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Sales_Executive_X_for_Twitter-1I’ll be back soon with more blog posts.

Until then, here are some of our most popular blog posts to date. We highly recommend reading them before your competition does…

Which one is your favorite?


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dessert_3_-_322_shadowMy wife and I enjoyed a second honeymoon back in 2006, and I embarrassed her again and again…

It wasn’t that I was trying to make her feel uncomfortable, it just happened every time we paid for something on our vacation.

I believe in the power of empowering others, it played out on our trip in this very straightforward way.

I asked this simple question whenever it was time to hand over my credit card: “Do you happen to have any honeymoon discounts in your register today?”

Nearly every time I spoke those words, the sky opened up, the Hallelujah Chorus rang out and discounts and free items quickly came our way. I also mentioned to the wait staff, as we sat down at various restaurants, that we were on our honeymoon. The results of that mention were also off the charts.

We definitely reaped some benefits. Here are a few perks I still remember:

  • four-level upgrade for our 2-week rental vehicle
  • An upgrade at the hotel to a corner suite
  • A free custom dessert from the chef at Cowboy Ciao, as well as a visit to our table to congratulate us (I highly recommend this place in Scottsdale)
  • A free guided sunset horseback ride over South Mountain (Phoenix) to a Texas roadhouse for a steak, then a starlit ride through the pass back to the stables
  • A half-price hot air balloon ride with a 5-star brunch at our landing site (their chase vehicle located us just after landing in the desert, and that became our dining room)
  • Too many free entrees at restaurants than I can count

There are times in life when we don’t get what we want because we don’t ask for it. Both in our personal and professional lives, we can get more if we know how to ask for what we want and then do it.

Opportunities to practice our negotiating skills are all around us every day. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I recently read a new blog post from sales trainer John Barrows (@johnmbarrows) and it’s right on par with this thinking.

The post is titled: Practice Sales Everywhere You Go.”

The big idea of Barrows’ post is that:

“Sales is the best profession in the world for multiple reasons. One of them is that we can (and do) practice it all the time and everywhere we go. The trick is to actively think about practicing it and pay attention.”

Much like the examples I gave you, Barrows gives us quite a few scenarios to get your thinking started about where you can be intentionally practicing your selling skills.

As the author mentioned, the important thing is to intentionally practice wherever you go.

It will only take a couple of minutes to read his post, so go check it out now and begin thinking about your next chance to ABP: Always Be Practicing.

As for my second honeymoon, it only took a couple of days before my wife’s embarrassment turned to excitement (and an elbow to my ribs when it was time to ask again). She loved seeing what would come our way next.

What will come next for you?

She still elbows me to this day, and now I’m the one who’s embarrassed when I ask for a honeymoon discount for a bunch of bananas and a gallon of milk on a slow Tuesday night at the grocery store…

[Reading Time For Barrows’ Post: 2:00]
QUESTION ::: Where have you practiced your selling skills outside of your conversations with buyers? And what did you receive as a result

Let’s talk about it…

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Fear_4_-_343_shadowFear is a powerful force. Have you heard about these interesting fears?

  • Alliumphobia: Fear of garlic #Dracula
  • Allodoxaphobia: Fear of opinions #Stalin
  • Caligynephobia or Venustraphobia: Fear of beautiful women #MeInJuniorHigh
  • Gnosiophobia: Fear of knowledge #KimJongUn
  • Lutraphobia: Fear of otters #What???
  • Microphobia: Fear of small things #Goliath
  • Nephophobia: Fear of clouds #ChickenLittle
  • Pogonophobia: Fear of beards #MyWife
  • Rhytiphobia: Fear of getting wrinkles #Hollywood
  • Soceraphobia: Fear of in-laws #SomeHusbands
  • Xyrophobia: Fear of razors #Samson

And my personal favorite:

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words

When it comes to our buyers, we often encounter different forms of Atychiphobia: the fear of failure.

Buyers don’t want to sign the contracts which may prove to be disadvantageous for their employers. We may think of them as being gun-shy, but they didn’t get to their positions by making poor choices when it came to spending their company’s money.

I recently read an excellent blog post by the head of Smart Selling Tools, and one of the most retweeted B2B marketers, Nancy Nardin (@sellingtools). Her post is titled:  Don’t Spook Your Prospects: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Keep Your Prospects From Fleeing in Fear.”

