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Stop_341_shadowFrom day to day, all good sales reps are bombarded with a list of best practices for our craft – but few of us are focused on the challenges of altering our current approach and behavior to reflect the changing customer conversation.

It can be hard to step outside of our current practices, and think outside of the box – which is why I’ve done a little digging to come up with a list of five things the experts recommend you STOP doing today, to improve your sales strategy and drive more valuable customer conversation:

  1. Don’t Waste a Good Crisis
    In his article Don’t Waste a Perfectly Good CrisisJoe Calloway (@joecalloway) describes the opportunity available in crisis – specifically, that inherent in the aftermath of a recession. Calloway believes that when most companies are tightening their belts, it’s prime time to set yourself apart from the competition by increasing customer contact. Calloway says –“The historic economic meltdown of 2008 gave us an almost limitless supply of practical business lessons. Perhaps the most impactful of those lessons is that there can be tremendous value in a crisis.“When taking action is just an option, it’s easy to continue having meetings about it. But when the banks stop making loans, customers are canceling orders, revenue is plummeting, and your cash flow is slowing down to a trickle, you begin to realize that more meetings aren’t the answer. You have to do something and do it now.”


  2. Stop Using Sales Lingo
    In his LinkedIn article Stop Doing These 3 Things in SalesMichael Manzi (@MikeManzi7) of OfferPop (@offerpop) offers warning against lapsing into technical talk in your conversations with clients. He gives an overview of “sales speak” and describes how it can easily create disconnection, alienate customers, and breed distrust, saying –

    Sales talk assumes that the other people on the line are not human. That somehow they’re impressed when we use big words and long sentences. We think that if we say paradigm, fundamental, ROI and industry, we’re going to pull out the check books of VP’s at major companies.In reality, it makes the prospect do the “sales Heisman”. One hand on their wallet and the other hand up to defend you from getting to it.”
  3. Quit Thinking of Questions
    In his article Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Questions When SellingKeenan (@keenan) talks about the benefits of considering the client conversation from a new angle. He suggests that asking questions is not nearly as valuable as the consideration of what information you actually need to gain from your prospective customer during dialogue, saying -“The next time you are preparing for a sales call, don’t focus on the questions you want to ask, consider focusing on the information you want to know. Once you know what you’re looking for, the questions will roll off your tongue until you get what you want.”
  4. Don’t Snooze – Cat Nap
    In her recent article When it Comes to Sales Territories, Think Like a Cat, sales-pro-turned-comedy-writer Amanda Caswell (@AmandaCaswell) shares her tongue-in-cheek advice on remaining on top of client contact by developing good follow-up skills, saying –“Very rarely do cats sleep so soundly that they can’t hear what’s going on around them. This characteristic is actually a survival instinct. As a sales person, your sense of survival in the industry should be based on never getting too comfortable. Always stay on top of your game by checking in with your clients and potential prospects even on the days you’d rather just zone out.” 
  5. Don’t Assume You Control the Conversation
    In a recent Huffington Post articleVala Afshar of SalesForce (@ValaAfshar), interviews Tiffani Bova (@Tiffani_Bova) of Gartner,  as they discuss the new data-driven environment of sales. Bova describes the new customer relationship, stating that customers (as opposed to technology) are redefining perception of market disruption, saying –

    “The reality is, your sales teams are no longer in control of how customers explore or evaluate you as a provider, and sales needs to step up.Today’s sales organizations must shift from trying to control their internally driven sales cycle and truly embrace the new customer-driven buying cycle — otherwise, prospects will eliminate you from their consideration list and buy from your competition”

By following this expert advice, and altering your sales behavior accordingly, you’ll find yourself participating in more valuable, authentic customer dialogue – which will result in increased trust, improved customer loyalty, and higher revenues. Why not give it a go?

For more information on how you can streamline your sales, contact me today:

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5_Stars_1_-_318_shadowIn sales, becoming leading-edge in your technique can make all the difference. The most successful salespeople are always fresh in their approach, bringing the best value to their leads as efficiently as possible.

