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Habits_311_shadowThis week’s links cover the top habits of the best VPs of sales, better leadership, the words we use and, well, some dating tips (really).

Come back and visit this blog every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career:


Sales Benchmark Index Blog
6 Habits of Highly Successful Sales VPs
This post by Matt Sharrers (@mattsharrers) Is lot more detailed than you may expect. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time if you’re looking for a roadmap on how you can get into the VP of Sales office on a faster track. One or two of these habits may surprise you.

KEY QUOTE: “Embrace your vulnerability. Surround yourself with people who cover for your blind spots. Not sure you’ve done that? Write down your top three weaknesses. Try pairing each with a direct report who bridges the gap.”

Which of these, do you feel, is most often overlooked? #movingonup
[Reading time: 1:30]


Connect2Lead Blog
How to Boost Your Effectiveness by Reducing Your Number of Followers
Deb Calvert (@PeopleFirstPS) has some excellent advice to potentially help you refocus your leadership efforts as they relate to your understanding of growing your number of followers…and we’re not talking about Twitter.

KEY QUOTE: “…the secret lies in the realization that leaders don’t aim to gather more followers. Instead, leaders build more leaders.”

Deb keeps it brief but informative. Take a few seconds to grow as a leader today. #leadershipgrowth
[Reading time: 1:30]


Score More Sales Blog
Improve Your Word Choices and Close Deals
Sometimes it’s your words that close the deal, but more often it should be their words. For the words coming out of your mouth, take these recommendations from Lori Richardson (@scoremoresales) to help you hack your own vocabulary to gain more sales.

KEY QUOTE: “Words are power – word choices close deals. Power words should replace old crutch words and filler words.”

Read through it and see if you have room to grow. #alwayslearning
[Reading time: 2:30]

RainToday (RAIN Group)
15 Dating Tips to Boost Your Sales Success
David Newman (@dnewman) offers a clear analogy of sales as dating. It’s one we’ve heard before but perhaps not as well defined as this resource is. If you glean one important reminder from this list of 15 tips, it’s worth your time in reading it.

KEY QUOTE: “If you start selling the same way you’ve been effective in dating, you’ll get more than a great partner. You’ll get rich. And then you can take your date to the bank.”

There are some more quotable lines he adds after the list, and it won’t take you long to read through it. #itsaboutthem
[Reading time: 1:30]

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