we can recognize them, and B). if we know how to respond.

That’s where today’s resource comes in.

Global Head of Social Media & Content Marketing at @CognizantGerry Moran (@GerryMoran), wrote a post on his site earlier this year and I want to make sure you don’t miss it. He titled it: 30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers.”

Moran begins it by addressing my points made above about triggers (focusing primarily on the first one in this post):

  • Can we recognize them?
  • Do we know how to effectively respond to them?

He addresses them with these opening words:

“The key to social selling success is fishing where the fish are. You might be fishing where the fish are, but you do know what to do when you get a nibble on the line?”

This resource focuses on triggers found specifically in LinkedIn. He cites 30 different triggers to watch for.

Note: You may be thinking, at this moment, that you already know what the LinkedIn triggers are. If so, do yourself this favor. Grab a pen and some paper and write down 30 of those triggers. Then, when you fall short of 30 triggers, read on…

Moran’s 30 triggers are listed within the post in a graphic and also later in the text of this resource. You won’t miss it.

The rest of the post is written covering these 2 sections:

  • 5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Pay Attention To Social Selling Triggers
  • Here’s Some Research To Hook You Into The Decision-Maker

The author repeats the list of triggers later in the post and addresses the aspects of knowing what to do when you see a trigger occur.

His advice on this is something I also recommend, and that is to sign-up for email delivery of his posts. You’ll find a variety of ways to respond to triggers in his past and future posts.

As for that Mars bar trigger I mentioned earlier, now that you’ve read this post, don’t be surprised if you find yourself at the grocery store checkout line sometime this week and [before you realize it] you’re handing a Mars bar to the cashier to purchase and eat on the ride home.

It’s not your fault. You can blame those calories on me.

[Reading Time of Moran’s Article: 3:00 minutes]

* Adapted from Jonah Berger, Contagious (Simon & Schuster, 2013)
QUESTION ::: What additional triggers do you see out there you’d like to share with your peers?

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