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Niche_358_shadowA specialist does not have specialties in a half dozen areas…

Today’s featured resource is a blog post from Rochelle Moulton (@ConsultingChick), titled, “Why You Need To Pick One Thing To Be Brilliant At.” Although it could be helpful for people in other industries, it’s most certainly relevant for us here in the field of sales.

Moulton starts with a story which perfectly illustrates her point because we have been in similar situations when a true specialist was or was not available.

We gain confidence when we have a need and we encounter someone who has a specialty in the field of our solution. A generalist will not do when we have a highly specialized issue to untangle.

In the same way, your prospects aren’t interested in a jack-of-all-trades calling on them and attempting to sell to them with language inherently pointing to a lack of specialization.

They’re picturing you whacking their problem with a blunt object. What they want is a sherpa guiding them through the journey of the resolution of their problem…because you’ve been there before.

Moulton says it well:

They want the one who specializes in THEIR situation. Their industry. Their big fat hairy problem.

They want to know—without a doubt—that you’re the right choice.

So the “Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Internet Marketer, Website Developer, Writer” guy will not be first choice for pretty much anything.

Ditto the “Consultant, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Facilitator and Community Czar.”

Your audience values focus. Deep specialty. A niche.

Just pick one.

And then tell us about it.

You may have enough years under your belt to have worked through a wide variety of prospect problems. But when a specific client has a specific issue, you need to be able to put aside all of your experience and skill in everything that doesn’t have to do with their acute issue and you laser-focus your language around your ability to do this one thing for them. Less is more.

Read Moulton’s blog post to get the rest of what she packed into it. Thank you for this resource, Rochelle.

QUESTION ::: How do you convey your specialty to a client? How have you seen an approach of being a specialist bring about success?

Let’s talk about it…

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