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us_open_leaderboard_306_shadowYour sales team needs more than pep talks and contests.

The leaderboard at the U.S. Open is the central hub of the most important information at the event. It’s constantly viewed by the professional golfers. both on and off the course, by attendees at the event and by a worldwide audience viewing it on TV, Internet and in print as well as those listening to or receiving scoring updates via radio.

The leaderboard is constantly being updated during event hours, then it’s discussed, stressed over and dissected every evening of the tournament to predict any number of possible outcomes after the final round. We can sometimes do that with our sales team leaderboards as well.

Yes, the leaderboard informs, but most of all it motivates.

In business, particularly in the sales industry, feeding off of the proper motivation is key to get the most out of a sales professional. Although there may be different ways each representative prefers to be motivated, I would posit that competition between colleagues is a universal motivator…whether we like it or not.

For many decades, inserting a leaderboard into the mix of sales players has been a fairly effective motivator within a sales team. The only problem with what has always been done is that the traditional leaderboard isn’t ever-present.

The motivation derived from the leaderboard’s competitive element may be felt more at the beginning and the end of each workday after each day’s updated rankings, but those sparks don’t always keep the flame burning hot throughout the moment by moment inner battles with doubt, confidence and belief within each sales professional throughout the entire day.

Enter SalesFitRx.

The SalesFitRx web and mobile app was first and foremost created to solve the problem of extracting hidden non-selling time in your day and giving you the opportunity to reinvest that time into more selling time.The real-time leaderboard is just one of the elements built into the sales tool to help keep your motivation flame running hot, leading to you getting the best out of yourself day after day.

ring_the_bell_311_-_shadowI guarantee you’ll feel a bit more fire when a colleague “rings the bell” in the app and you’re made aware they just jumped ahead of you on the leaderboard. You’ll have a bit more focus and effectiveness walking into that next sales meeting or when you make that next call with a prospect or client. It’s human nature, so use the motivation to your advantage.

SalesFitRx certainly isn’t the only sales tool out there with a real-time leaderboard for sales teams. This level of gamification is present in quite a few tools on the market today. But what other tools do not possess is the level of actionable data that SalesFitRx not only collects and organizes, but also gives you, the user and/or the sales manager, a variety of ways to easily and effectively determine where non-selling time lurks.

I’d tell you more about it, but we created a brief video to both show and tell you how it works.

Please view the video then determine if you have absolutely no doubt you’ll come out ahead of your sales goals if you keep doing what you’re currently doing as a sales team, or if SalesFitRx’s real-time actionable insights may be able to help you improve upon what your sales team is already doing.

And yes, this award-winning tool fully integrates with SalesForce.

Don’t let your competitors gain this edge over you.

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