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Businesswoman_2_-_356_shadowWhy aren’t more women in inside sales?

To help you out, I found a great resource that will help you better understand some of the reasons why there aren’t more women [yet] in this section of our industry.

Heather R. Morgan (@HeatherReyhan) is the CEO of SalesFolk. She recently recorded a video interview with the President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc).

The blog post, with the embedded video, is called, A Secret Every Great Salesperson Needs to Know.”

You’ll hear about that secret 13 minutes into the video.

For Background: Trish has been recognized as one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals” by The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) for four years in a row.

Heather begins by letting us know what to expect in the interview video:

“Trish and I discuss important inside sales challenges, and what sales executives can do to proactively resolve them. Topics discussed range from product market fit issues to what most companies miss when trying to attract women to join their sales force.”

When it comes to watching videos online, especially regarding sales, I rarely see what Heather included. Here’s a simple rundown of the timeline and topics discussed at different moments of the video. That helped me determine the value of this resource right away:

  • 03:59  How to entice talented women to join your salesforce and avoid the turn-off mistakes so many companies are making
  • 05:41  If you’re relying on your technology to engage customers, here’s a major shift to your thinking that will increase sales
  • 06:40  The powerful sales benefit that resonates with prospects’ emotions much deeper than simply “faster and cheaper”
  • 13:10  The secret every great inside sales rep needs to know about successful sales conversations
  • 16:20  Best practices for quickly training highly successful sales teams
  • 25:37  Try this method instead of spamming your prospects with emails they won’t read
  • 32:59  Hoping to break into the European market?  don’t ignore these considerations or you will fail at expanding into new markets

The video is 41 minutes long, and now you know about some of the topics that are discussed. You can go directly to a topic if one especially interests you.

I strongly encourage you to view it, or at least listen to it while you do some of your prospecting research. Take notes of points that stand out to you…then, share it with a colleague.

QUESTIONS ::: Why do you think there aren’t more women in inside sales today?

Let’s talk about it…

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