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Introvert_355_shadowFirst off, introverts are terrible at sales.

I’m not sure if you believe that. But I don’t.

I’ve worked in our industry for enough decades to have seen how well some introverts can sell, and sometimes in ways I didn’t expect.

There were a number of times when an introverted colleague would show me how to sell in a new way I hadn’t considered before then.

A lot of light bulb moments in my career were powered by introverts who crossed my path.

[That unexpected dichotomy brings to mind the writing and speaking of The Freak Factor author David Rendall who is quite adept in proving the power of flaunting our weaknesses…but, that’s for a different blog post to be written on another day.]

There are a lot of myths out there about the ability of introverts to be able to thrive in the world of sales. Fortunately, I discovered a myth buster last week and I want to tell you about him and his work.

Sales coach, mentor and author Alen Mayer (@mayeralen) has a good collection of posts about and for introverts in the selling game. That’s what I’m telling you about today.

Introverts take a more gentle approach – they listen deeply to the customer’s concerns. They internalize the customer’s needs, and immediately start problem-solving in their heads – “How can my product or service solve your problem?”

They take the time to build a trust relationship with the customer and whether they make the sale or not (they usually do because of this relationship) the customer walks away thinking, “this person cares about me.”

My favorite resources in this valuable set of posts are the Myths. Here are just a few myths Mayer busts for us:

Although I wasn’t able to locate a single page with all of this myth busting posts, I encourage you to dig into Mayer’s resources.

Because Mayer understands various aspects of introversion, he also helps sellers effectively sell to introverted buyers. Don’t miss posts on this important topic, such as this one.

You can learn more about Mayer here. He’s also written helpful resources beyond the topic of introversion, so see what you can learn from him today.

 If you’re an introvert in the sales industry, what’ve you learned that you would like to pass on to other introverts in the field of sales?

Let’s talk about it…

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