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Money_Jar_1_-_x400This is a story you’ve likely heard before, but it’s one containing such an important truth for sales professionals that this reminder will prove to be valuable for you in your sales work today.

That, and it perfectly sets up the expert resource I want to tell you about in a moment…

As the trainer stood in front of the group of sales professionals he said, “It’s time for a quiz.” 

He then pulled out a one-gallon, wide mouthed mason jar and set it on a table in front of him.  Then he produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one at a time, into the jar.

When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, “Is this jar full?”

Everyone in the room said, “Yes.”

“Really?” replied the trainer.  He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel.  Then he dumped in some gravel and shook the jar causing the smaller pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the spaces between the larger rocks.

Then he smiled and asked the group once more, “Now, is the jar full?” By this time, the audience was onto him.  “Probably not,” one of them answered with a smile of his own.

“Good!”  he replied with a chuckle.  He then reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand.  He started dumping in the sand in. It went into all the spaces left between the rocks and the gravel.  He asked the question once more, “Is the jar full?”

“No!”  the group shouted.

Once again he smiled and said, “Good!” Next, the trainer grabbed a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar was filled to the brim.  He looked up at them and asked, “What is the point of this illustration?”

One eager young professional raised his hand and said, “The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit more things into it!”

“That is absolutely…not correct,” the trainer replied. “That’s not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.”

With our finite amount of hours in which to work, our ability to keep a strong focus on the main priorities, along with the order in which other work should be done, will directly determine our sales effectiveness.

I know this is not a new concept to you.

What may be new to you is the sales coaching I read a few days ago from Fredrik Jonsson (@fredrikmembrain). He’s the Chief Content Officer at @membrain_com. His post is titled: How should B2B sales people spend their time in order to reach quota?

The big idea of Jonsson’s post is how to accurately answer this question:

How should our sales people allocate their time between different activities to optimize their chances of reaching quota?

The information Jonsson provides isn’t just the typical 3 bullet points and a pep talk. It’s incredibly practical and so useful that you can begin using what you learn from it right away.

Although we’re good at convincing ourselves that we have a solid handle on our daily time management, we may not be using the right mix of sales activities in the best ways to optimize our sales.

Jonsson’s post walks us through the variety of activities we do from day-to-day and gives us vital questions to ask ourselves to better tune the optimization knob toward greater sales success.

Then, the author takes us into a scenario to see how it plays out. This is helpful to better understand how to use your own situation, in conjunction with Jonsson’s expert direction, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your time.

Don’t miss this post, and be sure to pass it along to your colleagues/ sales team to aid strongly in increasing your organization’s sales numbers and make quota more often.

DON’T MISS THIS: Jonsson (via @membrain_com) is offering a very useful kit of resources to download. Since you read to the end of this post, you’re definitely someone who will find a lot of value in this downloadable resource: How To Set Realistic Goals In Complex B2B Sales.

[Reading Time of Jonsson’s Post: 4:00]

QUESTION ::: What was one of your A-ha! moments as you read Jonsson’s post? 
What are you going to put into action this week

Let’s talk about it…

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Hacks__Tricks_1_-_230_shadowFRIDAY SALES GROWTH LINKS

This week’s resources are focused on Hacks & Tricks For B2B Sales Reps.

I’ve gathered four very interesting and useful resources from two of our peers in the sales industry.

Jimi Smoot uses science and an understanding of human behavior to share some important sales training with us.

And Jacob Marovt, in my opinion, consistently puts together some of the very best posts in our industry when it comes to the combination of helpful insights, usefulness, practicality, entertainment, readability and overall substance coming together in each and every post.

If you doubt me, just read his posts linked below. In fact, don’t miss any of the links in today’s post.

Also, don’t forget to return to this blog daily, and especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Jacob_Marovt_118x118Pipetop Blog

Sales Hackers Exist – Steal Their 14 Essential Habits
Co-founder of @PipetopHQ, Jakob Marovt (@jmarovt), wrote this very practical and useful post last week for any sales professional interested in becoming more efficient and effective with their time and in their work. So, this was written especially for you.

