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Sales-ProfessionalsAs I begin to work alongside the team behind the SalesFitRx app, my goal is to draw from my experience to effectively curate the truly valuable resources for you, the sales professional.

But first, to ensure we are on the same page, let’s look at some of the ways a true sales professional distinguishes himself or herself from a salesperson.

I recently read an article by John Graham called, “18 Characteristics of a Professional Salesperson.” There were a few key characteristics I wanted to highlight. I’d start with one of the single most important differentiators:

#7.  Seeks performance improvement. Comes away from sales presentations and asks, “What could I have done better?”

Perhaps the biggest reason I am beginning to blog here today is because my gracious hosts at SalesFitRx created an app I believe in for this very reason. It’s an app for sales professionals [and professional sales organizations] only; for those who want to improve their sales skills and will use any available opportunity to do so.

You will not see me mention the SalesFitRx app too often in my future blog posts; that’s not my role here. But keep an eye on the topics I’ll be covering. They will align well with why the app exists [and is award-winning], and also with you who, I hope, are the true sales professionals improving at every turn…even when it isn’t easy.

These points also stood out to me among the rest of the characteristics mentioned in the article. In my experience, these are also proven differentiators:

  • #3. Asks questions. Wants to understand the issues or the problem before offering solutions. 
  • #5. Keeps promises. Doesn’t leave a customer hanging or wondering. Does what’s agreed on without being reminded. 
  • #6. Knows that learning is endless. Doesn’t get to a particular knowledge level and stop, while others stick with outdated products, concepts and solutions. 
  • #12 Understands the harm of “cutting corners.” While taking the easy way out is often camouflaged as saving time, professionals know it can easily become a slippery slope. 
  • #14. Welcomes challenges. Sees difficult tasks as growth opportunities rather than as bothersome interruptions. 
  • #15. Wants to be ahead of the curve. Constantly works to be seen by customers as thoughtful and forward thinking.

QUESTION ::: If you were to tell me 3 or 4 traits that indicate to you the difference between salespeople and sales professionals, what would they be?

Let’s talk about it…

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