A good way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends is to learn from those who have already mastered the art of selling. In an ever-changing market, there are always opportunities to be a better sales professional.

To help you find your edge, I’ve made you a list of 5 sales influencers whose blogs should be on every salesperson’s to-read list:

Dan_Waldschmidt_small_shadow-1Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt lives to inspire through his “Live EDGY” mantra from his book EDGY Conversations.
Dan works with a team as a strategist consultant to help companies bring results that matter. The Wall Street Journal calls Dan’s business insights the “best in the world”, working with leading universities, industry associations, and Fortune 100 companies to build strong values that foster organizational success.
Dan’s blogs teach salespeople to challenge conventional norms and think outside of the box to find the best habits that snowball into the path to success.
Twitter: @DanWaldo
Learn More: Dan Waldschmidt
John_Barrows_122x122John Barrows
John Barrows is a world-class sales trainer of the tech industry. John has trained sales teams of large companies and corporations, such as LinkedIn, SalesForce, Marketo, and HP Software & Services, to bring them dramatic increases in sales.
His blogs cover a variety of sales techniques and suggestions, spanning from split testing conversations for individual salespeople to leveraging the talents of entire departments to secure a sale. John posts regularly, offering you a consistent flow of insight on how to sell in the tech industry.
Twitter: @johnbarrows
Learn More: John Barrows

Nancy_Bleeke_113x113_shadow-1Nancy Bleeke
Nancy Bleeke is the Founder and President of SalesPro Insider, growing her company as a leader in sales since 1998. Her book, Conversations That Sell, was awarded a gold medal for Top Sales & Marketing book in 2013 and has become a standard read for modern sales teams.
Nancy’s experience in sales has earned her credibility to become a contributor to Top Sales World, Salesopedia, Sales Gravy, other popular business publications.
Her blog offers a range of valuable insight for sales managers and executives, covering topics such as tips on finding the best salespeople with the most potential and advice on how to calibrate sales goals. Nancy writes multiple posts a week, perfect for ever sales manager’s morning reading.
Twitter: @SalesProInsider
Learn More: Nancy Bleeke

John_Spence_128x128John Spence
John Spence has presented workshops, given speeches and executive coaching to more than 300 organizations worldwide for over two decades as a leading expert in sales. John has authored multiple books about business leadership and strategy, such as Awesomely Simple, essential business strategies for turning ideas into action and Letters to a CEO.
John also has had experience as a guest lecturer at over 90 colleges and universities, from Harvard University to the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. His insights and teaching are highly regarded as a must for salespeople looking to strengthen their sales techniques.
In his blog, he teaches salespeople to become better students of every opportunity. His articles are full of well-structured tips to help salespeople understand and bring the customer’s needs into your sales process.
Twitter: @AwesomelySimple
Learn More: John Spence
Jack_Malcolm_123x123Jack Malcolm
Jack Malcolm is an expert in business literacy and sales communication, empowering sales teams to take command of the fast-paced and complex sale environment. Jack founded the Falcon Performance Group in 1996 to help, even the most technical, sales teams enhance their communication skills to directly speak to the needs of their customers.
Jack has nearly 25-years of experience in training high-tech sales teams of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, NCR, Sun Microsystems and Tektronik.
In the world of sales, your pitch is everything. Jack’s blog is perfect for sales teams that want to improve their communication ability for more effective presentations and networking skills. His articles are full of field-tested advice and wisdom to help you improve fast.
Twitter: @jackmalcolm
Learn More: Jack Malcolm

What blogs do you or your sales team read to improve your sales effectiveness?

To learn more about increasing the effectiveness of your sales teams, contact me today:

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4_Aces_2_-_348_shadowAt SalesFitRx, we value innovation – which is why we make it a point to keep on top of the trending issues relevant to your sales success.

We’ve noticed a few others out there who are ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking down the complexities of modern sales – and we’d like to share some of their commentary with you.

