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Tools_3_-_310_shadowAs sales pros, we know that the hardest part of making the sale is often connecting to new business.In this day and age, rallying new sales

In this day and age, rallying new sales relies heavily on developing your prospective relationships – so that by the time your potential clients are ready to make a move, you’ve already been established as a trusted expert in their sphere of influence.

But, how do the most successful sales professionals climb the mountain of social media, in order to stay on top of their client conversations?

They do it by using the best tools available to gather info and gain insight into their clients’ needs – and then leveraging this information to drive relevant and engaging conversations with their potential customers.

Need some help kickstarting your conversations? I’ve reviewed a few tools which can help you identify your best prospects and open the door to more productive dialogue.

SocialPort (by rFactr)  //  @rFactr

SocialPort is an all-inclusive content management system, which enables streamlined sharing via social channels. It helps users engage in more productive conversations, by allowing them to write, schedule, and share posts which have been optimized for social media.

It allows managers access to in-depth data and analytical insights helpful for tracking and monitoring the impact of social campaigns, as well as enabling sharing of corporate-approved content for use by sales staff. SocialPort simplifies the alignment of marketing, sales, and customer experience – and makes it easy to attribute revenue directly to sales initiatives.

Pros – Effective content syndication and easy integration with most major CRMs.
Cons – Auto-posting could be improved. Syndication functionality is also somewhat lacking.

Riffle (by CrowdRiff)  //  @CrowdRiff

Riffle helps maximize their use of Twitter, by providing information regarding the reach and potential value of each user. This allows sales professionals to identify industry influencers, and prioritize, personalize, and tailor their interactions to develop more in-depth relationships.

The Chrome extension is simple to install and manage, integrates well with Hootsuite and Salesforce, and provides instantaneous insight into contact interest, engagement, and activity via the Twitter platform. It provides at-a-glance contact metrics regarding social stats, retweets, and network reach – as well as quick-links to your contacts connected social profiles and preferred platforms.

Pros – The simplicity of use basically eliminates the learning curve – making this a great tool for the less tech-savvy.

Cons – Riffle is less data-focused than its rivals – and strictly relevant for frequent users of Twitter.

Line_Divider_small (by Google)  //  @discoverly is a Chrome extension which connects your LinkedIn profile to your Facebook connections – allowing you to leverage “in common” connections, and develop stronger relationships.

Once installed, allows you to view any mutual Facebook connections from within LinkedIn – enabling sales professionals to shift their conversational focus to those prospective clients with whom they already have connections in common.

Pros – presents data within LinkedIn, so there is no need to move away from the social network you use most. It also places the emphasis on strength of connection and developing pre-existing social relationships, as opposed to merely identifying influencers or social reach.
Cons – This plug-in simply streamlines access to information which is already accessible to you (from a data privacy perspective). It also only supports one Gmail account per LinkedIn account, so consider carefully before installing it – it can be glitchy if you attempt to make changes.

At the end of the day – there is no cure-all app for streamlining your social sales. Still, used in conjunction, all of these programs can offer helpful insights which can be leveraged to improve your social selling, and improve sales effectiveness.

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