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Data_299_shadowBeing busy and being productive are two different things.

I’m not the first person to say that, but a couple things happen when your finite sales time possesses busyness.

First, in order to put on busy work (whether you identify it as being non-productive or not), something else needs to be put off. What’s put off is something productive.

Second, you steal selling time from yourself [and your organization]. More active time selling will bring about more sales.

Paul Bilodeau (@PaulBilodeau) wrote an interesting blog post last month titled, “Sales Metrics: When Are You Measuring Too Much?” on The IMPACT Sales Training Blog. In it, he hits the nail squarely on the head regarding a number of key events when we are wasting time by doing unproductive things with data.

The post centers on the 5 signs that you’re simply measuring too many sales metrics. I’m not going to rehash his entire post here, you really should go read it yourself, but I will give you the first two signs.

The first sign is: When you don’t know what to do with the data:

“Just because you can measure something, doesn’t mean that you should.”

It should be clarified that sometimes you’re given data and there’s a period when you don’t know exactly what to do with it, if it’s valuable, for a certain period of time. A bit of efficient research can help determine whether your data contains truly actionable data.

Find out by researching ways to use metrics xy and z. There’s a lot written about true key performance indicators, even by industry. Don’t force yourself to use specific data somehow. That will quickly lead to misapplication. That’s dangerous.

Instead, choose a small handful of key metrics and truly analyze them to extract recommended actions whether they be bold moves or options to test.

The second sign in the post is: When You Can’t Trust the Accuracy of the Data.

There are times when you want certain data to be true so much, simply because it tells the story you want to tell, that you fail to completely vet the data’s accuracy. That’s also extremely dangerous.

Bilodeau astutely guides us here:

Do one thing, and do it well (or in this case, do 5 or 6 things, and do them with accuracy). Trying to juggle too much information can lead to inaccurate data and wasted time spent deciphering your own measurements. Inaccurate data related to one metric can create an internal perception that all of the metrics are suspect.

I would like to repost his takeaway paragraph here, but it’s far better if you go and read his entire post to, through the post’s full context, help the takeaway information really stick.

Once you discover your own ways to put off busy/non-productive work, you’ll gain back time. But, be warned that time can very easily be misused in other ways. So pour it into someplace effective.

I strongly recommend putting all of that found time into your active selling time. Increase that, and you’ll be able to use your growing bank account as all the motivation you’ll need to keep focused on productive selling time every single day.

QUESTION ::: Of the five signs, which do you believe is the most common trap? Are you guilty of any of them…c’mon, at times?

Let’s talk about it…

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Vector_4367_300_shadowThis week’s links start with a trio of resources full of the wisdom of sales industry experts, overcoming rejection and some ways to gain back wasted time in your working day.

Come back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources, through my years of experience, to help you continue growing in your sales career:


Entrepreneur Magazine
10 Secrets From Leading Sales Execs
Learn to multiply the successes of others by listening to what successful people in your field have to say. They’ve walked in your shoes, so they understand your current challenges. They’re just a little ahead of some of you at the moment.

These experts, gathered by Sean Jacobsohn (@sjacobsohn), are willing to help others catch up to them by sharing what they’ve learned through their experiences. Take advantage of advantages when they’re presented to you. Bookmark this one.

Docurated’s Blog
50 Sales Strategy Secrets and Tips from Top Sales Pros
Angela Stringfellow offers even more tips from experts in this article. Read them today, or over time, and be sure to bookmark this one as well.

Inc. Magazine
37 Sales Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter Right Now
I really like how much great information can be fit into 140 characters at times. We sure didn’t have this luxury early in my career.

These experts, brought together by Bubba Page (@bubbapage), are experts at what they do and enjoy sharing what they’ve learned.

Go ahead and become a follower in order to become a better sales leader.


Dell Power More
How to Make Your Team Rejection Proof
If you haven’t yet learned about Jia Jiang (@JiaJiang), author of Rejection Proof, you need to. There is no better story out there about someone choosing to face their fear [head-on], learn to overcome it and then help others do the same.

This article is a great introduction to Jia’s take on the topic of rejection (then check out and his “100 Days of Rejection”). #incredible


LinkedIn Pulse
Stop the Silent Business Killer: Wasted Time
J.P. Werlin (@jpwerlin) offers some great reminders on how to get more out of your time. Wasted time for a sales professional is missed selling timeGet it back.

This is also one of the main elements of the story about what you can gain by putting the SalesFitRx web and mobile app to work for you. Check into it.

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Click here to download our free guide:
2015 Guide to Sales Optimization: Restoring Sanity to Sales

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