Read below, for a brief bio of four sales leaders you should definitely be following. We’ve also included links to some of their recent writing, for your convenience and for your career growth:

Tamara_Schenk_113x113Tamara Schenk
With over twenty years in the world of sales,
 Tamara is a well-respected expert in the field of sales coaching and enablement. She’s built an impressive reputation as a sales innovator and evangelist for sales force transformation. She prefers to focus on driving sustainable sales results by embracing modern sales strategy – often by un-learning traditional tactics.
Tamara is currently the Research Director at CSO Insights, specializing in strategic sales enablement and sales force transformation. She’s also an influential blogger, a keynote speaker and contributes regularly to Top Sales Magazine.
Jonathan is a valuable keynote speaker, business coach, mentor, author, consultant, and sales strategist – with a strong focus on guiding sales leaders and businesses towards optimum performance levels. He is currently the Senior Partner at Jonathan Farrington & Associates, CEO of Top Sales World and the co-editor of Top Sales Magazine.
Founder and Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point, Bob has worked for many of the world’s most respected B2B technology companies. After successful stints with several expansion-stage technology businesses, Bob founded Inflexion-Point with the intention of helping the next generation of agile, fast-moving organizations and B2B technology market leaders realize their potential for market leadership.

Recent blog post we loved:
Why It’s Time To Stop Adding Value

Sonia’s love of personal development and fierce ambition led to her position as National Sales Trainer for peak performance expert Anthony Robbins. In this position, she traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, delivering sales and leadership training for major companies.

As the only woman in a small team of men, Sonia developed some invaluable and influential skills. In the span of 8 weeks, she and her team would build a customer base capable of generating $800k- $1million in sales – then pick up and start over in a new location.

Now, she is a popular speaker, mentor & direct sales/marketing coach for women – as well as one of the founding partners of Women United for Change – a network marketing organization geared towards the empowerment of female professionals.

For more tips and tricks on developing your sales skills, read more from our blog: The Sales Executive X Blog – or contact us today to find out how your business can streamline the sales process, maximize efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

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Boy_-_Success_355_shadowLately, I’ve been grouping my Friday list of links under a certain topic or focus. But this week’s links are helpful for sales professionals of all experience levels.

Return to this blog daily, especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Chris_Westfall_139x139Millennial CEO Blog
Five Ways to Stop Giving In, and Get What You Want
National elevator pitch champion and author Chris Westfall (@westfallonline) wrote a guest blog post for the @millennialceo blog. In it, he targets 5 issues and 5 corresponding actions to get what you want…whatever it is that you really want.

KEY QUOTE: “Persuasion and influence are the cornerstones of leadership, a leadership that exists at any level. If you want to move forward in your life, your relationships and your career, you’ve got to be able to persuade and influence others.”

This one is challenging and inspiring. Don’t miss what Westfall has to say, then think about applying it to your life and work. #getafterit

[Reading Time: 6:00 minutes]


Geoffrey_James_141x140Inc. Magazine
10 Ways to Write Better Sales Emails
Professional speaker, award-winning sales blogger and author Geoffrey James (@Sales_Source for @Inc) penned this post that goes deeper into this topic than most. It was actually crowdsourced from his email subscribers. It’s a fairly common subject to see in posts in our industry, but James approaches it in some very effective ways.

KEY QUOTE: “Customers don’t want to read an analysis of their business and the state of their industry. They want to know why talking with you is worth their precious time, so get to that part as quickly as possible.”

James tells us what the wrong and right things are to do or not do for each of the 10 recommended areas of focus. #usethesetipstoday

[Reading Time: 4:30 minutes]


Salesforce_146_shadowSalesforce Canada Blog
[Infographic] Simple Tips to Become the Most Productive Salesperson Ever
The bloggers at the Salesforce Canada Blog are highlighting this infographic, created by @salesforce, in this post. It offers a set of researched recommendations that’s above-and-beyond what you often find in infographics. It’s really good advice to help you stay as productive as possible.



