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Blog_-_Small_Steps_4-13-15_small_shadowThere are a lot of researchers out there researching a lot of things. Did you know there’s been quite a bit of research into why certain songs get stuck in your head more than others?

Those songs (a.k.a. earworms) have nothing to do with this post. I promise.

What I would like to share with you comes out of some helpful research performed at Wharton (“The Small Steps That Have a Big Impact on Achieving Goals“). Although this study is not about sales per se, there are some excellent elements we can extract and apply to the work we do in sales every day.

In the video embedded below, listen to Katherine Milkman discuss the examples of how using prompts [or nudging] and bundling can help you bring about new and healthy patterns in your life in relatively painless ways:

One of the key takeaways is explained well in this portion of the article:

The key takeaways are a number of tools that you can use to try to help yourself or help others follow through on their goals. One key takeaway is that whenever you want to help somebody follow through on a goal, one thing you should do is actually prompt them to think about exactly when and where and how they will accomplish that goal.
By prompting them to think through those things, even if they do it privately and don’t ever tell you their plans, you can help them reduce the likelihood that they will actually forget to follow through because now there is this cue embedded in their memory that is going to trigger the recollection, “Oh, this is when I’m supposed to … this is the moment I said I’d do it.

By scheduling these nudges, or when we assign reminders to specific objects or events, we can be far more effective in making positive changes in the work we do and in the life we live apart from the office.

The other takeaways are also worth reading and finding application moments in your life to bring about goal achievement at the office, at home or anywhere else you want to grow more into the person you’ve always desired to become.

QUESTION ::: What do you want to change in your life? Considering these finding, how can you plan small steps to change and grow in the right direction? …and what song is currently stuck in your head?

Let’s talk about it…

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Vector_4367_300_shadowThis week’s links start with a trio of resources full of the wisdom of sales industry experts, overcoming rejection and some ways to gain back wasted time in your working day.

Come back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources, through my years of experience, to help you continue growing in your sales career:


Entrepreneur Magazine
10 Secrets From Leading Sales Execs
Learn to multiply the successes of others by listening to what successful people in your field have to say. They’ve walked in your shoes, so they understand your current challenges. They’re just a little ahead of some of you at the moment.

These experts, gathered by Sean Jacobsohn (@sjacobsohn), are willing to help others catch up to them by sharing what they’ve learned through their experiences. Take advantage of advantages when they’re presented to you. Bookmark this one.

Docurated’s Blog
50 Sales Strategy Secrets and Tips from Top Sales Pros
Angela Stringfellow offers even more tips from experts in this article. Read them today, or over time, and be sure to bookmark this one as well.

Inc. Magazine
37 Sales Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter Right Now
I really like how much great information can be fit into 140 characters at times. We sure didn’t have this luxury early in my career.

These experts, brought together by Bubba Page (@bubbapage), are experts at what they do and enjoy sharing what they’ve learned.

Go ahead and become a follower in order to become a better sales leader.


Dell Power More
How to Make Your Team Rejection Proof
If you haven’t yet learned about Jia Jiang (@JiaJiang), author of Rejection Proof, you need to. There is no better story out there about someone choosing to face their fear [head-on], learn to overcome it and then help others do the same.

This article is a great introduction to Jia’s take on the topic of rejection (then check out and his “100 Days of Rejection”). #incredible


LinkedIn Pulse
Stop the Silent Business Killer: Wasted Time
J.P. Werlin (@jpwerlin) offers some great reminders on how to get more out of your time. Wasted time for a sales professional is missed selling timeGet it back.

This is also one of the main elements of the story about what you can gain by putting the SalesFitRx web and mobile app to work for you. Check into it.

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Persuasion_280_shadowA lot has already been written about persuasive selling, or simply how to persuade people, and it’s been rehashed to death. Or so I thought…

Author Steve Martin (no, not the banjo-picking comedian, but the NYTbestselling author of YES! & The Small Big) put together another strong article for Harvard Business Review called “How Doctors (or Anyone) Can Craft a More Persuasive Message.”

In it, Martin doesn’t create and run down a long list o

f tactics. And truthfully, I rarely leave reading those articles feeling good about myself (read: “Um, no I don’t do that well,” “Well, that’s another area in which I really need to improve” and “Wow. Those 3 would really expose me if anyone knew I am poor at doing those as well”). Am I the only one?

Instead, Martin puts the focus on the Messenger of the message. I absolutely agree with this. Connecting the right messenger with the right message at the right time puts you in a position to win big.

