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Idea_Lightbulb_300_shadowThis week’s links cover becoming the sales trigger, recovering after a sales team member leaves, things your B2B buyer is tired of and some key emails you need to have ready for the right situations.

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Be the Trigger Event

Speaker, author, and sales leader Anthony Iannarino (@iannarino) always has a good word to share, and I genuinely appreciate that he seems to consistently write his posts only as long as they need to be. Brevity is a great quality in a sales professional.

Iannarino may give you your latest “A-HA!” moment for your sales career in this post.

KEY QUOTE: You are the trigger when you know how to share the implications of political, technological, economic, and cultural changes in a way that allows your client to see around corners, avoiding hidden dangers, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

There should be at least one idea in reading this post where you’ll honestly feel more empowered. Keep writing Anthony. I enjoy making time to read what you have to say. #feelthepower
[Reading Time: 2:30]

3 Steps to Pivot Through a Key Employee Departure

CEO, columnist and author Marissa Levin (with @salesgravy) crafted this blog post for a fairly specific, yet common situation. I really like knowing this resource is out there for us. It’s helpful, efficiently written and encouraging for those sales teams who have recently lost a key colleague to another company.

KEY QUOTE: Leadership is never really about the needs of the leader. Leadership is about the followers – your employees, customer, investors, and partners. It’s about the entity and the community that you are building. However, to put yourself in the shoes of your stakeholders, you must have a strong sense of self-awareness. You must know your own triggers and reactions, and then adjust them accordingly. As a leader, your reactions to situations are being watched and evaluated.

What you do as the sales leader of your team matters a lot…especially in the little things. If you’re not in this situation at this time (and I hope you are not), bookmark this for yourself or for a peer who will eventually deal with this potentially difficult challenge. #leaderslead
[Reading Time: 2:30]


RAIN Group
5 Things Your B2B Buyer Wants You To Stop Doing
B2B sales trainer, coach & consultant Ago Cluytens (@acluytens) posted this very helpful article with a video to accompany it. So, either watch or read…how many online resources give you that option?

What I really like about this is how well Cluytens puts us in the shoes of the B2B buyer in order to drive home some very important points.

KEY QUOTE: It’s not me versus you. It’s us versus the problem.

Just in case you glance at the 5 points and think you’ve heard it all before, I urge you to click on the video and listen to Ago explain his case to you. It’s worth your time, then pass it on to someone else. #dontbethatguy
[Reading Time: 4:30]
[Viewing Time: 4:59]
[VIDEO] 3 Powerful Emails You MUST Have In Your Toolkit
Ian Brodie (@ianbrodie) has a series of videos he calls his “5 Minute Marketing Tips.” This week’s tip runs a bit longer than 5 minutes, but all is forgiven because he’s right about the importance of having these 3 emails written and ready in your arsenal.

KEY QUOTE: A lot of the big corporate email systems as well, are looking at system wide engagement rates. If you’ve got lots of people who aren’t opening and clicking your emails, they kind of mark you down, and they’re much more likely to push your emails into the spam folder or the promotions tab, or somewhere else. So the people who do want to get your emails might not see them. You don’t want people not opening and clicking your emails.

The video transcript is available below the video player, but Brodie will connect better with you about his tips if you watch him. Besides, you can’t hear his great accent if you read it yourself. #emailisnotdead
[Viewing Time: 6:54]

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