Put some of these into practice today…and see what happens#gettingthingsdone

[Reading Time: 5:00 minutes]


Ago_Cluytens_143x140_shadowAgo Cluytens’ YouTube Channel
5 Tested Ways To Reduce Stress And Work Better
Practice Director EMEA @RAINSellingAgo Cluytens (@Acluytens), wrote this blog post a few years ago but the expert advice still stands today.

KEY QUOTE: “This reduces my personal stress at work by allowing me to record every single task that pops into my head in the appropriate category, and tackle it when I choose to (note the word “choose”). The result ? I stopped stressing about ‘I need to do …’ and every single week/day I know exactly what I need to get done.”

Keep an eye on the rest of his blog posts here#workbetter

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]

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Inside_Sales_383_shadowThis week’s links are especially useful for Inside Sales professionals, and they’re from inside sales insiders…sales leaders who are your peers in the industry.

Return to our blog daily and be sure to visit here every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Leo_Dirr_138x138_shadowInside Sales Blog
3 Common Sales Funnel Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)
Content alchemist at @insidesalesLeo Dirr (@mclinklove), put together a very helpful resource defining 3 common problems with advice on how to avoid them [and the consequences that come with them].


  • The average sales rep spends just two days a week selling. (CSO Insights)
  • Only 58.1% of salespeople made quota in 2014. (CSO Insights)
  • 56% of forecasted deals don’t close. (Ventana Research)

Consistently avoid these traps and you’ll be removing hurdles as you move toward greater success. #gettheseright

[Reading Time: 4:00 minutes]


Heather_R_Morgan_147_shadowSalesFolk Blog
11 Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales
CEO of SalesFolk, Heather R. Morgan (@HeatherReyhan), always offers extremely useful guidance and this post is no exception. This may be the most important post about cold emails you’ll likely read this year.

KEY QUOTE: “I recently held a webinar about cold emails that had more than 325 questions during the Q&A session, many of which could not all be answered live. I picked 11 of the most relevant questions to respond to, based on how frequently they were asked, and how important they are to running successful outbound email campaigns.”

This is a long post, but it’s absolutely worth your time. Bookmark this one and pass it along to your colleagues. #veryvaluable

[Reading Time: 6:30 minutes]


Jesse_Davis_138x138_shadowSales Hacker Blog
5 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Pick Up Their Phones
Sales and Marketing Strategist and Sr. Content Marketing Manager for @RingDNA, Jesse Davis(@jesseadavis for @saleshackerconf) offers 5 helpful best practices to remember and incorporate in your day-to-day sales. Use these reminders to stay on track toward getting more sales.

KEY QUOTE: “There’s a lot of revenue to be won through successful sales prospecting. And the good news is that there’s a science to having more conversations every day.”

Use these best practices consistently and you’ll give yourself more opportunities to succeed. #saleshacks

[Reading Time: 3:30 minutes]


Ago_Cluytens_143x140_shadowAgo Cluytens’ YouTube Channel
[VIDEO] 5 Things Your B2B Buyer Wants You To Stop Doing (Right Now)
Practice Director EMEA @RAINSellingAgo Cluytens (@Acluytens), creates a lot of videos, and sometimes it’s a useful medium to use to learn something new. In this video, Ago draws from his days as a buyer to help you, a seller, avoid these all-too-common pitfalls.

KEY QUOTE: “A lot of buyers tell me, ‘Ago, whenever I’m in a room with a seller, they simply don’t seem to listen.’ Instead, this is probably more accurate, they do listen but they listen selectively. They listen for cues so they can slide in and they start launching into a pitch about their product or features and benefits.”

Check out the rest of Ago’s brief videos on a wide variety of relevant topics. #strengthenyourskills

[Viewing Time: 4:59 minutes]

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Training_346_shadowEven on your best days, you don’t know it all.

Today’s B2B sales environment is extremely competitive – which means any opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition should be embraced wholeheartedly.

