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Creepy_305Don’t be that guy at the trade shows.

You know the one…he’s that guy in his booth at the trade show who’s just a little too loud, a little too aggressive, a little too quick to shoot out an unoriginal one-liner and a fake laugh after you decline his offer to stop and talk with him.

He’s the guy who consistently comes home without a list of hot prospects and he can’t figure out why that is. He knows every excuse in the book.

You likely are not that guy, but you may still be able to fine tune your approach and execution of either running a booth or going to a trade show as an attendee.

Richardson’s blog, The Richardson Sales Excellence Review™, recently posted a solid post titled, “Six Tips to Leverage Trade Shows as a Sales Prospecting Tool.” In it, there are many good reminders and some additional direction on how to travel to a trade show and apply best practices to come home with a quality list of prospects worth your time in pursuing.

The bullets alone made in the first point about how to best align marketing and sales are worth your time in reading. The next point of keeping messaging simple is still messed-up by far too many companies who should know better. Whether you’re an exhibitor or simply an attendee, being able to communicate a clear and effective message is vital.

If you cannot do that, don’t even make the trip. Better yet, fix your messaging and still catch your flight.

But it’s the fourth point: Develop an Integrated Prospecting Plan that is, in my opinion, the x-factor of the list.

It’s incredibly easy for a sales professional to believe their plan is all that it should be, but it often is not. Ensuring that the most effective plan is being put into play is key. How can you improve on what you’re already doing in this area? How can you make more out of the time you have at the next trade show?

TIP: Asking this question in a  group on LinkedIn is one way to see how others are creating success at trade shows. Why try and recreate the wheel if others are more than happy to share how they increased their own effectiveness? #multiplysuccesses

I encourage you to take 2 minutes to read the entire post.

The last paragraph nails it when it puts the emphasis on being focused, especially since exhibiting at or attending a trade show can easily pull you in multiple directions if you let it do so:

The key to effectiveness is focus: on your messaging, on your prospects, on engaging and not scaring away people who visit your booth. Sales and marketing must work together effectively and leverage the myriad communication tools available to drive awareness and build show booth traffic … and interest in your company.

QUESTION ::: What are the qualities or traits of the kind of person you’d like to meet when walking up to a trade show booth? Have you taken the steps of intentionally adding or improving those qualities or traits within yourself?

Let’s talk about it…


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