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5_Stars_1_-_318_shadowIn sales, becoming leading-edge in your technique can make all the difference. The most successful salespeople are always fresh in their approach, bringing the best value to their leads as efficiently as possible.

A good way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends is to learn from those who have already mastered the art of selling. In an ever-changing market, there are always opportunities to be a better sales professional.

To help you find your edge, I’ve made you a list of 5 sales influencers whose blogs should be on every salesperson’s to-read list:

Dan_Waldschmidt_small_shadow-1Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt lives to inspire through his “Live EDGY” mantra from his book EDGY Conversations.
Dan works with a team as a strategist consultant to help companies bring results that matter. The Wall Street Journal calls Dan’s business insights the “best in the world”, working with leading universities, industry associations, and Fortune 100 companies to build strong values that foster organizational success.
Dan’s blogs teach salespeople to challenge conventional norms and think outside of the box to find the best habits that snowball into the path to success.
Twitter: @DanWaldo
Learn More: Dan Waldschmidt
John_Barrows_122x122John Barrows
John Barrows is a world-class sales trainer of the tech industry. John has trained sales teams of large companies and corporations, such as LinkedIn, SalesForce, Marketo, and HP Software & Services, to bring them dramatic increases in sales.
His blogs cover a variety of sales techniques and suggestions, spanning from split testing conversations for individual salespeople to leveraging the talents of entire departments to secure a sale. John posts regularly, offering you a consistent flow of insight on how to sell in the tech industry.
Twitter: @johnbarrows
Learn More: John Barrows

Nancy_Bleeke_113x113_shadow-1Nancy Bleeke
Nancy Bleeke is the Founder and President of SalesPro Insider, growing her company as a leader in sales since 1998. Her book, Conversations That Sell, was awarded a gold medal for Top Sales & Marketing book in 2013 and has become a standard read for modern sales teams.
Nancy’s experience in sales has earned her credibility to become a contributor to Top Sales World, Salesopedia, Sales Gravy, other popular business publications.
Her blog offers a range of valuable insight for sales managers and executives, covering topics such as tips on finding the best salespeople with the most potential and advice on how to calibrate sales goals. Nancy writes multiple posts a week, perfect for ever sales manager’s morning reading.
Twitter: @SalesProInsider
Learn More: Nancy Bleeke

John_Spence_128x128John Spence
John Spence has presented workshops, given speeches and executive coaching to more than 300 organizations worldwide for over two decades as a leading expert in sales. John has authored multiple books about business leadership and strategy, such as Awesomely Simple, essential business strategies for turning ideas into action and Letters to a CEO.
John also has had experience as a guest lecturer at over 90 colleges and universities, from Harvard University to the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. His insights and teaching are highly regarded as a must for salespeople looking to strengthen their sales techniques.
In his blog, he teaches salespeople to become better students of every opportunity. His articles are full of well-structured tips to help salespeople understand and bring the customer’s needs into your sales process.
Twitter: @AwesomelySimple
Learn More: John Spence
Jack_Malcolm_123x123Jack Malcolm
Jack Malcolm is an expert in business literacy and sales communication, empowering sales teams to take command of the fast-paced and complex sale environment. Jack founded the Falcon Performance Group in 1996 to help, even the most technical, sales teams enhance their communication skills to directly speak to the needs of their customers.
Jack has nearly 25-years of experience in training high-tech sales teams of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, NCR, Sun Microsystems and Tektronik.
In the world of sales, your pitch is everything. Jack’s blog is perfect for sales teams that want to improve their communication ability for more effective presentations and networking skills. His articles are full of field-tested advice and wisdom to help you improve fast.
Twitter: @jackmalcolm
Learn More: Jack Malcolm

What blogs do you or your sales team read to improve your sales effectiveness?

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