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Social_Selling_6_-_354_shadowAre your competitors gaining an edge on you due to the social selling tools they know about [and use with effectiveness] and you don’t?

In an increasingly digital world, your business’s social media presence is worth more than ever – but even with a strong call-to-action, it’s increasingly difficult to convert potential customers to clients via online interaction.

Which leads us to the question: How do the most successful sales professionals break through the white noise of social, to establish long-lasting relationships?

The answer is clear – the best social sellers know how to use social media to engage in the ongoing conversations that establish credibility and create a sense of connection. And, the best sales reps know how to leverage technology to streamline and facilitate the process.

While linking to your business’s social media presence via your website, digital advertising, or other marketing efforts is a great start, waiting for your prospective clients to come to you isn’t the same as opening a dialogue, or driving engagement – and it’s not nearly as effective for increasing audience interaction.

Which is why I’ve compiled this short list of helpful and accessible tools – all designed to assist you in establishing and maintaining a strong social presence.

nimble_125_shadowNimble — @Nimble — LinkedIn
Nimble is an easy-to-navigate tool, which streamlines management of social contacts. It finds your contact’s social media pages, pulls relevant data from numerous social media sites, and consolidates your contact’s social presence from all channels into one detailed, comprehensive social profile.

This social profile also contains a record of all social engagements, tracks engagement history and lead interaction, and saves historical data.The Pros ::: Nimble lives everywhere, so you don’t have to. It stores your log-ins and passwords for numerous social media streams, consolidating your social presence into one easy-to-navigate dashboard. It streamlines interaction with numerous sites, makes it easy to manage contact interaction, and easily integrates with larger CRMs, such as SalesForce.

The Cons ::: Nimble has basic task management and sales tracking, but few advanced CRM features – and browsing by deal is non-existent. There are also few tutorials or training resources, which means there is a bit of a learning curve before you’ll gain proficiency and build a natural workflow.

For a more in-depth review, check out this article.


wisestamp_186_shadowWiseStamp — @WiseStamp — LinkedIn

Wisestamp is a Google Chrome extension which allows users to personalize their email sign-off, by adding concise connections to more than 40 social media networks, in one attractive and professional signature. It also allows users the ability to connect app features (for instance, displaying your most recent tweet or blog post).

Wisestamp is a fast and simple way to promote one-click connection to your social media presence. It promotes accessibility within the context of your current client interaction, and (in the case of instant feed display) potentially adds value to your email conversations.

The Pros ::: Wisestamp is both user-friendly and free, and works with both Firefox and Chrome.

The Cons ::: It may not play nicely with other browsers – and it can only be used in the browser with which it was initially activated. Wisestamp is also not currently optimized for mobile – so your signature will not be included on emails sent from your phone or mobile device.

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LittleBird uses a variety of tools and data to help users discover and target social networking opportunities. It provides users with the information they need to engage with industry influencers, by identifying and tracking persons of interest and aggregating their trending conversations cross-platform.

What sets LittleBird apart from competitors (such as Klout) is its ability to identify thought leaders and influencers in quantity, as opposed to merely earmarking individuals who are active posters. It also provides an array of features intended to help users progress past simple identification of influencers, and transition into active social engagement and relationship-building.

The Pros ::: Simple, effective, and easy to use – with helpful conversion features not provided by any of its competitors.

The Cons ::: You’ll need to review and scrub your influencer lists before exporting them, just to be safe. And, while LittleBird will provide you with a comprehensive list of influencer social accounts and blogs, it does not filter inactive or dormant accounts – so you’ll have to review this information on a case-by-case basis, when deciding where to focus your communications.

For a more in-depth review, check out this article.

QUESTION: What tools can’t you live without for doing social selling effectively and efficiently?

Let’s talk about it…

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