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Idea_361_shadowMost of the possible major efficiencies a sales team can implement have already been discovered, right?

What if every one of your sales reps could save 2-3 hours of prospecting time every day?

Would you be interested in that if the solution not only didn’t hurt your sales numbers, but actually increased them?

Of course you would be interested.

I read about a strategy last week that some of you may already be using. I’ve used a modified/more simplistic form of this in the past, but it wasn’t as well thought out as this idea is.

Most of you have not yet implemented this strategy. It involves using the strengths and interests of each member of your team, and encouraging the use of their passions and interests in sales, instead of sticking each of them in predefined boxes.

Director of Account Development at @HireVuePeter G. Chun (@petergchun) wrote an article he posted on LinkedIn titled, How to Give 3 Hours Back to Your Sales Reps.”

Are you skeptical? Understandable. But are you at least curious?

It all started when Chun began working at HireVue, a team acceleration platform. Instead of coming in and rearranging the team so it matched how he wanted the company’s sales environment to be structured, he took the time to sit next to each team member to better understand their individual workflows.

Chun then understood where the opportunity for greater efficiency and effectiveness was to be found. This one change brought about a 60% gain in sales the next quarter.

Did that get your attention?

You should read the article to fully understand what Chun did with that team. But, I will give you this sneak peek:

“You may say that we might as well have purchased lead lists but the ADS does more than just mindlessly add new leads to the CRM. The ADS uses previous Closed Won company and prospect profiles to find new optimal leads. They also constantly monitor lead levels to ensure that each rep has sufficient leads according to their workflows. When combined with proper sales training and sales coaching, this ensures that the leads are being penetrated efficiently and consistently.”

I especially like the two links at the end of the article leading to a sales manager’s point-of-view on using this system, as well as a sales rep’s point-of-view. Don’t miss those.

Read the article now.

[Reading Time: 2:00 minutes]

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QUESTION: Could this change in strategy within your sales process work for your team? Why or why not?

Let’s talk about it…

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