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Coffee_342_shadowThis week’s links are about having greater effectiveness through note taking, the metaphor of the barista, the power of FREE and 5 great ways to lose a sale.

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The Sales Heretic
Eight Ways Taking Notes Boosts Your Sales
Did you know there are at least 8 beneficial reasons for taking notes during sales meetings? Don Cooper“The Sales Heretic”(@doncooper) put together this list that’s both efficient and effective in explaining why you need to be taking good notes during every sales call.

KEY QUOTE: “Reviewing your notes after the conversation can enable you to make connections you previously missed and trigger questions that didn’t occur to you at the time. This gives you a great reason to follow up later with meaningful questions and valuable ideas.

Personally, I used to simply write on the notepad in my portfolio, but I switched to a more premium moleskin journal. I believe it has been yet another way to improve a prospect’s perception of me, and I’ve been asked about it many times at the close of meetings. #noted
[Reading Time: 1:30]

Sales Equity Blog
How Your Client Experience Can Rock Like A Barista Does
We have an inherent desire to be known by others. Not by everyone, but by a select few. The barista connects with customers on this very foundational level. The simple act being known by name and by our coffee preferences connects us to a brand like few other things do.

We need to be those kinds of top-notch baristas to our customers.

I enjoyed reading and later thinking about this post by Fernando Ramirez (@fredlistens). I believe you will as well.

KEY QUOTE: “For a Barista, it is as simple as recognizing customers by their first name or how they like their coffee. Be the barista that customers care about and know. Remember, customers aren’t just buying a cup of coffee. They are paying for the experience & your expertise that comes along with your product offering.

“Focus less on the transactional aspect of business (product features, pricing, etc.), and more on your clients’ business challenges and the kind of help you can offer them. It’s the relationship that matters the most.”

What needs to change in order to make your customer relationship experience less like a salesperson and more like a barista. #grandequadnonfatonepumpnowhipmocha #cancelthat #takeitblack
[Reading Time: 2:00]


Saleskick Blog
5 Tips to Making a FREE Offer to Close a Sale
Depending on what you’re selling, giving something away free, even for a limited time, may not be possible or the best thing to do. But, there are some situations, perhaps some you haven’t yet thought of, where the right free offer seals the deal.

Jim Logan (@saleskick) writes about the importance of timing, using the right offer and delivering full customer service to prospects who accept your free offer.

KEY QUOTE: “If you build the case for your product or service – benefits, difference, reason to believe – and close with an offer to try it for FREE, it demonstrates supreme confidence in everything you’ve presented. If you open and push the FREE offer, you run the risk of appearing desperate. Sad, but true.”

Again, this isn’t for every situation. What might you be able to offer that you haven’t yet been offering? #youarefreetoclosethesale
[Reading Time: 1:30]


The Center For Sales Strategy Blog
Derail the Sale? Five Sure-Fire Ways
Steve Marx (@SteveMarx) offer 5 strong reminders worth reviewing [every week] before setting off to make the most of your sales week.

KEY QUOTE: “In some cases, you can learn about specific challenges they’re facing or opportunities they’re chasing. And information about specific people at the company that you might approach? If you want to stay in the dark about them, be sure to steer clear of LinkedIn.

Not only is it easier than ever to qualify a prospect, but these days many of the best prospects are raising their hands and qualifying themselves. But never mind all that: Derail your sale by investing gobs of time in an unqualified prospect.”

Be honest with yourself and look for ways you may be guilty of 1 or more of these, at least in part, then make the changes needed to be more effective at what you do best…getting the sale#salesFAILs
[Reading Time: 2:00]

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