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Bokeh_300_shadowThis week’s links run through the topics of the importance of better focus, help for your cold emails, average sales reps & sales hiring experts offering advice about sales hiring.

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Jill Konrath’s Blog
One Simple Way to Instantly Have Better Sales Conversations
Keynote speaker and award-winning author Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath) put together another great post with video and text. She calls this the “Instant IQ Killer,” and she backs up her claim well.

Just Between You & Me: I always enjoy reading posts like this while listening to the author’s voice. I secretly hope this will become a norm in the future for blog posts because the content comes alive a bit more when I can hear the emotional cues in the voice as I read.

Perhaps I’ll try this style of posts someday as well…with enough shadows to keep me anonymous of course.

Key Quote: Paschler’s study showed that dual task interference can cause a person’s intellectual capacity to drop from that of a Harvard MBA to an 8-year old.

Don’t miss this one. #focusononething
[Reading/Listening Time: 2:30]


SalesFolk Blog
3 Copywriting Mistakes That Make Your Cold Emails Look Stupid
Founder/CEO of SalesFolk, and economist, Heather R. Morgan (@HeatherReyhan) is better known to her clients as a copywriting genie when it comes to writing cold emails. She caught my attention with this blog post and I wanted to pass it on to you.

Key Quote: Your prospects crave simple messages that speak directly to their needs and goals. So, if your cold emails are the butt of everyone’s jokes, you’re probably making at least one of these copywriting mistakes…

Don’t miss clicking this link if either you currently write cold emails, or if you coach those who do. #warmupyouremail
[Reading/Listening Time: 3:00]


J. Barrows Blog
Death of the ‘Average’ Sales Rep
Sales trainer John Barrows (@johnmbarrows) wrote this excellent post back in March but it’s important you don’t miss it. In it, Barrows explains three disturbing trends keeping so many sales reps in the “Average” category (or perhaps “Below Average” for some). He also goes into the solution, so it’s a story with a light at the end of the tunnel.

Key Quote: If marketing and clients are getting smarter and sales reps are staying the same (or getting worse) what do you think is going to happen?

Learn from this one and come away better for it. #riseaboveaverage
[Reading/Listening Time: 3:00]


Sales Hacker Blog
32 Sales Development Leaders Share Their Best Hiring Advice
Digital Marketer Alex J. Burkholder (@alexjburk) recently wrote this guest post for the Sales Hacker Blog (@SalesHackerConf). It offers a great collection of tips if you’re in a sales hiring position for your organization.

Key Quote: What is a single piece advice you’d give to another sales professional who’s currently scaling or who is about to start building a sales development team?

Learn from those who’ve already learned. #dontregretahire
[Reading/Listening Time: 8:00+]


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