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This week’s resources are focused on Closing Sales.

Below, you’ll find commandments, reasonssigns, and research to help you grow in your ability to more consistently close a growing number of sales.

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Grant_Cardone_130x130Entrepreneur Magazine

12 Commandments for Closing a Sale
This classic article from sales ace Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) is from three years ago, and is written to small business owners and marketers, but we can all benefit from reading and applying his rules for closing more sales.

KEY QUOTE: Always treat prospects like buyers

Some of these are reminders, but we can become lax with the basics at times. Apply these rules in your sales conversations today. #AlwaysCloseLikeAPro

[Reading Time of This Post: 3:30 minutes]


John_Ruhlin_130x130Entrepreneur Magazine

The 3 Main Reasons You’re Not Closing the Deal
Founder and CEO of Ruhlin Group John Ruhlin (@ruhlin) gives us 3 points to review and consider in relation to your own closing habits. Some of this information will be good reminders for you, but there will also be something specific you needed to read. Find out what that is for you.

KEY QUOTE: Sales cycles can last months or even years. Follow-up is where people drop the ball. The best sales teams in the world know they can’t control the timing for when someone makes a decision, but they can control how they stay top of mind with the prospect. People do business with those they like and trust, but also key is staying creatively top of mind.”

Don’t miss reason number three, then put this helpful advice into action for your next opportunity to close the sale.  #GrowingPains

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]


Leslie_Ye_130x130HubSpot Sales Blog

5 Signs Your Sales Deal Is Ready to Be Closed
HubSpot blogger Leslie Ye (@lesliezye) recently put together this very helpful list of indicators to watch for when looking to close a deal

KEY QUOTE: It’s easy to tell when to ask for a close if you know what to look for. Learn to spot these five indicators that your prospect is ready to become a buyer, and you’ll never be caught by surprise again — or worse, miss an opportunity to get the deal done.”

Know what to look for, and what to do when you see those indicators, to gain more sales #EarnYourCoffee

[Reading Time: 4:30 minutes]


Graham_Winfrey_130x130Inc. Magazine

[Infographic] The Best Day to Close a Sale
Staff writer for @Inc magazine Graham Winfrey (@GrahamWinfrey) wrote this helpful article toward the end of last year, but the data still holds true today. Learn which days of the week are best for converting sales in specific countries around the globe. It’s fascinating data.

KEY QUOTE: “As a business owner you’ve no doubt heard the expression ‘always be closing,’ but it turns out that certain days of the week are better than others for converting sales prospects into customers.”

This isn’t a prescription for working harder on certain days of the week. Instead, take what you can learn about closing deals worldwide and take it into consideration when looking to close deals overseas. #ItsASmallSmallWorld

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]

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