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Businesswoman_2_-_356_shadowWhy aren’t more women in inside sales?

To help you out, I found a great resource that will help you better understand some of the reasons why there aren’t more women [yet] in this section of our industry.

Heather R. Morgan (@HeatherReyhan) is the CEO of SalesFolk. She recently recorded a video interview with the President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc).

The blog post, with the embedded video, is called, A Secret Every Great Salesperson Needs to Know.”

You’ll hear about that secret 13 minutes into the video.

For Background: Trish has been recognized as one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals” by The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) for four years in a row.

Heather begins by letting us know what to expect in the interview video:

“Trish and I discuss important inside sales challenges, and what sales executives can do to proactively resolve them. Topics discussed range from product market fit issues to what most companies miss when trying to attract women to join their sales force.”

When it comes to watching videos online, especially regarding sales, I rarely see what Heather included. Here’s a simple rundown of the timeline and topics discussed at different moments of the video. That helped me determine the value of this resource right away:

  • 03:59  How to entice talented women to join your salesforce and avoid the turn-off mistakes so many companies are making
  • 05:41  If you’re relying on your technology to engage customers, here’s a major shift to your thinking that will increase sales
  • 06:40  The powerful sales benefit that resonates with prospects’ emotions much deeper than simply “faster and cheaper”
  • 13:10  The secret every great inside sales rep needs to know about successful sales conversations
  • 16:20  Best practices for quickly training highly successful sales teams
  • 25:37  Try this method instead of spamming your prospects with emails they won’t read
  • 32:59  Hoping to break into the European market?  don’t ignore these considerations or you will fail at expanding into new markets

The video is 41 minutes long, and now you know about some of the topics that are discussed. You can go directly to a topic if one especially interests you.

I strongly encourage you to view it, or at least listen to it while you do some of your prospecting research. Take notes of points that stand out to you…then, share it with a colleague.

QUESTIONS ::: Why do you think there aren’t more women in inside sales today?

Let’s talk about it…

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Inside_Sales_383_shadowThis week’s links are especially useful for Inside Sales professionals, and they’re from inside sales insiders…sales leaders who are your peers in the industry.

Return to our blog daily and be sure to visit here every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Leo_Dirr_138x138_shadowInside Sales Blog
3 Common Sales Funnel Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)
Content alchemist at @insidesalesLeo Dirr (@mclinklove), put together a very helpful resource defining 3 common problems with advice on how to avoid them [and the consequences that come with them].


  • The average sales rep spends just two days a week selling. (CSO Insights)
  • Only 58.1% of salespeople made quota in 2014. (CSO Insights)
  • 56% of forecasted deals don’t close. (Ventana Research)

Consistently avoid these traps and you’ll be removing hurdles as you move toward greater success. #gettheseright

[Reading Time: 4:00 minutes]


Heather_R_Morgan_147_shadowSalesFolk Blog
11 Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales
CEO of SalesFolk, Heather R. Morgan (@HeatherReyhan), always offers extremely useful guidance and this post is no exception. This may be the most important post about cold emails you’ll likely read this year.

KEY QUOTE: “I recently held a webinar about cold emails that had more than 325 questions during the Q&A session, many of which could not all be answered live. I picked 11 of the most relevant questions to respond to, based on how frequently they were asked, and how important they are to running successful outbound email campaigns.”

This is a long post, but it’s absolutely worth your time. Bookmark this one and pass it along to your colleagues. #veryvaluable

[Reading Time: 6:30 minutes]


Jesse_Davis_138x138_shadowSales Hacker Blog
5 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Pick Up Their Phones
Sales and Marketing Strategist and Sr. Content Marketing Manager for @RingDNA, Jesse Davis(@jesseadavis for @saleshackerconf) offers 5 helpful best practices to remember and incorporate in your day-to-day sales. Use these reminders to stay on track toward getting more sales.

KEY QUOTE: “There’s a lot of revenue to be won through successful sales prospecting. And the good news is that there’s a science to having more conversations every day.”

Use these best practices consistently and you’ll give yourself more opportunities to succeed. #saleshacks

[Reading Time: 3:30 minutes]


Ago_Cluytens_143x140_shadowAgo Cluytens’ YouTube Channel
[VIDEO] 5 Things Your B2B Buyer Wants You To Stop Doing (Right Now)
Practice Director EMEA @RAINSellingAgo Cluytens (@Acluytens), creates a lot of videos, and sometimes it’s a useful medium to use to learn something new. In this video, Ago draws from his days as a buyer to help you, a seller, avoid these all-too-common pitfalls.

KEY QUOTE: “A lot of buyers tell me, ‘Ago, whenever I’m in a room with a seller, they simply don’t seem to listen.’ Instead, this is probably more accurate, they do listen but they listen selectively. They listen for cues so they can slide in and they start launching into a pitch about their product or features and benefits.”

Check out the rest of Ago’s brief videos on a wide variety of relevant topics. #strengthenyourskills

[Viewing Time: 4:59 minutes]

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Teamwork_290_shadowDoes your organization primarily think and act in terms of separating inside sales from outside sales, or is it more simply viewed as sales within your company’s culture?

Across the sales industry, lines are being blurred and discoveries are being made which are helping some sales teams achieve a higher and more consistent rate of quotas being met by connecting inside and outside sales in new and effective ways.

CSO Insights (@CSOinsights) recently took a look into their 2015 Inside/Telesales Performance report and revealed some of the findings in their blog post titled, Is Inside Sales Replacing Field Sales?

The research shows, in a variety of ways, that many professional sales organizations are maturing in their ability to let go of the mindset of doing what they’re doing because that’s what they’ve always done, and find ways to be more effective, even if it’s a new approach for them.

With the interconnectivity of the Internet, organizations can easily learn from the lessons of other companies. At the very least, sales teams can learn new or alternate ways of trying something to see if it can make a positive impact on their sales.

That’s not to say that sales organizations should be constantly trying so many new things that the business’ sales process is perpetually tampered with. An increase in sales process adoption is a great need for most sales teams.

What I do believe in is creating an unofficial Research & Development Laboratory within your sales department in order to structure pilot programs which can bring about some significant lessons and benefits.

Many forward-thinking sales organizations are blurring the lines that have been drawn by tradition and are finding new successes to multiply. Some of those sales teams [certainly not all] have gone as far as to designate the [right] sales team member who can create measurable experiments. The tests start small and organically expand as success after success occurs in each round of testing.

This wasn’t nearly as feasible in the early days of my career, but the information available online makes it relatively easy to discover where organizations similar to your own are chalking up wins, and then you can adapt it for your own team.

One clear conclusion from the report is that inside sales reps have become more strategic; they are less boiler room “dialing for dollars,” instead focusing on partnering with field/channel reps and/or an independent sales channel. This group is professional, skilled, well-equipped, and focused on nurturing or advancing prospective opportunities—not simply making as many dials as possible each day.

Only you know best if your sales team is prepared, at this time, to strategically take on some new approaches to gaining more sales.

Without a doubt, it would be ideal to have a team that consistently adheres to your organization’s sales process before launching out on occasional experiments with part of your team. This would ensure a more credible baseline against which to measure results.

Please check out the full blog post over at CSO Insights in order to learn more about many of the report’s findings. You’ll be glad you did.

QUESTION ::: Do your inside or outside sales teams have a process of implementing trials of strategies or tactics in order to discover better ways of working together to gain more sales, or do you more or less shoot from the hip? If you don’t currently rarely use lessons from other organizations, what’s holding back you or your organization?

Let’s talk about it…

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