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Team_Work_308_shadowThis week’s links cover what top sales reps do outside the office, what you need to do after a sales call and two resources to help you boost the overall strength of your sales team.

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The Peak Sales Blog
What Top Sales Reps Do Outside of the Office
Eliot Burdett (@eliotburdett with @peaksales) put together this clear understanding of 2 kinds of sales professionals. If you aren’t already in the group described as Top Performers, here’s a clear map on how to do what you need to do to get there.

KEY QUOTE: “…the top performing reps kept working while the majority of reps, come 5pm, would leave the office and not touch any work until 9am the following morning.

While unplugging at the end of the day isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I noticed the best reps were unique in the sense that they did at least one and usually all of these 5 things outside the office.”

Choose now. #whichoneisyou
[Reading/Listening Time: 1:30]


Sales Performance Blog
5 Things to Do As Soon As You Hang Up a Sales Call
Justin Zappulla (with @janekpg) offers one way, which works for him, to begin a plan of making the most out of every call in order to improve your customer and prospect relationships as well as being more effective on the next call you make.

KEY QUOTE: Ultimately, it’s good business—and very satisfying—to have a post-call plan and be deliberate about carrying it out. It will not only help analyze the call you just hung up from, but will make your next call even more dialed in.

This is an intentional process requiring discipline, but it’s not a big commitment. You can do this. #getdialedin
[Reading/Listening Time: 2:00]


Sales Initiative Toolbox
12 Power Questions For Rapidly Improved Performance
René Vidal (@goalsexpert) offers some excellent diagnostic questions that get down to the heart of some sales performance issues you may already be facing.

KEY QUOTE: At the end of the day, personal and professional success belongs to those who start with a specific plan, then exert the daily self-discipline to finish. Game over.

Don’t skip this one. You’ll definitely find at least a few great questions you’ll know you need to answer right away. #performanceenhancing
[Reading/Listening Time: 1:30]


NextGen Leads
Eight Experts Reveal How To Boost Morale On Your Sales Team
Logan Strain (@lm_strain) really did a great job pulling together many important insights from these 8 sales experts. It’s vital to keep your sales team motivated, but simply being a cheerleader is NOT what they need from you this week.

KEY QUOTE: Only YOU can motivate you. With that said, I can certainly de-motivate you.

Which of these recommendations will you put into practice first? #bemorethanacheerleader
[Reading/Listening Time: 6:00+]


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