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Email_2_-_309_shadowThis week’s links offer A LOT of optimization advice for being as effective as possible in your cold emails, as well as 33 little ways to give you a big ROI for what you’re doing in LinkedIn.

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Sales Hacker Blog
7 Sales Email Secrets to Drive Deals Forward
First off, you do NOT already know all of this information, so you should definitely check out this resource. It’s extremely useful and informative.

Director of Sales at Yesware, Mike Haylon (@mhaylon for @saleshackerconf) presented this information so you can either read it as a regular post or scroll to the end and press play and click through the slides in the presentation provided.

Key Quote: “Best practices:

1. Identify the top performing templates.
2. Understand why they worked well.
3. Share the good templates.”

Make use of this one, and be sure to pass it on to your colleagues. #usetheseeveryday
[Reading Time: 4:00]
[BONUS: Audio Presentation Time: 25:09]


Marketo Blog
Marketo Data Tells Us: Which Type of Emails Have the Highest Conversion Rates?
Platform Product Marketing Manager, Johnny Cheng (@marketerjohnny with @marketo) keeps us on the email optimization theme with these helpful findings you should put into practice starting today, beginning with your trigger email.

Key Quote: “Trigger emails perform 3x better than any other email type. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that’s done trigger emails. The power of personalized messages based on behavior is powerful.”

Don’t miss the “Key Take-Aways.” #bemoreeffective
[Reading/Listening Time: 2:30]


SalesFolk Blog
How to Write Unforgettable Cold Emails
Kathie Irwin (@buildingspeak for SalesFolk @HeatherReyhan) created a post to keep us going on the email topic with a strong focus on storytelling and story development.

Key Quote: “…the best stories are like little brainworms– sticking around in our brains, occasionally coming to the front of our minds when something triggers it. Most cold emails are a soulless march through benefit after benefit, ending in a desperate plea for your prospect’s business.”

Keep an eye on the SalesFolk blog for useful content you can read and immediately put into action. #onceuponatime
[Reading Time: 3:30]

33 Tweet-Size LinkedIn Tips You Need to Try
Lily Herman (@lkherman) created a post featuring this valuable infographic originally created by @Ethos3. It offers 33 bits of advice, each in 140 characters or less from a wide variety of people.

Key Quote: “Being fans of tweet-sized tidbits of career advice, we thought we’d make the process of learning the latest facts about LinkedIn way easier. Check out the infographic below to learn what you can be doing to make your professional profile the best one ever in just 140 characters or fewer.”

Think of this as tapas-style social selling optimization at its best (I didn’t even know that was a thing). #bitesizeadvice
[Reading Time: 3:00]


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