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metal chainsCome back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I bring you some of the best online resources to help you grow in your sales career:


The Sales Fix Blog
Sales Tip Video: You Can’t Get A Price Objection From A Truly Qualified Prospect
I’ve learned over the years how important it is to be wise in who I continue to pursue for sales. Holding on to an unqualified prospect takes away from the effective selling time you should be doing.

Andy Paul (@ZeroTimeSelling) does a great job of using the element of price qualification to explain how we sometimes hang on to an unqualified prospect when we should be investing our time growing relationships with true, qualified prospects.


Showpad Blog
Why Creativity is So Important for Your Sales Pitch
I like the reminders Maxim Baeten (@maximb93) offers in this blog post. There’s something to be said for the sales pitches you have down pat, but there should also be freedom for creativity to make appearances in your pitches in order to stay agile and effective.

Jeff Shore’s Blog
Do You Ask the Most Important Question in Sales?
“How can I help you?” sounds like such a helpful question. But it’s not selling. Here’s what Jeff Shore (@jeffshore) says the most important question you can ask in sales is…


The Richardson Sales Excellence Review™
Social Selling: What It Is and What Sales Reps Should Be Doing
If 84% of B2B executives use social media to research buying decisions, then social selling is not an option; it’s a requirement. Even an old dog like me can learn some new tricks, but really, it’s more about carrying over traditional relationship-building skills into social media avenues. Is social selling a solid tool in your toolbox yet?

HubSpot Sales Blog
3 Criteria to Upgrade a Lead to an Opportunity (And They’re Not What You Think)
Zorian Rotenberg (@zorian) says, No, it’s not BANT (though it certainly has its merits). This will help some of you view the step of maturing your leads from a different point-of-view. A new perspective can sometimes lead to a breakthrough with certain types of prospects.

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