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Football_363_shadowWho has time for games when there’s money to be made in sales today?

[Perhaps you will after reading this post]

“That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers.
Fun is just another word for learning.”
Raph Koster

Jason Daley (for @entrepreneur) recently told a great sales success story in his article, “What This Business Owner Did to Get His Team Out of a Sales Rut.

Please allow me to set the scene without spoiling the article for you. I really like this story…

A man named Brian Brady owns 6 Wireless Zone franchises employing 30 employees in total. Brady had been running multiple sales contests for his salespeople, offering bigger and better prizes in an effort to significantly boost sales. But, it didn’t bring about the increases in sales he was seeking.

He found this all-too-familiar scenario playing out:

“You always have your overachievers, then your middle-of-the-road sales guys, then the bottom tier,” Brady says. “The contests always had the same results, with the top salespeople winning. I had to start handicapping people, and the people at the top felt they were being punished for being good. The people at the lower end never paid attention to the contests because they felt like they’d never win.”

Brady was stuck, momentarily, where your sales team may be stuck today.

If the gamification of a traditional sales contest wasn’t the answer, why would any other form of gamification work? What other forms are even out there?

Brady didn’t give up, and his efforts paid off in a big way when he found a website offering a solution that he didn’t fully buy into at first:

Things were drastically different right away. [site name withheld] is a fairly expensive platform, and it took some convincing for me to buy into it. They said I would see improvement from day one, which is what everyone says. But I honestly did.

How so?

The No. 1 thing is that we have this sales goal assigned to us by Verizon, and we were struggling with it. I didn’t think we’d make it by the end of the year. But we crushed that goal in a month. It completely turned our sales process upside down.

How does the contest work?

This is where you should go and read the full article for yourself, not only to find out the answer to that question, but also find out which solution site they’re discussing in the article.

I will tell you that the solution effectively leveled the playing field so every employee had a chance to win while still keeping everyone rooting for each other at the same time.


Gamification is also an element of what the web and mobile app, SalesFitRx, offers its users. With this being the blog of SalesFitRx, it should definitely be mentioned.

You can learn more about the award-winning app by viewing this new, brief video.


QUESTION ::: Are you also stuck at this place as a team, as Brady’s team was, or have you been stuck in this way during another time of your careerDo you believe gamification, when applied well, can cause a significant breakthrough for a sales team?

Let’s talk about it…

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