Your sales reps are often your first point of contact when dealing with prospective clients – and since first impressions can make or break those interactions, it makes sense to invest in strengthening their skills.

A strong sales team doesn’t just close sales – they forge new and profitable connections for your company or organization, which makes them one of your most valuable assets.

The more well-trained and seasoned your sales staff, the better – which is why SalesFitRx has compiled this list of six of the Top Sales Training and Coaching Companies to Watch (in no particular order), to help you get the most bang for your training buck:

Richardson is an internationally recognized, award-winning sales training and coaching company. They work closely with clients to identify sales best practices, evaluate talent, and develop skills through ongoing, customized sales training and education.

Richardson strives to develop customized programs which are easily adopted, in order to drive positive change in organizational behavior, and provide measurable results. By encouraging sales team development with verifiable outcomes, Richardson draws on the best of interpersonal interactions to help build individual and organizational capabilities.

Recent Guest Blog Post – 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Crushed by the Competition


The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company, who focuses on presenting sales managers and teams with simple, logical solutions to the challenges of sales force selection and training. Their suite of training programs are designed to provide the best available resources for hiring, training, and retaining sales employees, with a focus on ongoing sales management training and coaching, customized to your unique sales environment.

The Brooks Group was recently named a Top 20 Sales Training Company by Training Industry, Inc. and a Bronze Stevie Award winner for Sales Training Firm of the Year.

Recent Blog Post – 5 Things High Performing Sales Managers Should Be Doing


Recently named one of 2015’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies by both Selling Power and Training Industry, Inc., Action Selling focuses first on sales performance analysis and salesforce preparation, prior to beginning their training program. With a strong emphasis on benchmarking and performance review, their sales coaching and training programs are designed with accountability in mind.


Sales Excellence International is a global sales training organization with representation on six continents. Recently named one of Selling Power’s 2015 Top 20 Sales Training and Coaching Companies, Sales Excellence International strives to help their clients grow their customer base, increase revenues, and increase their profits through training programs, workshops, webinars, eLearning, and trainer certifications.They specialize in creation of custom, blended-format training curriculum and content, in order to reinforce concepts, creating lasting changes in salesforce behavior.


Sales_Performance_International_-_shadowSales Performance International

Sales Performance International is a global sales coaching and training firm, which helps companies drive measurable and sustainable revenue growth by improving operational performance.

Their Public Workshops and virtual training events are a convenient way to train smaller work forces and new hires, as well as provide ongoing training to a growing sales force. They also offer Regional Academy courses worldwide, in both in-person and virtual format.

Recent Blog Post – Five Best Practices for Sales Success in the Age of Evidence-Based Medicine


Alice Heiman leads her sales training and sales coaching organization and has won numerous awards over her two decades of teaching the art of selling to others, including: Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon.

Alice helps sales organizations build their sales culture through sales coaching and training programs, sales success coaching groups and through her keynote speaking events. She also focuses much of her online content on social selling skills related to LinkedIn. Also, her unique BizTalk Blender® approach to networking events is an extremely effective way to make those events more beneficial to all.

Recent Blog Post – Increase Your Sales 20% or More by Doing One Simple Thing

Remember: The more education, training, and ongoing support you can provide to your sales staff, the more equipped they’ll be to cope with the demands of your clientele – and the better the payoff on your investment.

For more information on how you can increase your selling time, improve the performance of your sales team, and boost your bottom line, contact us at SalesFitRx, today.

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Women_In_Sales_1_-_358_shadow“A woman can never sell as well as a man. They’re not built for it.”

That’s the kind of thing I heard a lot of back in the 1980s & 90s. Here are a few other lines I recall hearing on a very regular basis from men at conferences, happy hours and in other conversations:

  • “They’re too emotional. They can’t handle the pressure of this job the way we can.”
  • “They’re too relational for their own good. It’s the product that sells itself.”
  • “Who even wants to buy products or services from a woman? A buyer won’t trust a woman selling our product.”