He states:

There are lots of reasons why well-crafted messages fail to persuade, but one of the most common is because the communicator focuses too much on constructing the content of the message rather than choosing the right messenger. The distinction between the messenger and the message is an important one.
In today’s information-overloaded world, in which we’re exposed to lots of conflicting messages, people will often act more on the basis of who is communicating the message rather than the actual message itself.

But then, we hear these 3 traits mentioned (and we’ve heard them before):

Persuasion researchers have long known that the most effective messengers have three key attributes: expertisetrustworthiness, and similarity. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Don’t give up on the article. Martin helps us, on a very nuts and bolts level, determine what research tells us about these traits. It’s worth reading to observe the connections he makes in just a few paragraphs.

I’ll go as far as to say that, in the next 5 minutes, you can grow stronger in at least 1 of the traits by simply reading the article. Just look for the possibility of yourself in the examples, make some connections as to how they would play out in the sales world, and put some part of it into use today.

QUESTION ::: What stood out to you in this article, and what can will you put into action today?

Let’s talk about it…

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Friday_Sales_Links_small_shadowCome back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature:

Eliminate Distractions And Do Good Work
This is an excellent reminder to be a good steward of the limited time you have each day. Increase your selling time by remembering how good things become bad things when they take the place of the best things.
[INFOGRAPHIC] Words That Sell: Using Metaphors to Drive Sales

An effective metaphor can definitely assist you in getting closer to “Yes.” This infographic from presentation and sales specialist Anne Miller, along with the list of scenarios offered by speaker/author/sales specialist Jill Konrath, give you a lot of helpful direction and ideas in about 60 seconds of your time.


Harvard Business Review

What Top Sales Teams Have in Common, in 5 Charts offers a concise article from the results of this extensive research. It’s good information to know and hold up against the traits of your own organization. You may very well have some low-hanging fruit ready to harvest.

When To Coach In The Moment

I believe too many opportunities for coaching sales professionals are lost when you fail to coach individuals in the moment. There are times for this kind of coaching and other times when scheduled coaching meetings are best. Listen to this audio blog post, from Bill Caskey, to learn more about when to stop in the moment and strengthen your team one member at a time.

Openview Labs
Sales Training Is a Line Not a Dot
Too much of what is learned in training is lost within the first 30 days following training sessions. Daniel Chalef offers an approach to help that knowledge and understanding stick with trainees longer. I can see this being effective in many organizational situations.

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Sales-ProfessionalsAs I begin to work alongside the team behind the SalesFitRx app, my goal is to draw from my experience to effectively curate the truly valuable resources for you, the sales professional.

But first, to ensure we are on the same page, let’s look at some of the ways a true sales professional distinguishes himself or herself from a salesperson.

I recently read an article by John Graham called, “18 Characteristics of a Professional Salesperson.” There were a few key characteristics I wanted to highlight. I’d start with one of the single most important differentiators:

#7.  Seeks performance improvement. Comes away from sales presentations and asks, “What could I have done better?”

Perhaps the biggest reason I am beginning to blog here today is because my gracious hosts at SalesFitRx created an app I believe in for this very reason. It’s an app for sales professionals [and professional sales organizations] only; for those who want to improve their sales skills and will use any available opportunity to do so.

You will not see me mention the SalesFitRx app too often in my future blog posts; that’s not my role here. But keep an eye on the topics I’ll be covering. They will align well with why the app exists [and is award-winning], and also with you who, I hope, are the true sales professionals improving at every turn…even when it isn’t easy.

These points also stood out to me among the rest of the characteristics mentioned in the article. In my experience, these are also proven differentiators:

  • #3. Asks questions. Wants to understand the issues or the problem before offering solutions. 
  • #5. Keeps promises. Doesn’t leave a customer hanging or wondering. Does what’s agreed on without being reminded. 
  • #6. Knows that learning is endless. Doesn’t get to a particular knowledge level and stop, while others stick with outdated products, concepts and solutions. 
  • #12 Understands the harm of “cutting corners.” While taking the easy way out is often camouflaged as saving time, professionals know it can easily become a slippery slope. 
  • #14. Welcomes challenges. Sees difficult tasks as growth opportunities rather than as bothersome interruptions. 
  • #15. Wants to be ahead of the curve. Constantly works to be seen by customers as thoughtful and forward thinking.

QUESTION ::: If you were to tell me 3 or 4 traits that indicate to you the difference between salespeople and sales professionals, what would they be?

Let’s talk about it…

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