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Hacks__Tricks_1_-_230_shadowFRIDAY SALES GROWTH LINKS

This week’s resources are focused on Hacks & Tricks For B2B Sales Reps.

I’ve gathered four very interesting and useful resources from two of our peers in the sales industry.

Jimi Smoot uses science and an understanding of human behavior to share some important sales training with us.

And Jacob Marovt, in my opinion, consistently puts together some of the very best posts in our industry when it comes to the combination of helpful insights, usefulness, practicality, entertainment, readability and overall substance coming together in each and every post.

If you doubt me, just read his posts linked below. In fact, don’t miss any of the links in today’s post.

Also, don’t forget to return to this blog daily, and especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

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Jacob_Marovt_118x118Pipetop Blog

Sales Hackers Exist – Steal Their 14 Essential Habits
Co-founder of @PipetopHQ, Jakob Marovt (@jmarovt), wrote this very practical and useful post last week for any sales professional interested in becoming more efficient and effective with their time and in their work. So, this was written especially for you.

KEY QUOTE: “A sales hacker is a person that is passionate about optimizing every step of the sales process: the tools, the roles, the tasks, the goals & the compensation.

Do NOT miss the “Monthly Sales Hacking Checklist” at the end of this post. #HackingForGood

[Reading Time of This Post: 11:00 minutes]


Pipetop Blog

How A Simple Checklist Rescued 80% Of Our Sales Demo Time
The second resource I’m featuring from Jakob Marovt in another epic post. Walking through this post and applying it to your specific situation will absolutely help you reclaim lost time. The key is to reinvest those found hours into quality selling time.

KEY QUOTE: “It’s a checklist that doesn’t necessarily improve our close rate for each individual deal. Instead, it focuses on improving our pitch across several business areas.”

You’ll want to forward this pair of useful resources from Marovt to your colleagues. #PassItOn

[Reading Time: 7:30 minutes]


Jimi_Smoot_125x125Vesper Blog

The Hidden Science Behind Language That Sells
Founder of @meetvesper, Jimi Smoot (@jsfour) took a very scientific approach to better understanding what type of language can lead to more sales and why. This is incredibly interesting…that is, if helpful resources that can help you generate more sales is your thing.

KEY QUOTE: “Give customers a sense of newness and you’ll be going a long way in using the persuasive power of language to close more sales.”

Leverage how we’re built as humans to gain more sales. It’s not manipulation; it’s knowing how to solve your buyer’s problem without allowing them to get in their own way. #HelpThemHelpThemselves

[Reading Time: 6:00 minutes]


Vesper Blog

Using Game Theory In Your Sales Process
This other featured post from Jimi Smoot is about how to effectively strategize and apply game theory to every client interaction. Smoot builds his convincing case by diving into human behavior.

KEY QUOTE: “Often we can feel rushed to close a deal for fear of the cost of waiting. But game theory suggests that the biggest winner is the one who can be the most patient…that means not just focusing on negotiating the terms of a deal, but also thinking ahead about how to structure the deal so that the cost of waiting is lower for you than it is for your client.”

What was your favorite “A-ha!” moment from this resource? #Eureka!

[Reading Time: 4:00 minutes]

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