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Storytelling_3_317_shadowThis set of links for sales professionals includes a couple of important “How To” blog posts from industry leaders, as well as quite a bit of vital information you really need to know about B2B sales.

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HOW TO ::: Blog
How To Master Storytelling In Business (And Sales)
Business leader Ago Cluytens (@acluytens) put together this valuable look into the topic of storytelling for sales professionals. He takes a look at some of the ways in which great sellers harness the power of storytelling in business.

KEY QUOTE: Rather than simply conveying [your] points, stories enable you to do so in a way that evokes emotion, as well as reduces the danger of your prospect seeing you as yet another chest-pounding salesperson full of themselves.

Read it and you’ll be rewarded with an upgrade to your storytelling skills, and ultimately to your skills in earning more sales. #onceuponatime
[Reading/Listening Time: 3:00]


Jack Malcolm’s Blog
How to RULE the Sales Conversation
President of Falcon Performance Group, Jack Malcolm (@jackmalcolm) introduces us to the idea of Motivational Interviewing, then breaks it down in a way that can clearly relate to sales.

KEY QUOTE: The premise is that clients are ambivalent about changing their behaviors, and trying to get them to change before they are ready only increases their resistance. So, the idea is to ask questions and manage the conversation so that the client talks about their own reasons for changing and arrives at their own commitment to change.

Malcolm explains the RULE acronym and shows how it can be immediately incorporated into your selling today. #RULEoutlostsales
[Reading/Listening Time: 1:30]


RAIN Selling Blog
5 Changes in B2B Buying Behavior You Need to Know About
It’s Ago Cluytens again (@acluytens). This time, he penned a post for the RAIN Selling Blog (@rainselling). It offers some key information B2B sellers need to know about today’s B2B buyers.

KEY QUOTE: Today’s buyers are well-educated and often aware of the various options available to them. They tend to have a clearly articulated opinion about what it might take to address the challenges they’re facing.

What they seek, therefore, is not simply information, which they already have in abundance. They’re looking for a sparring partner—someone who can help them find the best way to move forward, and cut through the complexity of the decision making process itself.

Cluytens has the helpful background of being a former buyer. Receiving these insights from that perspective make this worth reading. #changeistheonlycertainty
[Reading/Listening Time: 3:00]


openview Labs
35 Crucial Stats Every B2B Sales Professional Should Know
Sales Strategist CeCe Bazar (@howbazar for @OpenViewLabs) recently put some quality time into compiling this list of helpful information that’s important for B2B sales pros to know to increase buyer retention, response rate and overall customer satisfaction. You’ve heard some of these before, but not all of them.

KEY QUOTE: A new decision-maker enters the fray in the last 5 – 10% of the buying experience. Often times, this person needs to be engaged, educated and sold from scratch.

Some of these nuggets will come in handy in a sales conversation, others will motivate you to do more to keep up with and exceed what your peers are already doing. #theressomethinginhereforeveryone
[Reading/Listening Time: 2:30]


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