KEY QUOTE: “A sales hacker is a person that is passionate about optimizing every step of the sales process: the tools, the roles, the tasks, the goals & the compensation.

Do NOT miss the “Monthly Sales Hacking Checklist” at the end of this post. #HackingForGood

[Reading Time of This Post: 11:00 minutes]


Pipetop Blog

How A Simple Checklist Rescued 80% Of Our Sales Demo Time
The second resource I’m featuring from Jakob Marovt in another epic post. Walking through this post and applying it to your specific situation will absolutely help you reclaim lost time. The key is to reinvest those found hours into quality selling time.

KEY QUOTE: “It’s a checklist that doesn’t necessarily improve our close rate for each individual deal. Instead, it focuses on improving our pitch across several business areas.”

You’ll want to forward this pair of useful resources from Marovt to your colleagues. #PassItOn

[Reading Time: 7:30 minutes]


Jimi_Smoot_125x125Vesper Blog

The Hidden Science Behind Language That Sells
Founder of @meetvesper, Jimi Smoot (@jsfour) took a very scientific approach to better understanding what type of language can lead to more sales and why. This is incredibly interesting…that is, if helpful resources that can help you generate more sales is your thing.

KEY QUOTE: “Give customers a sense of newness and you’ll be going a long way in using the persuasive power of language to close more sales.”

Leverage how we’re built as humans to gain more sales. It’s not manipulation; it’s knowing how to solve your buyer’s problem without allowing them to get in their own way. #HelpThemHelpThemselves

[Reading Time: 6:00 minutes]


Vesper Blog

Using Game Theory In Your Sales Process
This other featured post from Jimi Smoot is about how to effectively strategize and apply game theory to every client interaction. Smoot builds his convincing case by diving into human behavior.

KEY QUOTE: “Often we can feel rushed to close a deal for fear of the cost of waiting. But game theory suggests that the biggest winner is the one who can be the most patient…that means not just focusing on negotiating the terms of a deal, but also thinking ahead about how to structure the deal so that the cost of waiting is lower for you than it is for your client.”

What was your favorite “A-ha!” moment from this resource? #Eureka!

[Reading Time: 4:00 minutes]

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Work_Smart_3_-_341_shadowI really like getting the most out of things.

I especially like it when I learn a new way to use something, anything, then I show it to someone else and they’re amazed. I like being that guy who knows interesting and useful information.

Seth Godin would call someone like me a sneezer. Are you one too?

Some of the hacks I’ve learned over the years that have helped me during my business travels include:

  • Tag your luggage as FRAGILE to give it the best chance of being treated well
  • I keep a travel-size package of lemon-scented Wet Ones in my travel bag and in my car. I wipe my face with one and feel instantly refreshed during a day of travel or between meetings
  • Always be kind to airline and hotel staff, then always ask if an upgrade might be possible because they’ll often say yes
  • When possible, book non-U.S. airlines when traveling abroad; they tend to have better amenities
  • Choose flights on a Boeing 767 when it’s an option; there are fewer bad/middle seats
  • Load up on sleep before an international flight in order to minimize jet lag; also stay well hydrated and eat plenty of protein en route
  • Order a special meal ahead of time (e.g. kosher, vegetarian), because you’ll typically be served first so you can either get to work or get to sleep sooner
  • Catch a cab in the Departures section of your terminal; no cab queue to endure

Also, and this isn’t a hack per se, but I also encourage you to begin doing something I was encouraged to do by a colleague years ago. When you’re leaving a country and have extra coins and small bills in foreign currency, make it a habit to give it to a homeless person if you encounter one before you head to the airport.

It’s an easy way to do some good for someone else, but it’s also an excellent way to reset your perspective and priorities. No matter how the final meeting went, you have a job and an income. That’s more than many other people have.

There are a lot of people who are figuring out things for us every day. If we get in the habit of learning one new and helpful hack every day, we’ll become quite the sneezer.