The big idea of Nardin’s post is this:

“Decision-makers are under pressure and short on patience. In a word, they’re easily spooked. They look for reasons to run away—or to avoid salespeople in the first place. Put these five tips into practice and assure your prospects they’ve got nothing to fear.”

In the post, Nardin gives us a quick, scannable view of each of her five tips in large content headers, and each tip is encapsulated in a single paragraph.

We’re busy people who want to learn quickly. Nardin gives us just that. But not just that, the tips are excellent.

You’ll find a nice collection of important reminders as well as some tips you think you’ve heard before but are, instead, her own personal take on each of them.

Go read Nardin’s post now.

[Reading Time For Nardin’s Post: 3:00]

QUESTION ::: How have you had success alleviating the fears of your buyers?

Let’s talk about it…

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Skydiver_X_330_shadowMany years ago, I checked a big item off my Bucket List…before I even knew what a bucket list was.

I had always wanted to know what it was like to go skydiving.

After years of talking with people who had jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and feeling no satisfaction in really knowing what it was like, I decided to take the plunge.

Looking back, getting in the airplane wasn’t the difficult part. For me, getting into my car and driving to the skydiving school was the tough part. That was because I received vital information in my training to help me understand how safe it really was.

So, getting into the plane and taking my seat felt very much like I was getting on a carnival ride (which, incidentally, are statistically more dangerous than skydiving).

It was a tandem jump and the instructor asked how I wanted to exit the plane. The idea of a somersault came to mind, so he smiled, we jumped and did our somersault.

We did a freefall for 60 seconds from 13,500 feet down to 5,000 feet. At which time I gave the instructor the assigned signal and reached back and pulled the ripcord.

With a jolt pulling us both upward, everything went silent. No more slicing through the air as gravity pulled us toward the ground. It was peaceful. The two of us were able to talk. We even practiced the landing as I had full control of the parachute.

We even zoomed into a cloud and did a corkscrew turn out the bottom of it. It all ended with a perfect landing.

There are moments in every day for a sales professional when a certain amount of courage is needed. Typically, we don’t consciously think about it in those terms, but that’s what’s happening.

In my experience of going skydiving, I learned an extremely valuable lesson that’s served me well over the years. It is this:

Much less courage is typically needed once we do what we need to do to understand all of the information we need to know.

This lesson plays well into the message of our featured resource today.

The man known as “The Deal Doctor,” Jeff Hoffman (@mjhoffman), wrote a post on the HubSpot Sales Blog titled: The Best Sales Voicemail I Ever Received … Was Just a Voicemail.”

The big idea of Hoffman’s post is this:

Both emails and voicemails each have their best times to be used. Knowing when to use the correct form of communication at the right time, with the information the buyer needs, leads to a more sales.

Hoffman leads with a story, a strong example of what worked for him in the role of a buyer. It’s great insight. Then he gives us a simple question to ask ourselves when we need to know which form of communication is best.

Hoffman’s question ties together closely with my skydiving experience and the lesson I shared with you a few paragraphs ago.

Read Jeff’s post to see what his question is, and then be [completely] honest with yourself whenever you ask yourself that question. If you answer yourself with the truth, and then act accordingly, I also believe your sales will increase.

[Reading Time of Hoffman’s Post: 2:30]

QUESTION ::: In which situation(s) do you consistently find yourself taking the easier route of communication

Let’s talk about it…

30_Days_120_shadowClick here to learn about 30 Days of FREE Tracking
with SalesFitRx (get started instantly w/o a credit card)

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This week’s resources are focused on Closing Sales.

Below, you’ll find commandments, reasonssigns, and research to help you grow in your ability to more consistently close a growing number of sales.

Return to this blog daily, and especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Grant_Cardone_130x130Entrepreneur Magazine

12 Commandments for Closing a Sale
This classic article from sales ace Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) is from three years ago, and is written to small business owners and marketers, but we can all benefit from reading and applying his rules for closing more sales.

