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dessert_3_-_322_shadowMy wife and I enjoyed a second honeymoon back in 2006, and I embarrassed her again and again…

It wasn’t that I was trying to make her feel uncomfortable, it just happened every time we paid for something on our vacation.

I believe in the power of empowering others, it played out on our trip in this very straightforward way.

I asked this simple question whenever it was time to hand over my credit card: “Do you happen to have any honeymoon discounts in your register today?”

Nearly every time I spoke those words, the sky opened up, the Hallelujah Chorus rang out and discounts and free items quickly came our way. I also mentioned to the wait staff, as we sat down at various restaurants, that we were on our honeymoon. The results of that mention were also off the charts.

We definitely reaped some benefits. Here are a few perks I still remember:

  • four-level upgrade for our 2-week rental vehicle
  • An upgrade at the hotel to a corner suite
  • A free custom dessert from the chef at Cowboy Ciao, as well as a visit to our table to congratulate us (I highly recommend this place in Scottsdale)
  • A free guided sunset horseback ride over South Mountain (Phoenix) to a Texas roadhouse for a steak, then a starlit ride through the pass back to the stables
  • A half-price hot air balloon ride with a 5-star brunch at our landing site (their chase vehicle located us just after landing in the desert, and that became our dining room)
  • Too many free entrees at restaurants than I can count

There are times in life when we don’t get what we want because we don’t ask for it. Both in our personal and professional lives, we can get more if we know how to ask for what we want and then do it.

Opportunities to practice our negotiating skills are all around us every day. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I recently read a new blog post from sales trainer John Barrows (@johnmbarrows) and it’s right on par with this thinking.

The post is titled: Practice Sales Everywhere You Go.”

The big idea of Barrows’ post is that:

“Sales is the best profession in the world for multiple reasons. One of them is that we can (and do) practice it all the time and everywhere we go. The trick is to actively think about practicing it and pay attention.”

Much like the examples I gave you, Barrows gives us quite a few scenarios to get your thinking started about where you can be intentionally practicing your selling skills.

As the author mentioned, the important thing is to intentionally practice wherever you go.

It will only take a couple of minutes to read his post, so go check it out now and begin thinking about your next chance to ABP: Always Be Practicing.

As for my second honeymoon, it only took a couple of days before my wife’s embarrassment turned to excitement (and an elbow to my ribs when it was time to ask again). She loved seeing what would come our way next.

What will come next for you?

She still elbows me to this day, and now I’m the one who’s embarrassed when I ask for a honeymoon discount for a bunch of bananas and a gallon of milk on a slow Tuesday night at the grocery store…

[Reading Time For Barrows’ Post: 2:00]
QUESTION ::: Where have you practiced your selling skills outside of your conversations with buyers? And what did you receive as a result

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