I read a very useful blog post the other day by Ginny Soskey (@gsosk). She’s Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at @HubSpot. The title of the post is: 16 Google Calendar Hacks That Will Make You More Productive.”

Typically, I write posts with broad appeal, but this post today is for those of you who either already use Google Calendar, or may someday switch to use it. These tips really do make life easier, giving you back more selling time (and that’s important).

The big idea of Soskey’s post simply is this:

“… there are some cool hacks and under-the-radar features that you can use to make your life in Google Calendar much easier to organize.”

What I really liked about this resource were all of the A-ha! moments I experienced. I didn’t know how much I was underutilizing this important tool in my online toolbox.

Granted, I already knew about some of these, but by beginning to use a couple of these features that are new to me, the experience of how I use Google Calendar will improve my efficiency and effectiveness. It can do the same for you.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Set up a world clock with multiple cities
  • Arrange appointment slots
  • Browse interesting calendars
  • Use keyboard shortcuts (here’s a full list)

Get the most out of the tools you use in your career. There are a lot of articles and blog posts out there to help you better utilize the tools you use regularly, and this is just one of them. Check out Soskey’s full post now.

BONUS LINK: Related to Google Calendar is Google’s Gmail tool. Here’s an excellent resource, by ace marketer @NeilPatel, to read and bookmark (22 Gmail Plugins That All Content Marketers Need to Know About)

Now, go ahead and be a sneezer by sending the link to this post, my post, to your friends. They’ll appreciate it.

[Reading Time For Soskey’s Post: 8:30 minutes]

QUESTION ::: What’s one of your favorite hacks in your professional life to help you be more productive, more effective or improve your life in some other way?

Let’s talk about it…

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Trends_1_-_3502015 has been an epic year for the sales industry, seeing major shifts in both strategy and technique.

While many of these changes are driven by the availability of new technology and tools focused on sales enablement, an equal number are motivated by the need to adapt to the shifting consumer attitudes and needs which are shaping the buyer’s journey.

At SalesFitRx, we pride ourselves on tracking the latest trends. We’ve compiled our observations on the five biggest breakthroughs for 2015:

  1. Hiring the eager (not the experienced). While it may seem counterintuitive, investing in fresh talent may get you farther than hiring experienced sales professionals. The reasoning behind this trend is simple – as the sales climate shifts, established sales professionals may be less willing to learn new skills and strategies than their less-seasoned peers – especially when it comes to integration of technology. Add to this the growing need for social selling skills, and the younger generation may have far more savvy and experience than their more mature counterparts – flipping the old hiring preferences on end. While recruiting previously trained sales professionals might seem the way to go, it may be worth your while to hire untrained talent, and invest the salary savings in additional training and coaching. You’ll have the opportunity to teach your preferred strategies and sales habits from the start – imbuing them with the skills which benefit your business directly, and avoiding complications which arise from pre-existing habits and poor training.
  2. Focusing on data-driven communications. Those who are ahead of the game have already placed themselves to benefit from big data and are focusing their efforts on honing consumer communications accordingly. By applying smart metrics to determine the impact and reach of content, businesses who are leveraging their consumer data can more easily assess their sales strategy and campaign effectiveness, and adjust it to gain maximum reach.By shifting the focus to data-driven content, your business can ensure that the communications which reach your target audience are relevant, applicable, and add value to the customer experience. This not only increases the effectiveness of your communications, it can help drive dialogue with your consumers, and help your brand establish credibility.
  3. Leveraging technology in the sales process. According to recent research by CSO Insights, most sales reps spend only 35% of their time actually selling – the rest is absorbed by the performance of administrative tasks and account management. By effectively leveraging today’s sales enablement and smart CRM technology to alleviate the burden of administrative functions, businesses can free their sales team to focus on revenue-generating pursuits, such as lead procurement, and social selling.The metrics and insight gained through use of advanced solutions (such as that offered by SalesFitRX) also allow sales management to more effectively track the behaviors and accomplishments of their sales team, providing the deeper insight required to reward individual successes, effectively outline milestones and goals, and assess and adjust their strategic approach to sales.
  4. Redefining the role of sales managers. Along with the role of sales itself, the role of the sales manager is quickly changing – and savvy businesses are already redefining their approach. The sales manager of the future is capable of analyzing sales performance metrics and data to identify areas of weakness or failure before it becomes an issue – or hone their approach to support tactics which produce results.Today’s sales manager is more of a professional coach than a player. He or she can effectively leverage the technology and tools available to zero in on team members who are underperforming, offering those individuals the additional training or coaching required to up their game, sharpen their sales skills, and meet demanding quotas.