Cringe worthy words to read for most of us. There has been some improvement in our industry over the past decade or so but, unfortunately, sexism is still alive and well in the business of sales.

Even in my early days, I clearly knew many of the female sales professionls around me could help me improve in my skill set, and they did. I wasn’t afraid to seek out their thoughts on a variety of topics and I became better for it.

I believe quite a few other men with whom I worked felt the same, but the majority of them wouldn’t admit it.

We now know better that, for buyers, buying is emotional, buying is personal, so buying should be relational. Today, a lot of men are paying good money to receive training from female sales coaches/consultants who’ve known all along the importance of emotions and relationships when selling to a buyer.

With that said, I read a captivating blog post last week about a woman many of us have heard of who began her career in sales in the 90s and wildly succeeded in sales despite the prevailing [strong] prejudice against women in sales at that time, and even through this present day.

Freelance content manager, Huffington Post blogger [and an ENTP, for all of you personality test aficionados] Debra Carpenter(@hello_itsdeb for @hirevuesales) recently sat down with Elinor Stutz (@smoothsale) who shared her remarkable story of her days starting off in the sales industry a couple decades ago.

The post is called: “Elinor Stutz Opens Up About Life as a Woman in Sales.”

Whether you’re a woman or a man, this tale is worth reading because so many of the pillars of selling Stutz believed [and still believes] in are accepted best practices in sales today. Elinor was ahead of the game and she persevered through it all despite the persistent opposition from colleagues and management.

We can all learn more about the importance of trusting what you know to be true to persist in tough sales stretches.

Here are a few quotes from the post:

“It’s not about selling the first sale. The ultimate picture, which is much more rewarding, is repeat business, referrals, and testimonials. That’s what I call the ‘smooth sale.’ You don’t have to worry about it anymore. You deliver what you promised, and they’re so happy with the customer service, they keep calling you back and for more enhanced services.”

…and this one:

“Men burst out laughing, ‘How could a woman possibly know anything about sales?'”

…and this one:

“I’m very calm when you meet me, I’m not aggressive, I don’t boast about myself. It’s almost like the opposite of the image most people hold of a salesperson. I’m from the older generation, taught to be very polite and not boast, and ask people about themselves.”

Debra’s focus on the Accelerate Blog is to tell the stories of women sales professionals (read them all here). There’s been a void, and a need, for these stories to be told. They serve numerous important purposes, and I was really pleased to find her writing on this topic.

If you haven’t clicked over to Carpenter’s post, please do so now, then pass it along to the rest of your sales team with your thoughts on the story of Elinor Stutz, who now is a bonafide sales leader in the industry.

Kudos to Debra Carpenter for telling this story so effectively.

QUESTION: Who do you know, a woman, who’s persevered in the industry despite prejudicial treatment from colleagues and/or management? Tell us about her in 140 characters or less, and tag me: @SalesExecutiveX.

Let’s talk about it…

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Blogging_385_shadowWhen it comes to researching current sales strategies and trends, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – other sales professionals have already paved the way, and many are generous about sharing their expertise.

Why expend your own precious time and energy when you can easily fast-forward your experience by learning from the trials and successes of others?

The following blogs are our choices for this month’s highlighted sales blogs. They offer useful information on trending topics, as well as tried-and-true strategies for improving your sales approach and client interactions:

