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Psychology_324_with_shadowThe study of psychology is a bunch of hoo-ha!

We all know someone who would state something like this, perhaps ending with a different word, but with the same sentiment.

We have a wide spectrum of beliefs about how much we can benefit by understanding more about human psychology in the sales industry.

Gregory Ciotti (@gregoryciotti  for @HelpScout) put together an amazing resource that’s actually broken into chapters due to his comprehensive approach on this topic. It’s titled, “10 Ways to Convert More Customers” and you need to read it.

The post begins with a strong statement this writer goes on to back-up throughout the rest of the article:

When it comes to converting consumers [or buyers, in our case], the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding just what your buyer wants (and expects) from your business.

Ciotti features 10 different studies that reveal insights into the minds of your buyers. My favorite parts of this resource are the volume of nuggets the reader can take away and begin using today.

The application element of this article is outstanding.

What we now know about human psychology can give you the edge you need to convert more sales. It’s true. This is the overall premise of this article, and it’s one with which I agree. Dale Carnegie and countless other have also come to this conclusion.

Whether small or big benefits come from these small or big changes in your behavior and speech, there’s ground to be gained if we will simply put in a little time to gain this understanding and to begin applying it in our daily interactions with others.

If we truly do offer value in what we are selling, then the outcome becomes a win-win thanks to the application of the principles mentioned in this post.

Read this resource now and bookmark it for the future. Great job on this, Gregory. Thank you for it!

[Reading Time: 10:00+]

QUESTION ::: Which studies, or nuggets, from this article caught your attention most and why? What are you going to apply this week?

Let’s talk about it…

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