    The new sales manager’s focus revolves around comprehensive training, sales education, and strategy – resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

  5. Fully embracing social selling. Social media is no longer an informal mode of communication – it has now blossomed into an excellent venue for driving dialogue and establishing credibility amongst consumers. One of the strongest trends in 2015 has been the increasing investment in social selling – namely, the devotion of significant time and effort towards the creation and maintenance of a rich social network.Still, many companies miss the mark entirely – as social selling isn’t really about selling. It’s about opening a two-way dialogue with your audience, inspiring authentic discussion, and establishing credibility through the provision of valuable, relevant, informative content.

    Failure to follow these unspoken rules of conduct can actually damage your business’s credibility (so be forewarned) – but the benefits far outweigh the risks. By investing in the creation of high-quality, strategic content, and adjusting your sales strategy to incorporate time devoted to social selling, you’ll see significant results, and extend your business’s reach.

If your business is still lagging behind these trends, it’s time to sprint into action, and start the new year right!

Unsure of where to begin? Contact me at SalesFitRx today:

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candy_crush_273_shadowOne of my grandsons loves to play a game called “Candy Crush Saga” on his Mother’s cell phone. I believe the little guy is addicted to it.

The game is simple enough. The player is given a mission and either a limited amount of moves or a certain amount of time to complete that level’s mission. Moves are completed by matching three, four or five pieces of candy in a row having the same color.

The premise is simple, but executing the various strategies involved is what makes it challenging and addicting for many people.

What I’ve noticed from watching the 9-year-old play is that there are a few distractions built into the game. There are striped and wrapped pieces of candy, each with special powers; then there’s the coveted chocolate ball (with sprinkles).

These special candies can be helpful when they’re used as a part of the process of completing each level’s mission, but they can quickly become distractions if they’re created and used outside of the active pursuit of the mission.

My grandson is fun to watch when he’s on-mission, but he will often lose his focus. That’s when I find myself screaming (on the inside), “No! That doesn’t help you reach your goal!”

My grandson can afford to lose focus and just enjoy the game; he’s just a boy being a boy. You and I do not have that luxury in our sales careers.

Where do you sometimes drift off focus into the shiny and sparkly tasks you enjoy doing most in lieu of the tasks you should be doing which are vital to staying on track to meet your [customer’s] goals?

I read a blog post last week that was also focused on the topic of being focused, specifically on being customer success focused.

It was a good reminder that, yes, while we all understand the importance of being focused on the success of our customers, sometimes the cares of this world (our world of our sales) can cause us to shift away from the customer’s success and onto our own short-term selling success.

Teresa Becker (@teresabay), VP of Marketing at @highalpha, wrote a blog post earlier this month for @quotafactory. It’s titled: 8 Ways to Ensure Your Company is Customer Success Focused.” I want to ensure you’ve been made aware of it and read it.

The big idea of Becker’s post is this:

                “The most invaluable assets to a business are customer advocates.”

Becker lays out this post by taking the big idea as the goal and giving us her steps for how a sales organization can consistently remain customer success focused and create a growing number of customer advocates.

I especially like step #4 (Embrace it: Early customer journey’s will have bumps in the road) because this reality needs to be understood, and not just accepted, but embraced.

Perhaps it could be said, as a side note, that underperforming companies simply accept bumps in the road, but high-performing companies embrace them. Bumps are opportunities. Read Becker’s post to see how she explains it, and to read the rest of this very useful post.