Anthony_Iannarino_147_shadowS. Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader.He posts daily sales tips and insights to The Sales Blog, and runs a boutique sales coaching and consulting firm, focused on helping salespeople and sales organizations grow, develop, and reach their full potential.
Keith_Rosen_108_shadowKeith Rosen
A globally-recognized authority on executive sales coaching, leadership, and training, Keith is the CEO of Profit Builders. He was named one of the “Best Sales Training and Coaching Companies” worldwide for the last four consecutive years by Selling Power magazine.Rosen has written several best sellers on time management, cold calling, and closing sales, including the globally acclaimed Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.His blog focuses on developing and retaining top talent, winning more sales, and maintaining a competitive edge through excellent training and coaching.
Twitter: @KeithRosen
Learn More: Keith Rosen
Linda_Richardson_147x147_shadowLinda Richardson
Linda Richardson is the founder of Richardson, and the best-selling author of several books, including her latest bestseller, Changing the Sales Conversation.She has won numerous awards and accolades, including recognition by Top Sales World as a leading sales and marketing influencer.A previous advocate for Consultative Selling, her blog focuses on helping salespeople effectively engage prospects by adapting to changes in client needs, as well as encouraging active participation in need-based dialogues.
David_A_Brock_150_sgadowDavid A. Brock
David Brock has been recognized as one of the best coaches in the world, having coached 100’s of CEO’s, C-Level Executives, individual contributors, and teams.Brock is known for his direct, pragmatic and focused approach – and his blog is no different. His posts and podcasts are intended to challenge sales teams and individuals to achieve levels of excellence they never thought possible.
Heather_R_Morgan_147_shadowHeather R. Morgan
Heather R. Morgan, founder and CEO of SalesFolk, blogs for her organization, and she is one of the best copywriters in the industry. Her blog focuses on creating relevant and engaging written content, and is both entertaining and informative.Geared toward both sales professionals and marketing copywriters, her words will benefit anyone seeking to improve their formal prospecting and sales communications.

 Which blogs, other than your own [if you have one], are you especially enjoying this month?

For more information on streamlining your sales process, improving communications, and boosting your bottom line – contact the experts at SalesFitRX, today!


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Dreamforce_350x350Sales conferences are an excellent opportunity for professionals to network and generate new business, as well as sharpen their techniques by staying up-to-date on the best practices.

Conferences host brilliant minds and industry leaders to share their successes and present showcases about new innovations that change the way salespeople do business.

We understand that salespeople are pressed for time, so we’ve created a list below of great conferences with plenty of opportunities to learn and network (listed in chronological order):

  • Dreamforce
    Dreamforce (@Dreamforce) is hosted by Salesforce, to bring together innovation leaders and industry pioneers to San Francisco, CA from September 15th – 18th. The #DF15 conference focuses on the latest consumer trends and technological innovations to help your company increase sales. Dreamforce also hosts classes and certification exams for Salesforce and networking events like a Foo Fighters concert.Keynote speakers include Chariman & CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff (@Benioff), CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella(@SatyaNadella), CEO of Western Union Hikmet Ersek (@WesternUnionCEO) and other notable speakers to discuss how they use sales technologies to better connect with their customers. With so many industry giants at one event, Dreamforce is definitely a must-attend event.

  • Sales Stack 2015
    Sales Stack 2015 (@saleshackerconf) is a “tech conference for B2B Salespeople” in San Francisco, CA starting November 10th. The conference will host over 60 vendors and 1,000 salespeople, making it one of the largest of its kind. The inaugural #Salesstack15 conference bundles practical industry knowledge with a technology expo showcasing the best sales tools, platforms, and services in the market.Speakers include founder and president of Ken Krogue (@KenKrogue) and CEO of A Sales Guy, Inc. Jim Keenan (@asalesguy), as well as other industry leaders to share their executive expertise. The agenda also includes workshops led by B2B professionals for sales teams, such as target list building using TAM & ICP and outbound messaging and cadence method.
  • Sales 2.0 Conference 2015
    The Sales 2.0 Conference (@sales20conf) is an event series devoted to helping executives in sales and marketing learn to better leverage Sales 2.0 technologies and strategies for improved sales performance. Selling Power (@SellingPowerMag) host 3 events a year with their final Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, PA on November 16th.

