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Email_4_-_349_shadowWould you open the prospecting emails you’re presently sending to others?

I recently looked back some of my prospecting emails over the years. I cringed. It’s not that all of them were so bad, but there certainly were a few approaches I tried I wouldn’t want anyone to ever read.

With those silent echoes rattling around my head, I took a bit to time to find a solid resource to pass on to you today.

Known as “The Sales Hunter,” keynote speaker, best-selling author, award-winning blogger Mark Hunter (@thesaleshunter) created a post a little while back titled: “6 Ways to Get Prospects to Open Your Emails.”

It’s the next blog post you need to read.

Hunter begins with an important question:

Ask yourself this question: “Do I read emails I receive from people I don’t know?”

You likely open some of them, but not the majority of them. What percentage of email messages do you open from perfect strangers who, you know, want to sell you something?

The pinnacle of this post occurs when The Sales Hunter gives us an example email he recommends (later in the post, where it belongs). It follows the 6 elements Hunter lays out for us in his post.

I especially like recommendation #2:

2. Never start the email introducing yourself and extolling all kinds of fluffy talk.

This goes against a lot of what I see in emails I receive on a weekly basis, but it’s right. Why, you ask?

Sorry, those days are gone. The person receiving the email may very well be viewing it on a smartphone, which means they’re going to decide whether to read or delete based on the first 5 or 6 words. Don’t waste words. Make the first sentence be about something that’s going to grab their attention.

To get the other 5 recommendations, along with a read of the email that brings it all together, click to read Mark Hunter’s postnow.

BONUS: Mark Hunter has some other excellent posts on the topic of prospecting. Here are a few I recommend reading:

[Reading Time of Hunter’s Post: 3:00]

QUESTION: What additional cold email trick have you tried with continued success?

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