KEY QUOTE: Always treat prospects like buyers

Some of these are reminders, but we can become lax with the basics at times. Apply these rules in your sales conversations today. #AlwaysCloseLikeAPro

[Reading Time of This Post: 3:30 minutes]


John_Ruhlin_130x130Entrepreneur Magazine

The 3 Main Reasons You’re Not Closing the Deal
Founder and CEO of Ruhlin Group John Ruhlin (@ruhlin) gives us 3 points to review and consider in relation to your own closing habits. Some of this information will be good reminders for you, but there will also be something specific you needed to read. Find out what that is for you.

KEY QUOTE: Sales cycles can last months or even years. Follow-up is where people drop the ball. The best sales teams in the world know they can’t control the timing for when someone makes a decision, but they can control how they stay top of mind with the prospect. People do business with those they like and trust, but also key is staying creatively top of mind.”

Don’t miss reason number three, then put this helpful advice into action for your next opportunity to close the sale.  #GrowingPains

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]


Leslie_Ye_130x130HubSpot Sales Blog

5 Signs Your Sales Deal Is Ready to Be Closed
HubSpot blogger Leslie Ye (@lesliezye) recently put together this very helpful list of indicators to watch for when looking to close a deal

KEY QUOTE: It’s easy to tell when to ask for a close if you know what to look for. Learn to spot these five indicators that your prospect is ready to become a buyer, and you’ll never be caught by surprise again — or worse, miss an opportunity to get the deal done.”

Know what to look for, and what to do when you see those indicators, to gain more sales #EarnYourCoffee

[Reading Time: 4:30 minutes]


Graham_Winfrey_130x130Inc. Magazine

[Infographic] The Best Day to Close a Sale
Staff writer for @Inc magazine Graham Winfrey (@GrahamWinfrey) wrote this helpful article toward the end of last year, but the data still holds true today. Learn which days of the week are best for converting sales in specific countries around the globe. It’s fascinating data.

KEY QUOTE: “As a business owner you’ve no doubt heard the expression ‘always be closing,’ but it turns out that certain days of the week are better than others for converting sales prospects into customers.”

This isn’t a prescription for working harder on certain days of the week. Instead, take what you can learn about closing deals worldwide and take it into consideration when looking to close deals overseas. #ItsASmallSmallWorld

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]

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Whistle_-_Coach_353_shadowFRIDAY SALES GROWTH LINKS

This week’s resources are focused on Sales Coaching.

Whether you identify as a sales coach or manager, or if you’re a sales rep, there’s some excellent advice here from some true professionals in our industry.

If you’re already coaching others, you can begin putting much of this into action today. If you one day plan to coach others, this useful material will ensure you’re heading down the right path starting today

Return to this blog daily, and especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.

Coaching The Presidential Candidates
Sales trainer, podcaster and author Bill Caskey (@billcaskey) could certainly help many of the presidential candidates with this coaching, but it’s also (read: especially) meant for us to use in our own buyer interactions. The advice works well for us too.

KEY QUOTE: Try this: “I was sitting alone the other night with a piece of blank paper drawing out the real problems facing our country. And here’s what I drew.” Give people a look into your mindset and how you solve problems.”

This is expertly written. Don’t miss clicking on this one. #BeMorePresidential

[Reading Time of This Post: 5:00 minutes]


Bill_Eckstrom_125x125Sales Coaching Blog

Sales Managers: You Own It
EcSell Institute President Bill Eckstrom (@EcSellInstitute) puts a lot of hard truth into this post and it’s exactly what needs to be said to today’s sales managers. If you’re willing to change [a little or a lot] to produce a stronger set of sales team results, this post is for you

KEY QUOTE …all sales teams are perfectly coached for the results they produce.”

Don’t miss the “sales performance equation.” There’s definitely something to it.  #GrowingPains

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]


Steven_A_Rosen_125x125The Sales Management Blog

Top 10 Sales Coaching Quotes
Author, speaker and executive sales coach Steven A. Rosen (@stevenarosen) gathered this excellent list of top quotes about coaching. Be inspired!

KEY QUOTE: “An exceptional sales coach is able to extract the best from his or her sales reps. Often, this involves discovering new skills and talents in your sales reps that they were previously unaware of and developing them to be exceptional.”

