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Social_Selling_3_-_321_shadowI have 4 great reasons why you need to read the rest of this post if you want to be more effective with your social selling efforts…more on those reasons in a moment.

Far be it for me to take credit for something I did not create. And, that’s not what SalesFitRx expects me to do for this blog. My role is to find resources like this one from Celina Guerrero (@socialtosales).

Her very extremely helpful blog post is titled, “4 Reasons To Sync Your Email With LinkedIn.”

If you’ve read this blog before, even a little, you know that I don’t give you all of the points of someone else’s resource so there’s no real reason to visit the original post. I want you to read Guerrero’s post in full (either now then come back to read the rest of my thoughts on it, or read it after you read my post).

The original author always says it better in the context of their entire post.

What I will share is a taste of the importance of syncing your email with LinkedIn. So let’s do it…

I haven’t heard it put exactly this way before, but this is a perfect description of the reason for being a member of LinkedIn:

The reason for being on LinkedIn is to be able to take your relationships off of LinkedIn. As Important as LinkedIn is in building relationships, it’s equally important to eventually take those relationships offline, and communicating via email is often the next step in that process.

Okay, but why is syncing important?

In addition to LinkedIn’s existing CRM-Lite features, syncing your email allows you to track your activity with connections on LinkedIn beyond the LinkedIn message and social engagement.

Guerrero then explains how to sync your email with LinkedIn. Keep in mind that your IT department may not allow this. Check with them to make sure this will not violate a company policy by your employer (if you’re your own boss, then have at it). Most likely they’ll tell you it’s not a problem to do so.

What comes next in the post, under the heading of, “Benefits of Syncing Your Email with LinkedIn” is the real secret sauce that caught my attention enough to get me to stay up later this evening to write out this blog post for you.

I won’t steal Celina’s thunder. Again, you need to read it yourself. But, I will say that very few of you know about all 4 of these benefits. If you do…congrats! You’re definitely ahead of the curve (and me).

For the rest of you, this is one relatively simple thing you can do today to quickly become more effective in your social selling efforts.

QUESTION ::: If you could sit down for coffee with one of the foremost social selling experts, what would you ask them?

Let’s talk about it…

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