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Chrome_Store_ShadowThis week’s links run through the topics of social selling, more effective follow-up tactics, Google Chrome and Gmail extensions to save you a lot of time, and an interesting way a handful of friends created something together they now leverage to get more sales.

Come back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career:


HubStaff’s Blog
The Science of Social Selling: 16 Online Influencers Weigh In
Dave Nevogt (@dnevogt) recently wrote a must-read resource if you’re at all interested in the tactics of Social Selling.

Today’s marketplace (B2B or B2C) is constantly interacting with brands that are either directly or indirectly related to a user’s needs. On average, a lead has between 7 to 13 online interactions with a sales professional before they make a purchase. You can shorten that list of touches needed by efficiently and effectively participating in social selling.

Social selling paves the way, can turn a cold lead into a warm prospect and keeps the conversation going. #letdothis
[Reading time: 6:30]


Jeff Shore’s Blog
5 Tips For Insanely Powerful and Surprising Sales Follow-Up
This next resource is from Jeff Shore (@jeffshore). He reminds us not only of the vital role of a follow-up action, but also gives us 5 very important actions to take in order to get more sales through follow-ups.

I especially like point #3 (and #4 is a great idea to support #3), but you’ll need to click and read it to find out where I personally put a strong focus with my own follow-up efforts. #dontwait
[Reading time: 1:30]


8 Chrome or Gmail Extensions Every Sales Rep Should Be Using
Max Aschulter (@maxalts) from @saleshackerconf, recently guest blogged on @funnelholic, pulled together some great extensions for Google Chrome and Gmail to help you be more efficient. Being more efficient, for a sales professional, means more selling time. More selling time means more sales, and more sales keep your own coffers full.

Thank you for this useful collection of resources, Max. Note: Links aren’t included in the post, but you can locate the extensions by searching for them here#downloadnow
[Reading time: 3:00]


Ian Brodie’s Blog
Using a Compilation Book to Win Clients
Ian Brodie (@ianbrodie) tells us about a big, bold strategy that paid off for him and his friends and colleagues. They joined together, each with their specific strengths, and created a book. The book then gave them greater credibility and led to more sales.

There’s a podcast available on the page to learn more about the details of this experiment. #theygotafterit
[Reading time: 0:30]
[Podcast length: 23:15]

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