    Patricia Fripp
     (@PFripp) is this year’s keynote speaker at the #s20c conference. Patricia Fripp is a Hall of Fame award-winning speaker, sales presentation skills trainer, and executive speech coach, trusted by clients such as Microsoft, ADP, Visa, and Genentech. Other events include discussions on improving sales team efficiency and classes on interpreting sales analytics.
  • AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2016
    The 8th annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit (@AA_ISP) is taking place in Rosemont, IL on April 20th and 21st, 2016 with over 50 new presentations from respected Sales Experts and more than 600 professionals in attendance. This year’s Leadership Summit will take on a variety of topics, such as managing virtual teams, social selling, top trends impacting sales, and modern sales analytical models.Last year’s keynote speaker was long-time sales veteran and current CEO for MobileDay, Howard Diamond (@hsdiamond). Howard discussed the long held sales belief that sales is about relationships. Leaders within any industry understand that their sales teams are selling to people with unique needs looking to be met.Next year’s conference promises to be even bigger with more workshops and networking events leading up to the summit. To follow event updates, use the hashtag #LS2016 on twitter.

Stay up-to-date and have a good time doing it by attending a sales conference! Expanding your network and learning techniques that work is a great investment for any professional.


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coffee_bags_313_shadowIf coffee is for closers, then you’re about to read some recommendations from 5 coffee magnates…

It appears Fergal Glynn (VP of Marketing for @docurated) recently spent some quality time researching what some of today’s top sales experts have shared about closing sales. He put it all together in a post for HubSpot’s Sales Blog titled, “9 Sales Closing Tricks That the Experts Swear By.”

I highly recommend reading it today.

Glynn’s opening paragraph paints the picture well. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the moment of truth that is the closing of the sale:

Closing deals is an art. Most sales professionals have their own unique styles. Combine these with their company’s specific sales process and the individual customer’s needs, and closing deals becomes a highly individualized process.

Okay. Before we really get started here, there’s something that needs to be said…

Please allow this old[er] gentleman a moment to express that I’ve firmly believed, since the beginning of my career, that there is no bigger misnomer in the field of sales than the phrase, “Closing the deal/sale.”

In my opinion, the sale actually begins to take on its life after the sale is birthed with a signature. What happens on the other side of the signature is what makes the sale a true win for all parties involved.

It’s more than a matter of semantics. It’s led too many sales reps astray. To think of the idea of the closing as an ending has led far too many sales professionals to work hard only up until the sale is signed, but not after it…at least, not with the effort they put forth to obtain the signature.

To put that in baseball terms: They’re running TO the base, not THROUGH the base…and that will eventually cost you some base hits, and gain you a poor reputation, if that’s how you play the game.

That reputation affects/hurts the reputation of every sales professional in the industry, because that perception is cast upon the rest of us. This creates an additional hurdle for us to help the prospect clear.

That hurdle can be removed during subsequent sales if you truly proved your value after the previous sale was made official.

That’s what we need more of in our sales industry: exemplary service after the sale as well.

Glynn offers a great quote about the wide variety of answers you would receive from a poll of sales leaders:

As sales careers expert Thomas Phelps explains, “If you asked 100 sales professionals for their best tips on closing a sale, you would get 100 different responses. You would hear the old school crowd preaching the benefits of the assumptive and Colombo closes. The newer breed would claim that a sale is simply the result of the relationship and rapport you have built with the customer.”

That’s okay here since we’re speaking with specific sales leaders who have proven their advice can work over the test of time.

You’ve surely heard some of these before, but we’re kept sharp by reminders like these along with a few new angles to keep us growing and trying new things.

First up is a pair of tricks from speaker and author Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath). Then, two pieces of advice from international sales expert Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone).

Next, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, among other ventures, Neil Patel (@NeilPatel) also has a pair of ways he’s been consistently successful.

The post ends with two tricks from account strategy expert and author Tom Searcy (@TomSearcy) and a final word from author, speaker, and entrepreneur Brian Tracy (@briantracy).

Now, I haven’t told you what each of these sales stars offer because, as you know if you read this blog with any regularity, I have no interest in stealing the thunder of authors such as Fergal Glynn. Read his post in its full intended context to learn best from this very helpful resource.

[Reading Time for Glynn’s Post: 2 minutes]

QUESTION ::: What would you offer as a trick or tip for consistently closing sales?

Let’s talk about it…

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