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twitter_leads_295_shadowHave you ever been reading an article or a list and one of the items, a phrase or some wording, seemed to jump off the page at you?

After a little practice, this may begin to happen for you on Twitter with warm and hot prospects jumping out at you.

Emma Snider (@emmajs24), she’s a name you’ve heard before in previous blog posts, has another winner of a post with “How to Spot a Lead on Twitter [Flowchart]” from the HubSpot Marketing Blog.

Let’s start with some stats she offers:

To many salespeople, “social selling” equates to “LinkedIn.” According to a survey conducted by PeopleLinx, 76% of reps understand LinkedIn’s potential for sales, but a scant 16% see the value in Twitter for social selling.

What if there’s more prospecting opportunity in Twitter than you’ve realized? If there is, then don’t get discouraged…get excited! You have an essentially untapped resource you can now use to increase your sales.

That’s a great thought, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you learn how to spot a sales lead on Twitter. That’s where Snider’s blog post, focusing on the flowchart (created by @LeadSift), offers help with that.

The flowchart has a little fun in the process of helping you determine the temperature of a potential lead. It all begins with looking at followers, then their activity, then the type of activity.

There are a few red flags in the chart to look for to ensure the various Twitter profiles really are heading toward some level of a quality lead. Then the questions begin directing themselves toward any recent connection you may have had with them. It builds from there.

Now, a reality check…

Is this flowchart the be-all and end-all that will make your wildest prospecting dreams come true? No. Can it help you better understand some of elements that are present when a lead is warming for you on Twitter? Yes it can.

Snider also says as much:

While it’s not a perfect science (I’m sure there are some decision-makers out there who like Justin Bieber), this graphic can aid you in parsing out the tweets to pay attention to from the ones you can safely ignore.

Get what you can out of it and put it to use this week.

QUESTION ::: Do you currently, or have you in the past, used Twitter as a lead generation tool? Has it directly or indirectly led to any sales?

Let’s talk about it…

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