Which are your favorites? #QuotesToBoostQuotas

[Reading Time: 4:00 minutes]


Rachel_Clapp_Miller_120x120Force Management Blog

Ten Questions That Will Make You a Better Sales Coach
Content generator Rachel Clapp Miller (@contentrachel) wrote another helpful post for @ForceMGMT. She offers 5 Opportunity Questions and 5 Sales Call Questions for sales coaches to be asking on a regular basis.

KEY QUOTE: Opportunity reviews and sales calls are two areas where you can make a great impact as a sales coach.”

What other questions would you add? Tell me in the comments for this post. #AlwaysBeCoaching

[Reading Time: 1:30 minutes]

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Dollar_Burning_403_shadowHow much would it cost for you to do nothing?

If you were on a vacation, and you did nothing, it would cost you $0.00. If you stayed at home on a Friday night instead of going out to eat or watch a movie, it would cost you $0.00. Again, it would cost you nothing to do nothing.

What if your business did nothing because of a belief that, although the status quo isn’t as good as things could be, it’s better than actually doing or trying something new and potentially setting your organization back further than the rather comfortable existence currently experienced in the status quo?

Doing nothing as a professional sales organization not only does cost you something [a lot, in many cases], but it also projects a false sense of security that a cost is not being paid.

Don’t take my word for it, although I have seen this occur consistently throughout my 30+ years in our industry. Instead, take the word of a much smarter and researched man than I.

Research Fellow and Managing Partner at @CSOInsightsJim Dickie (@jimdickie), has some potentially surprising things to say about the true cost of doing nothing. He also has the research to back up all of it.

Meaning…listen up.

In his recent blog post for the MHI Research Institute titled, “Sales Process: Calculating the Cost of Doing Nothing,” Dickie begins by dealing with the elephant in the room head-on:

“Inevitably, when I talk with research clients about what they could/should be doing to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams, the topic of money comes up. What will it cost for training, for technology, for additional sales coaching, headcount, etc.? All of a sudden dollars start adding up, people get nervous, and the room gets quiet.”

The specific cost organizations consistently fear is the removal of funds from their budget. When in fact, as you will see after reading Dickie’s post, the greater cost is likely not using those funds.

It’s much like the man who buried his master’s money because he didn’t want to potentially lose it, but he lost so much more in the end because his great fear led him to doing nothing.

The meat and potatoes of this post is when Jim brings in findings from the CSO Insights’ 2015 Sales Management Optimization Report. Specifically, around the analysis of the four levels of sales processes they saw companies adopt (these are defined in the post):

  • Level 1: Random Sales Process
  • Level 2: Informal Sales Process
  • Level 3: Formal Sales Process
  • Level 4: Dynamic Sales Process

The post then goes into the backing data supporting the theme of the post. It’s must-read information for anyone involved with your organization’s sales department budget.

Dickie closes the post with this essential point:

“So, before you shy away from allocating funds to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization, take the time to determine if/how the status quo is impacting your sales performance. The size of the potential payback may make it clear that looking at costs, versus ROI, is the wrong thing to be focusing on.

QUESTION: Were you already sold on the true cost of doing nothing, and just needed this ammo to make your case? Are you now sold on this concept? Or, are you still unconvinced?

Let’s talk about it…

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Training_346_shadowEven on your best days, you don’t know it all.

Today’s B2B sales environment is extremely competitive – which means any opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition should be embraced wholeheartedly.

Your sales reps are often your first point of contact when dealing with prospective clients – and since first impressions can make or break those interactions, it makes sense to invest in strengthening their skills.

A strong sales team doesn’t just close sales – they forge new and profitable connections for your company or organization, which makes them one of your most valuable assets.

The more well-trained and seasoned your sales staff, the better – which is why SalesFitRx has compiled this list of six of the Top Sales Training and Coaching Companies to Watch (in no particular order), to help you get the most bang for your training buck:

Richardson is an internationally recognized, award-winning sales training and coaching company. They work closely with clients to identify sales best practices, evaluate talent, and develop skills through ongoing, customized sales training and education.

Richardson strives to develop customized programs which are easily adopted, in order to drive positive change in organizational behavior, and provide measurable results. By encouraging sales team development with verifiable outcomes, Richardson draws on the best of interpersonal interactions to help build individual and organizational capabilities.

