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Boy_-_Success_355_shadowLately, I’ve been grouping my Friday list of links under a certain topic or focus. But this week’s links are helpful for sales professionals of all experience levels.

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Chris_Westfall_139x139Millennial CEO Blog
Five Ways to Stop Giving In, and Get What You Want
National elevator pitch champion and author Chris Westfall (@westfallonline) wrote a guest blog post for the @millennialceo blog. In it, he targets 5 issues and 5 corresponding actions to get what you want…whatever it is that you really want.

KEY QUOTE: “Persuasion and influence are the cornerstones of leadership, a leadership that exists at any level. If you want to move forward in your life, your relationships and your career, you’ve got to be able to persuade and influence others.”

This one is challenging and inspiring. Don’t miss what Westfall has to say, then think about applying it to your life and work. #getafterit

[Reading Time: 6:00 minutes]


Geoffrey_James_141x140Inc. Magazine
10 Ways to Write Better Sales Emails
Professional speaker, award-winning sales blogger and author Geoffrey James (@Sales_Source for @Inc) penned this post that goes deeper into this topic than most. It was actually crowdsourced from his email subscribers. It’s a fairly common subject to see in posts in our industry, but James approaches it in some very effective ways.

KEY QUOTE: “Customers don’t want to read an analysis of their business and the state of their industry. They want to know why talking with you is worth their precious time, so get to that part as quickly as possible.”

James tells us what the wrong and right things are to do or not do for each of the 10 recommended areas of focus. #usethesetipstoday

[Reading Time: 4:30 minutes]


Salesforce_146_shadowSalesforce Canada Blog
[Infographic] Simple Tips to Become the Most Productive Salesperson Ever
The bloggers at the Salesforce Canada Blog are highlighting this infographic, created by @salesforce, in this post. It offers a set of researched recommendations that’s above-and-beyond what you often find in infographics. It’s really good advice to help you stay as productive as possible.



Put some of these into practice today…and see what happens#gettingthingsdone

[Reading Time: 5:00 minutes]


Ago_Cluytens_143x140_shadowAgo Cluytens’ YouTube Channel
5 Tested Ways To Reduce Stress And Work Better
Practice Director EMEA @RAINSellingAgo Cluytens (@Acluytens), wrote this blog post a few years ago but the expert advice still stands today.

KEY QUOTE: “This reduces my personal stress at work by allowing me to record every single task that pops into my head in the appropriate category, and tackle it when I choose to (note the word “choose”). The result ? I stopped stressing about ‘I need to do …’ and every single week/day I know exactly what I need to get done.”

Keep an eye on the rest of his blog posts here#workbetter

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]

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