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I’m a big fan of practical, useful blog posts, articles, videos and other types of resources.

Learning how to do something new you can use for your buyer’s benefit, for your company’s benefit, or for your own benefit is essential for staying ahead in our work.

With this in mind, I curated four valuable resources for you this week. You need to read, bookmark and share these with your colleagues.

Let me know about other helpful articles, blog posts, quizzes or videos you really like related to this subject. It’s an important area in which to grow, both as a person and as a sales professional.

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15 Ways to Handle the Competition Objection
Mr. Inside SalesMike Brooks (@top20percent), wrote this blog post for @EyesOnSales last week. I highly recommend it because of its practicality. It’s an extremely useful to read and bookmark.

KEY QUOTE While you may have to handle the objection of competition during the close – and I’ll give you some scripting to do just that later in this article – the best time to handle it is in the beginning, while qualifying.”

Pass this link on to a colleague and they’ll thank you for it. #HandleItCorrectly

[Reading Time of This Post: 4:30 minutes]


Rachel_Clapp_Miller_120x120Forbes Magazine
Articulating Differentiation: 5 Ways to Trap the Competition
Content generator Rachel Clapp Miller (@contentrachel) wrote this post for @ForceMGMT. In it, she discusses the three categories of differentiators, along with a list of what we need to remember about differentiators in an overall sense.

KEY QUOTE: “If you can’t describe to your customer your differentiators, you’ll lose the deal, or be forced to lower your price.”

This is an excellent advice on this important topic. #DifferentiateYourself

[Reading Time: 2:00 minutes]


Connor_Burt_120x120American Management Association

What Kind of Discount Can We Get? A Guide to Handling Sales Discount Questions
Don’t pull the trigger on offering a discount too soon. Connor Burt (@conburt) is head of relationships at @lessonlyapp. He wrote this interesting post for the @OpenViewLabs blog.

KEY QUOTE: “In order to effectively wade through sales discount discussions and negotiate like a pro, know that, to have a mutually beneficial outcome is to understand why a discount is needed. It lays a framework for how to field questions, objections, and the path forward.”

Always ensure you’re using the offering of a discount strategically…not just to generate [most of] another sale. #DiscountDoublecheck

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]


Sean_Gordon_120x120Harvard Business Review
Why (and How) Sales Teams Should Prepare For 2016 NOW
CEO of @IntelliverseSean Gordon (@SeanGordon22), wrote this guest blog post for @SalesHackerConftwo weeks ago. In it, Gordon borrows an idea from investing and appropriately carries it over into our sales world to help us ensure we start off 2016 strong in Q1.

KEY QUOTE: “If taking the Rule of 78 into consideration, it’s almost impossible to start activity in January 2016 and make your numbers throughout the year. This is because the average sales pipeline for most organizations is anywhere from three to four months, depending on your target audience. With that in mind, sales teams need to build a strong pipeline today to carry them through not only the first month, but also the first quarter of 2016.”

Don’t miss the “Putting The Wheels In Motion” section in this valuable post. #RuleOf78

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]

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