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Fail_3_-_351_shadowWhile no sales strategy works every time, there are certainly many tried-and-true methodologies. Still, what works for one sales team doesn’t always work for another – but why is that?

If the strategy itself is sound, and has proven to be successful – what makes it work for one office (sales team), while it ultimately fails for another?

The answer doesn’t lie in the sales strategy, itself – it lies in the execution. Regardless of the quality or feasibility of the strategy itself, if your team fails to put it into action (or worse – executes it incorrectly) you won’t experience a lasting impact from its implementation.

The truth of the matter is, many sales managers look to a quick-fix solution when seeking new methods for boosting sales – but few of them pause to take the time to really consider the methodology or reasoning behind the strategy.

Additionally, if your sales manager can’t articulate the importance of action, or why this approach to it is desirable, the likelihood that your sales reps will carry the new approach into the future is virtually nil.

If you’d like to ensure that your newest sales strategy lives beyond inception, and grows to become a successful strategic approach, just follow these important guidelines:

  1. Communicate your plan. Be sure that your sales team understands what is needed to put your approach into action – and that they have the tools, information, and resources they need to do so. By communicating your sales strategy effectively, you’ll eliminate the false assumptions which might trip you up, in the long run – and ensure that everyone is on the same page!
  2. Rally your team. After communicating your plan, ask for feedback from your sales reps. They are the ones in the midst of the action, so you’ll need to ensure that they are onboard. Ask for their commitment, let them know that you are available to address concerns, and help them set realistic and achievable goals which align with your sales strategy. By rallying them to the cause, and asking them to support your new focus as a team, you’ll promote its success.
  3. Measure your results.  Create a schedule for monitoring progress, and stick to it. Regular check-ins with your sales team will help them feel supported, and help you measure their results. Hold your team accountable for meeting their sales goals, and provide coaching opportunities for those who may be struggling. By monitoring the implementation and success of your strategy, you’ll gain important insight into its overall impact on your sales.
  4. Provide appropriate compensation. Sales reps respond best when incentivized, so offer compensation which is commensurate with the strategy, and you’ll find they transition smoothly. Make sure you structure commissions in a way which promotes the adoption of your new sales strategy, and offers tangible rewards to those who perform appropriately.

Though introducing your new sales strategy with these steps may take a bit more time, initially, a careful approach to implementation will save you serious time and effort, in the long run.

By ensuring that your sales team is on board and dedicated to action, you’ll help them launch your plan with the understanding and confidence they need to be successful!

For more information on discovering more selling time, improving your sales strategy, increasing your odds of successful closing – please contact me today:  |  602-427-2399

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Members_346_shadowThere has been much talk in the news, recently, about the changing attitudes of customers towards their relationships with business.

The new trend towards long-standing and meaningful relationships between customers and the businesses they support has been dubbed “the membership economy” – and it marks a significant trend which is shaking up traditional sales strategies, and causing many businesses to rethink their approach to customer engagement.

Here at SalesFitRx, we’ve outlined some significant details regarding that shift in perspective – and we know the best sales reps will be paying attention.

Membership is more meaningful. The most marked shift of the membership economy is a change in the way that your audience interacts. Members care more about your business than customers do – they act with the perception of investment in your brand, which makes them more loyal, and willing to forgive the little transgressions.

That said – that feeling of investment works two ways. An audience who views themselves as members will expect more from your business – particularly when it comes to transparency, accessibility, and personalized interaction.

Engagement is your most important metric. Membership sales strategy starts with a sale, as opposed to closing with one. Simply put – the purchase of your product or service is just the beginning! For members to recognize high value, they need to feel engaged – which means the development of ongoing customer interaction is absolutely essential to create a stable and loyal relationship. Still, by engaging in ongoing discourse and exchange, you’ll garnish the attention and loyalty that turn your members into the best of brand advocates – driving future engagement with other prospectives.

Customer on-boarding is critical. When a new customer experiences immediate value, it creates a sense of momentum which drives future engagement. By incorporating customer onboarding into your sales process, you’ll allow your clientele to feel the immediate benefits of partnering with your organization – and reinforce their positive perceptions of your brand.

Empathy is essential. A comprehensive understanding of your customer’s mission for membership should be the entire focus of your sales strategy. By emphasizing their needs, and the ways in which you can meet them, you’ll shift focus to the relationship (as opposed to the product or service). The membership economy is all about that interaction – and those businesses who carry through on promises of added value will be richly rewarded.

As a sales professional, you can shift your sales strategy to incorporate these concepts, by being the conduit for the customer’s experience of added value. Embracing the membership economy means going beyond standard practices for account management, and developing long-lasting relationships with your clientele, via ongoing support and contact.

By catering to your customer’s desire for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, you’ll help inspire the brand loyalty and advocacy that build interest, boost social promotion, and gain you the qualified referrals that grow your future business – as well as retaining your current clientele.

For more information on how you can find more selling time, hone your sales strategy, and keep up with the times, contact me, today:  |  602-427-2399

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Prospecting_2_-_342_shadowThis week’s list of links focuses on sales prospecting, sales managers, sales strategy and sales tools. It’s a one-stop shop for sales professionals like you.

Come back daily and be sure to visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.

The Prospecting Rule of Thirds
International speaker, author, sales leader [and noted instigator/agitator] Anthony Iannarino (@iannarino) is back in my list of links with a valuable description and perspective of what you have there in your list of prospects and some direction on what it takes to get the most out those phone numbers.

KEY QUOTE: “But it feels like this middle third is more like ninety percent of companies, even though that isn’t true. You can develop the case for change within this third, even if it isn’t easy.”

Figure out how you need to answer those final three questions of his and you’ll be well on your way toward a sales career others will envy. #makethecalls
[Reading Time: 2:00]


EcSell Blog
Sales Manager Check-Up
Director of marketing or the EcSell Institute Anna Schott (@anna_schott) wrote this post focused on 5 excellent questions every sales manager should be asking themselves here just past the midway point of the year. It’s based on an article written at the end of 2014 by the president of EcSell Institute, Bill Eckstrom.

KEY QUOTE: “As our research proves, nothing impacts performance more than coaching; therefore, it starts with the sales management team, not the sales people.”

Answering these questions honestly, and then acting accordingly, could lead to greater success for your entire sales organization. #coacheffectively
[Reading/Listening Time: 1:30]

Wanna Make More Sales? Think WHY? Not How To!
Sales trainer and author Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer) makes a brief, but strong case for how understanding the core motive(s) of a buyer, much deeper than we may realize, can lead to sustained sales success. This should motivate you to uncover the motivations of others.

KEY QUOTE: “Old world sales tactics, closing techniques, and other sales drivel is over. The Internet has replaced the pitch man. All facts are retrievable in a nanosecond. The Internet has made business buyers and consumers smarter than ever. Even smarter than salespeople.”

The true motive may not be what you first believe it to be. Look deeper and train yourself to identify the true motive within every buyer, then enjoy the rewards for both you and them. #getmotivated
[Reading/Listening Time: 2:00]


Fill The Funnel Blog
Email Addresses – How To Find Them When You Need Them
Entrepreneur, author, teacher, coach [and Harley owner]  Miles Austin (@milesaustin) penned this  post about a very practical tool to use within your browser to help you locate more email addresses when you need them.

KEY QUOTE: “What I have found very useful is the exposure to other names within the company that I had not been aware of, including the senior level executives that are normally not readily available and not on LinkedIn, etc.”

As a Bonus: I also like to use this site to discover the email address syntax of websites/organizations. Neither tool will work every time, but they can save you time when other tools fail. #fillyourtoolbox
[Reading Time: 1:30]


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