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10_Commandments_368_shadowWhen lessons learned come together with industry best practices, I feel comfortable referring to recommendations like these as commandments.

There’s far too much re-creating of the wheel in the sales industry. Granted, it exists in epidemic levels in any industry, but some of the details are unique to the span of the entire sales arena (SaaS, B2B, B2C, et al).

I enjoy discovering collections of recommendations based in proven success. When it was recently suggested to me that I check out a blog post titled, The 10 Most Valuable SaaS Lessons From Lincoln Murphy,” I went back to that person, after reading this post, to thank them again for making me aware of this valuable resource.

I’m quite confident you will not regret taking a few minutes to read this post. You’ll walk aware with multiple actionable steps you can begin to put into place this week.

Content Marketing Manager, host of the Million Dollar Insights podcast [and rock climber] Cara Hogan (@CaraHogan27), at @InsightSquared, recently sat down with writer and consultant Lincoln Murphy (@lincolnmurphy) and wrote this timely blog post.

Hogan proves Murphy’s know-how when it comes to SaaS sales throughout the post, and

“Murphy understands that the key to keeping customers is providing a valuable product at a great price, and continuing to produce results no matter what. With valuable insights into how customers think, and how SaaS businesses should be run, Lincoln Murphy has the blueprint to SaaS success.”

The post is written with each commandment, or “lessons” as Hogan calls them, having a single paragraph of explanation. It’s the perfect amount of description needed without going on any longer than needed. Think: concentrated wisdom (the best kind to discover; who has time for wordiness?).

Note: Yes, I’ve been known to be quite adept at adding drama for emphasis. So, if you’ll humor me, let’s keep calling them “commandments.”

My aim is to have you read Hogan’s post in full over at Insight Squared’s blog. But I will give you my top 3 commandments in relation to what I’ve found to be vital in my own career:

  1. Only Offer Discounts For The Right Reasons
  2. Don’t Obsess Over the Competition
  3. Scale Pricing According to Complexity

A number of the paragraphs in this post, describing the corresponding commandments, offer valuable links to additional information to expand upon an element of the commandment. Don’t miss those.

If you haven’t done so yet, please go and read Hogan’s post now. Then pass it along to your colleagues and management (it may even help you be perceived as being as smart as you actually are in their eyes…which is how it should be).

[Reading Time of Hogan’s Post: 5:30]

QUESTION: What commandment would you add to this list?

Let’s talk about it…

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