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King_1_-_328_shadowThese days, the phrase “Content is king” has become the mantra of sales and marketing. Which is why I’ve been reaching out and seeking the advice of these content marketing gurus.

They’ve devoted their careers to keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry – and we’ve asked them to share their insights as part of our focus on content marketing.

Sean_Si_125x125Advice from Sean Si, Founder & CEO of SEO Hacker

Question: What’s your most powerful content marketing tip?
This is a tough one. Content marketing by nature is a holistic practice. It involves thorough research, content creation, suave copywriting, awesome headlines, and promotion, promotion, promotion. Summing it all up in one ‘powerful’ tip may not make sense in the bigger picture.
So perhaps the one tip that I would give to anyone starting out with content marketing would be the most foundational – write evergreen pieces of content. These pieces of content will stand the test of time, acquire perpetual amounts of traffic from search, and will be shared the most out of all your other pieces of content.
Question: What other sales or marketing leaders do you follow?
Hiten Shah, who is an awesome technical serial entrepreneur; Alex Turnbull, from Groove; Rand Fishkin (duh!), Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs – to name a few.
Question: What essential question should we all be asking about content marketing?
Perhaps an awesome question would be – how exactly does content marketing help with SEO? I think that would be of interest to a lot of people. I’ve answered that question extensively, in this article.
Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general – or connect with him via LinkedIn or Twitter.
Advice from Drew McClellan, owner of Agency Management Institute & McLellan Marketing Group

What’s the most important aspect of content marketing?
I think the most important aspect of content marketing is to have a very specific and narrow audience in mind as you create your content. The more specific your audience, the more focused your content can be.
Content that is tailored to a small group of people will reassure them that you understand their world and can help them.
Generic content may be interesting, but it’s rarely useful in a significant way. When you create content for your sweet spot customers – it attracts them to you and creates a “we get each other” bond that begins to build the foundation of a relationship.
Question: How do you define successful content marketing?
I don’t believe successful content marketing is when a single post goes viral or when a blog gets put on a list. I believe content marketing success happens when you have consistently provided value to your audience for long enough that you become their go-to resource and when they want to know something – they turn to your site or assets to see if you have the answer.
When they think of you as the holder of their solution – that’s content marketing success.
Question: What other sales or marketing leaders do you follow?
You can see my list of daily reads, here.
Drew McLellan is the owner of Agency Management Institute (formerly AMR) and McLellan Marketing Group. He is an author, speaker, and blogger – and has recently appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week and Fortune’s Small Business. The Wall Street Journal calls him one of 10 bloggers that every entrepreneur should read. Follow his blog, here – or connect with him via LinkedIn, or Twitter.
Doug_Kessler_126x126Advice from Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity

Question: What’s your most powerful tip for improving content marketing?
Take all the time, money and effort you’re about to put into your next ten pieces – and put it all into one.  See what happens.
Question: What’s your favorite example of successful content marketing?
The new Cocainomics piece by Netflix and the WSJ Studio is pretty powerful. Not sure of its success, yet – but I bet it works!
Question: You’re the expert – what question(s) should everyone ask about content marketing?
Why the hell are we doing this?  What does our audience really need to know? Why are we an authority? And – how can our content be ten times better?
Doug Kessler is co-founder and creative director of Velocity Partners, the London-based B2B content marketing agency. Doug has written a lot about content marketing, including the B2B Content Strategy ChecklistInsane Honesty in Content Marketing and Crap: Why the Biggest Threat to Content Marketing is Content Marketing. Connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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