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Research_2_-_340_shadowThe effectiveness of sales techniques can vary between industries and gatekeepers, but there’s nothing quite like the backing of hard numbers and figures.

Using the latest statistics and research data to back your offer will greatly improve the effectiveness of your sales pitch.

Sales professionals have a lot to gain from using statistics and research data. It brings together context and presentation options into the mix to solidify your customer’s business opportunities and return on investment.

Here at SalesFitRx, I understand that sales pros are always on the move and don’t have the time to conduct surveys or manage data points. Which is why I’ve created a list of 3 research groups to follow on Twitter for access to the latest research across a multitude of industries:

Sirius_Decisions_Icon_170x170Sirius Decisions – Follow @SiriusDecisions on Twitter
Sirius Decisions makes actionable intelligence and guides on topics pertaining to B2B Marketing, Sales, and Product Leaders who want to drive the growth of their business.
Sirius Decisions uses holistic methodologies in their research, observing every facet of complex systems to find the true flow of a business process.
The group creates fact-filled blog posts, slide decks presentations, and webinars to showcase their findings. This variety in display options makes it easy for salespeople who need to understand complex issues information quickly.
Sirius Decisions posts frequently on their Twitter page with an average of 5 postings a day. They keep their Twitter followers in the loop of their upcoming massive research projects and worldwide webinar sessions.
Aberdeen_Group_Logo_170x170Aberdeen Group – Follow @AberdeenGroup on Twitter
Aberdeen Group covers a wide range of industries and topics with a focus on the business practices that gives top performing companies. The group reviews the effectiveness of specific techniques, tools, organizational decisions, and business focuses for a comprehensive assessment on what works.
Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group comes in the form of highly-detailed white papers. Aberdeen Group is also transparent in the way that they conduct their research, providing multiple perspectives in how to interpret data sets given by companies.
The group’s research is perfect for salespeople who want an in-depth understanding of tools and business practices that have proven to work in the field by top performing companies.
Aberdeen Group is highly active on their Twitter page with nearly 10 postings a day. The group also responds to questions and comments tweeted to them, making them one of the more interactive groups on Twitter. ­The majority of their tweets are links to their latest research, keeping followers well informed on the most successful best practices.
Forrester_Icon_170x170Forrester Research – Follow @Forrester on Twitter
Forrester Research is one of the largest research firms on Twitter with over 328 thousand followers. The group focuses their research on Marketing & Technology business processes.
Forrester Research gathers data from more than 500,000 consumer and business leaders worldwide for massive annual surveys and industry-wide research projects.
The majority of Forrester Research’s information comes in the form of reports with less emphasis on narratives and more on compact factoids. Forrester Research specializes in business performance analysis for unexplored opportunities. Their information is better suited for decision-makers and managers who are looking for new potential to growing business.
Forrester Research publishes over 10 posts on their Twitter page a day. Forrester Research also actively publishes detailed visuals with nearly 3 image postings a day from their speaker series and events.


Keeping well informed on the happenings of your clientele’s industry trends is a solid business practice for any level of salesperson. Not only does it strengthen your sales position, but it allows you to tune your strategy directly to the needs of the customer.

Contact me today to learn more about how to find more selling time, through award-winning technology, in your weekly schedule:

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Blind_Spot_360_shadowIf you don’t know what you can’t see, how do you know it’s not an opportunity for significant growth?

Even with our best efforts to cover all of the known blind spots in our career effectiveness and growth, there are invariably a few spots we’re missing.

I wonder about this for you: Do you believe you’ve maxed out your personal potential for prospecting and social selling work on Twitter?

Most likely you don’t believe that, but sometimes what we really need is a single nugget of understanding in a small aspect of a larger area of interest such as prospecting or social selling. The right nugget can make a significant improvement in your effectiveness.

That’s exactly what I’ve found for many of you today.

Marketing and Social Media Manager for @AliceHeiman [and festival enthusiast] Sabra Rubinstein (@SabraRubinstein) recently wrote her first blog post for and she nailed it. She titled it: “The Simple Secret to Prospecting with Twitter.”

I’ll go ahead and share her secret with you, but I’ll leave the What, the Why, and the How to her excellent post.

The secret is this: Twitter Lists.

Most of you and your fellow sales professionals are not presently using Twitter Lists at all. For those who are using them, the majority of you are not yet making the most of them.

I especially liked how this post:

  1. Defined the pain point
  2. Explained what Twitter Lists are
  3. Why Twitter Lists should be important to you
  4. How the post gave clear application
  5. That the post offers supporting media (the video) to learn how to create a Twitter List; especially for visual learners

It’s really a complete post, and is an excellent resource to bookmark and share with your colleagues. I highly recommend reading it right now.

@AliceHeiman: You have a budding all-star in Sabra. She hit a home run in her first plate appearance.

[Reading Time 3:00 minutes]
[Video Length: 1:32 minutes]

QUESTION: What other potential prospecting blind spot may be out there that you’ve become stronger in that you’d recommend to other sales professionals?

Let’s talk about it…

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twitter_leads_295_shadowHave you ever been reading an article or a list and one of the items, a phrase or some wording, seemed to jump off the page at you?

After a little practice, this may begin to happen for you on Twitter with warm and hot prospects jumping out at you.

Emma Snider (@emmajs24), she’s a name you’ve heard before in previous blog posts, has another winner of a post with “How to Spot a Lead on Twitter [Flowchart]” from the HubSpot Marketing Blog.

Let’s start with some stats she offers:

To many salespeople, “social selling” equates to “LinkedIn.” According to a survey conducted by PeopleLinx, 76% of reps understand LinkedIn’s potential for sales, but a scant 16% see the value in Twitter for social selling.

What if there’s more prospecting opportunity in Twitter than you’ve realized? If there is, then don’t get discouraged…get excited! You have an essentially untapped resource you can now use to increase your sales.

That’s a great thought, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you learn how to spot a sales lead on Twitter. That’s where Snider’s blog post, focusing on the flowchart (created by @LeadSift), offers help with that.

The flowchart has a little fun in the process of helping you determine the temperature of a potential lead. It all begins with looking at followers, then their activity, then the type of activity.

There are a few red flags in the chart to look for to ensure the various Twitter profiles really are heading toward some level of a quality lead. Then the questions begin directing themselves toward any recent connection you may have had with them. It builds from there.

Now, a reality check…

Is this flowchart the be-all and end-all that will make your wildest prospecting dreams come true? No. Can it help you better understand some of elements that are present when a lead is warming for you on Twitter? Yes it can.

Snider also says as much:

While it’s not a perfect science (I’m sure there are some decision-makers out there who like Justin Bieber), this graphic can aid you in parsing out the tweets to pay attention to from the ones you can safely ignore.

Get what you can out of it and put it to use this week.

QUESTION ::: Do you currently, or have you in the past, used Twitter as a lead generation tool? Has it directly or indirectly led to any sales?

Let’s talk about it…

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