Recent Guest Blog Post – 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Crushed by the Competition


The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company, who focuses on presenting sales managers and teams with simple, logical solutions to the challenges of sales force selection and training. Their suite of training programs are designed to provide the best available resources for hiring, training, and retaining sales employees, with a focus on ongoing sales management training and coaching, customized to your unique sales environment.

The Brooks Group was recently named a Top 20 Sales Training Company by Training Industry, Inc. and a Bronze Stevie Award winner for Sales Training Firm of the Year.

Recent Blog Post – 5 Things High Performing Sales Managers Should Be Doing


Recently named one of 2015’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies by both Selling Power and Training Industry, Inc., Action Selling focuses first on sales performance analysis and salesforce preparation, prior to beginning their training program. With a strong emphasis on benchmarking and performance review, their sales coaching and training programs are designed with accountability in mind.


Sales Excellence International is a global sales training organization with representation on six continents. Recently named one of Selling Power’s 2015 Top 20 Sales Training and Coaching Companies, Sales Excellence International strives to help their clients grow their customer base, increase revenues, and increase their profits through training programs, workshops, webinars, eLearning, and trainer certifications.They specialize in creation of custom, blended-format training curriculum and content, in order to reinforce concepts, creating lasting changes in salesforce behavior.


Sales_Performance_International_-_shadowSales Performance International

Sales Performance International is a global sales coaching and training firm, which helps companies drive measurable and sustainable revenue growth by improving operational performance.

Their Public Workshops and virtual training events are a convenient way to train smaller work forces and new hires, as well as provide ongoing training to a growing sales force. They also offer Regional Academy courses worldwide, in both in-person and virtual format.

Recent Blog Post – Five Best Practices for Sales Success in the Age of Evidence-Based Medicine


Alice Heiman leads her sales training and sales coaching organization and has won numerous awards over her two decades of teaching the art of selling to others, including: Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon.

Alice helps sales organizations build their sales culture through sales coaching and training programs, sales success coaching groups and through her keynote speaking events. She also focuses much of her online content on social selling skills related to LinkedIn. Also, her unique BizTalk Blender® approach to networking events is an extremely effective way to make those events more beneficial to all.

Recent Blog Post – Increase Your Sales 20% or More by Doing One Simple Thing

Remember: The more education, training, and ongoing support you can provide to your sales staff, the more equipped they’ll be to cope with the demands of your clientele – and the better the payoff on your investment.

For more information on how you can increase your selling time, improve the performance of your sales team, and boost your bottom line, contact us at SalesFitRx, today.

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Dreamforce_350x350Sales conferences are an excellent opportunity for professionals to network and generate new business, as well as sharpen their techniques by staying up-to-date on the best practices.

Conferences host brilliant minds and industry leaders to share their successes and present showcases about new innovations that change the way salespeople do business.

We understand that salespeople are pressed for time, so we’ve created a list below of great conferences with plenty of opportunities to learn and network (listed in chronological order):

  • Dreamforce
    Dreamforce (@Dreamforce) is hosted by Salesforce, to bring together innovation leaders and industry pioneers to San Francisco, CA from September 15th – 18th. The #DF15 conference focuses on the latest consumer trends and technological innovations to help your company increase sales. Dreamforce also hosts classes and certification exams for Salesforce and networking events like a Foo Fighters concert.Keynote speakers include Chariman & CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff (@Benioff), CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella(@SatyaNadella), CEO of Western Union Hikmet Ersek (@WesternUnionCEO) and other notable speakers to discuss how they use sales technologies to better connect with their customers. With so many industry giants at one event, Dreamforce is definitely a must-attend event.

  • Sales Stack 2015
    Sales Stack 2015 (@saleshackerconf) is a “tech conference for B2B Salespeople” in San Francisco, CA starting November 10th. The conference will host over 60 vendors and 1,000 salespeople, making it one of the largest of its kind. The inaugural #Salesstack15 conference bundles practical industry knowledge with a technology expo showcasing the best sales tools, platforms, and services in the market.Speakers include founder and president of Ken Krogue (@KenKrogue) and CEO of A Sales Guy, Inc. Jim Keenan (@asalesguy), as well as other industry leaders to share their executive expertise. The agenda also includes workshops led by B2B professionals for sales teams, such as target list building using TAM & ICP and outbound messaging and cadence method.
  • Sales 2.0 Conference 2015
    The Sales 2.0 Conference (@sales20conf) is an event series devoted to helping executives in sales and marketing learn to better leverage Sales 2.0 technologies and strategies for improved sales performance. Selling Power (@SellingPowerMag) host 3 events a year with their final Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, PA on November 16th.