I also liked this mention at the end of the post:

“Think about why your company emerged in the first place: a passion for solving significant problems for your customers and for the space you are in. Your customers feel the same way about their company. A shared vision with your customers in producing a true partnership is key to both you and your customers’ success. Use the suggestions we’ve put together as the foundation for a winning, customer-focused company.”

Sales organizations that can avoid the extraneous striped candies [and chocolate balls with sprinkles] and remain focused on customer success will be able to complete mission after mission and continue to unlock new levels to play with those customers for many years to come.

[Reading Time For Becker’s Post: 4:30]

QUESTION ::: What, would you say, is a common or easy way to lose focus and chase a striped piece of candy in our work as sales professionals

Let’s talk about it…

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This week’s resources are focused on Top Sales Books.

We’ve brought together, for you, lists from four sales industry bloggers, listing 60 titles (some are repeated…so pay special attention to those).

It’s all in an effort to ensure you’re making the most of your time and to help you grow as a sales professional.

Don’t miss any of the links below.

Don’t forget to return to this blog daily, and especially every Friday for my Friday Sales Growth Links feature where I filter online resources to help you grow in your sales career.

Be sure to bookmark and explore our Friday Sales Growth Links archives as well.


Alice Heiman’s Blog

15 Sales Books That Will Motivate You to Sell More
Social selling and personal branding expert, Alice Heiman (@aliceheiman), is featuring a very helpful list of books to motivate sales professionals in her recent blog post.

KEY QUOTE: “I know you will be shopping for gifts for all the great salespeople in your life and perhaps you will even have a quiet moment during the holidays to read something to motivate you for the coming year.

II agree with Alice and recommend Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson by @RobertTerson#GetSmarter

[Reading Time of This Post: 8:00 minutes]


Nick_Hedges_116x116Inc. Magazine

The Best Books For Salespeople
Nick Hedges (@Nick_Hedges) is CEO of @Velocify. He wrote this article for @Inc magazine about his list of the five best books salespeople should read.

KEY QUOTE: “I take these opportunities to continue my education by reading, as I truly believe the best salespeople never stop learning. Specifically, reading books about leadership, business best practices and high-level sales strategies keep me sharp and give me new ideas.”

Along with Hedges, I also recommend The Little Red Book of Sales by Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer). #MakeTimeToGrow

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]


Accelerate Blog

27 Must-Have Sales Books to Help You Sell More
Kameron Noel (for @hirevue) has written some strong content. This one is is our longest featured list today; it contains 27 book reviews! How many of them have you read? How many are new to you?

KEY QUOTE: “…these books are listed in no particular order, but they are essential (in our opinion) if you want to win in today’s sales environment..”

By this third list, you’re starting to see some titles mentioned again. That’s an extra strong indicator it’s worth a read. #CreateAReadingPlan

[Reading Time: 28:00 minutes]


Robert_Barsi_116x116Sales Hacker Blog

Best Sales Books: 23 Reads That Give Salespeople All the Answers
Ralph Barsi (@rbarsi) is the Vice President of @Achievers and he writes for the @saleshackerconf blog. He apparently put in quite a bit of time in creating what he believes to be all the books salespeople need to get all of the answers. It is quite well-rounded. What do you think?

KEY QUOTE: “Slow your roll. We’re all used to tweets and texts, and flying through content. Books, however, require focus and attention.”

I like that a lot of the classics made this list along with some newer titles. Younger generations of sales professionals would do well for themselves by beginning to read through this list sooner than later. #ReadTheClassicsAgain

[Reading Time: 10:30 minutes]

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4_Aces_2_-_348_shadowAt SalesFitRx, we value innovation – which is why we make it a point to keep on top of the trending issues relevant to your sales success.

We’ve noticed a few others out there who are ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking down the complexities of modern sales – and we’d like to share some of their commentary with you.

