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sticky_branding_290When in a selling situation, are still you under the impression that your words matter most?

If that’s the case, author, keynote speaker and marketer Jeremy Miller(@stickybranding) has quite a few wise words for you in his recent blog post titled, “Customers Persuade Themselves: The Power of Positive Mind Chatter.”

What I Especially Liked About This Post…
Miller talks about what I’ve also found to be consistently true in my decades of selling. That truth is: the most effective person to sell you anything is YOU.

What You Need to Know…
What’s really going on when you clearly have a superior product with a better price and the prospect won’t budge?

As frustrating as the sales process might be, there is a fascinating psychological response taking place. The customer is not hearing the messages that you are delivering. You’re being drowned out by mind chatter — their inner dialogue.

So, you can either try to force them to see things your way [which is about as effective as beat them with a blunt object to turn them] or you can start using your awareness of this psychological response to your advantage.

All in favor of the latter, keep reading…

For starters, begin to better understand the power of the inner voice:

“…when you receive a persuasive message you are more apt to recall your mind chatter than the message itself.
“You remember your internal arguments for or against the message you received. You remember how the message (or the deliverer of the message) made you feel.”

Miller then recommends  an experiment. Whether or not you choose to take the time to do it, you can see how the experiment is probably correct.

Then comes the most important set of paragraphs in the post. Now, my intention isn’t to tell you everything so you won’t need to click over to Miller’s site. I want you to go there and read it all for yourself. It’s quite persuasive when read as the complete post.

Be sure to pay special attention to the paragraphs under the heading: “Create the Conditions for Positive Mind Chatter.” This is where it all comes together.

I’d be happy to finish this post with a few wise words of my own, but why figure out what those words should be when Miller’s words do the job perfectly:

Customers persuade themselves. Play to this in your own brand, and tune your marketing to speak to your customer’s inner voice.

QUESTION ::: What one thing can you do today to do a better job at speaking to your prospect’s inner voice?

Let’s talk about it…

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