    Patricia Fripp
     (@PFripp) is this year’s keynote speaker at the #s20c conference. Patricia Fripp is a Hall of Fame award-winning speaker, sales presentation skills trainer, and executive speech coach, trusted by clients such as Microsoft, ADP, Visa, and Genentech. Other events include discussions on improving sales team efficiency and classes on interpreting sales analytics.
  • AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2016
    The 8th annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit (@AA_ISP) is taking place in Rosemont, IL on April 20th and 21st, 2016 with over 50 new presentations from respected Sales Experts and more than 600 professionals in attendance. This year’s Leadership Summit will take on a variety of topics, such as managing virtual teams, social selling, top trends impacting sales, and modern sales analytical models.Last year’s keynote speaker was long-time sales veteran and current CEO for MobileDay, Howard Diamond (@hsdiamond). Howard discussed the long held sales belief that sales is about relationships. Leaders within any industry understand that their sales teams are selling to people with unique needs looking to be met.Next year’s conference promises to be even bigger with more workshops and networking events leading up to the summit. To follow event updates, use the hashtag #LS2016 on twitter.

Stay up-to-date and have a good time doing it by attending a sales conference! Expanding your network and learning techniques that work is a great investment for any professional.


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Objection_334_shadowClosing a sale after you’ve been told “your price is too high” is all relative.

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. [source]

Sales are being made every day around the world after sales professionals are told their prices are “too high.” You are either accelerating along with that trend or you’re simply an observer. The sales will still happen and go to someone, whether it’s you or a competitor.

The key to winning those sales comes down to painting the picture of relativity for them, and I found someone who can clearly and quickly explain his approach to us.

Speaker, sales trainer, author, coach [and professional stand-up comedian] Butch Bellah (@salespowertips) recently wrote an extremely helpful post about “How To Answer, ‘Your Price Is Too High.'”

Relativity comes into play right away because Bellah’s advice centers around this phrase, and rightly so:

“Compared To What?”

Allow me to state what we both know. Each one of us currently has an approach to handling this specific objection. Butch’s post gives us value because we can essentially sit in on him having this conversation with a buyer and observe how he turns it around into a true sales opportunity.

Seeing how others effectively handle a common objection can spur on ideas to help each of us close more sales.

Why do we hear this objection so often? Most buyers use it in an attempt to leverage lower price. Others simply don’t have the budget, so they will need to settle for a product or service of lesser quality. Still others seem to say it out of habit more than anything else:

“It seems as if some people say it before you even get the price fully disclosed—it’s more of an automated response than an actual objection. They know their lines and they are going to get them out. But, it’s still an objection, isn’t it? We still have to overcome it, don’t we?”

The next words out of your mouth need to be, “Compared to what?”

Butch then goes into the variety of ways the buyer tends to respond and how to respond to those answers. This is where this post really gives us high value.

It’s critical that you maintain the attitude of someone who’s genuinely interested in knowing the answer to that question. Don’t allow yourself to become defensive. Don’t attempt to rush toward fixing or convincing them they’re wrong.

The only way they’ll change their stance is if they do so by hearing their own words in response to your questions. So, make sure your questions the right ones to ask.

Read Butch’s post now to understand all of this in the context of his example conversation with a buyer. It’s well-written and well-explained, and worth your time in reading it. [Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]

BONUS: You can get more ideas in another post by Bellah, titled: “5 GREAT Closes For Handling Price Objections.”

Now that you’ve read Butch’s approach regarding how to respond to being told your price is too high, you not only don’t need to fear hearing this phrase, but you can look forward to it. A perceived locked door becomes an open one when you know how to work through this very common objection.

The next time you hear, “Your price is too high,” get excited! Because you now have them exactly where you want them at that point of the conversation.

QUESTION: What advice do you have for other sales professionals about what to do or say when you’re told your price is “too high”?

Let’s talk about it…

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