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Blind_Spot_360_shadowIf you don’t know what you can’t see, how do you know it’s not an opportunity for significant growth?

Even with our best efforts to cover all of the known blind spots in our career effectiveness and growth, there are invariably a few spots we’re missing.

I wonder about this for you: Do you believe you’ve maxed out your personal potential for prospecting and social selling work on Twitter?

Most likely you don’t believe that, but sometimes what we really need is a single nugget of understanding in a small aspect of a larger area of interest such as prospecting or social selling. The right nugget can make a significant improvement in your effectiveness.

That’s exactly what I’ve found for many of you today.

Marketing and Social Media Manager for @AliceHeiman [and festival enthusiast] Sabra Rubinstein (@SabraRubinstein) recently wrote her first blog post for and she nailed it. She titled it: “The Simple Secret to Prospecting with Twitter.”

I’ll go ahead and share her secret with you, but I’ll leave the What, the Why, and the How to her excellent post.

The secret is this: Twitter Lists.

Most of you and your fellow sales professionals are not presently using Twitter Lists at all. For those who are using them, the majority of you are not yet making the most of them.

I especially liked how this post:

  1. Defined the pain point
  2. Explained what Twitter Lists are
  3. Why Twitter Lists should be important to you
  4. How the post gave clear application
  5. That the post offers supporting media (the video) to learn how to create a Twitter List; especially for visual learners

It’s really a complete post, and is an excellent resource to bookmark and share with your colleagues. I highly recommend reading it right now.

@AliceHeiman: You have a budding all-star in Sabra. She hit a home run in her first plate appearance.

[Reading Time 3:00 minutes]
[Video Length: 1:32 minutes]

QUESTION: What other potential prospecting blind spot may be out there that you’ve become stronger in that you’d recommend to other sales professionals?

Let’s talk about it…

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