Read below, for a brief bio of four sales leaders you should definitely be following. We’ve also included links to some of their recent writing, for your convenience and for your career growth:

Tamara_Schenk_113x113Tamara Schenk
With over twenty years in the world of sales,
 Tamara is a well-respected expert in the field of sales coaching and enablement. She’s built an impressive reputation as a sales innovator and evangelist for sales force transformation. She prefers to focus on driving sustainable sales results by embracing modern sales strategy – often by un-learning traditional tactics.
Tamara is currently the Research Director at CSO Insights, specializing in strategic sales enablement and sales force transformation. She’s also an influential blogger, a keynote speaker and contributes regularly to Top Sales Magazine.
Jonathan is a valuable keynote speaker, business coach, mentor, author, consultant, and sales strategist – with a strong focus on guiding sales leaders and businesses towards optimum performance levels. He is currently the Senior Partner at Jonathan Farrington & Associates, CEO of Top Sales World and the co-editor of Top Sales Magazine.
Founder and Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point, Bob has worked for many of the world’s most respected B2B technology companies. After successful stints with several expansion-stage technology businesses, Bob founded Inflexion-Point with the intention of helping the next generation of agile, fast-moving organizations and B2B technology market leaders realize their potential for market leadership.

Recent blog post we loved:
Why It’s Time To Stop Adding Value

Sonia’s love of personal development and fierce ambition led to her position as National Sales Trainer for peak performance expert Anthony Robbins. In this position, she traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, delivering sales and leadership training for major companies.

As the only woman in a small team of men, Sonia developed some invaluable and influential skills. In the span of 8 weeks, she and her team would build a customer base capable of generating $800k- $1million in sales – then pick up and start over in a new location.

Now, she is a popular speaker, mentor & direct sales/marketing coach for women – as well as one of the founding partners of Women United for Change – a network marketing organization geared towards the empowerment of female professionals.

For more tips and tricks on developing your sales skills, read more from our blog: The Sales Executive X Blog – or contact us today to find out how your business can streamline the sales process, maximize efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

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dessert_3_-_322_shadowMy wife and I enjoyed a second honeymoon back in 2006, and I embarrassed her again and again…

It wasn’t that I was trying to make her feel uncomfortable, it just happened every time we paid for something on our vacation.

I believe in the power of empowering others, it played out on our trip in this very straightforward way.

I asked this simple question whenever it was time to hand over my credit card: “Do you happen to have any honeymoon discounts in your register today?”

Nearly every time I spoke those words, the sky opened up, the Hallelujah Chorus rang out and discounts and free items quickly came our way. I also mentioned to the wait staff, as we sat down at various restaurants, that we were on our honeymoon. The results of that mention were also off the charts.

We definitely reaped some benefits. Here are a few perks I still remember:

  • four-level upgrade for our 2-week rental vehicle
  • An upgrade at the hotel to a corner suite
  • A free custom dessert from the chef at Cowboy Ciao, as well as a visit to our table to congratulate us (I highly recommend this place in Scottsdale)
  • A free guided sunset horseback ride over South Mountain (Phoenix) to a Texas roadhouse for a steak, then a starlit ride through the pass back to the stables
  • A half-price hot air balloon ride with a 5-star brunch at our landing site (their chase vehicle located us just after landing in the desert, and that became our dining room)
  • Too many free entrees at restaurants than I can count

There are times in life when we don’t get what we want because we don’t ask for it. Both in our personal and professional lives, we can get more if we know how to ask for what we want and then do it.

Opportunities to practice our negotiating skills are all around us every day. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I recently read a new blog post from sales trainer John Barrows (@johnmbarrows) and it’s right on par with this thinking.

The post is titled: Practice Sales Everywhere You Go.”

The big idea of Barrows’ post is that:

“Sales is the best profession in the world for multiple reasons. One of them is that we can (and do) practice it all the time and everywhere we go. The trick is to actively think about practicing it and pay attention.”

Much like the examples I gave you, Barrows gives us quite a few scenarios to get your thinking started about where you can be intentionally practicing your selling skills.

As the author mentioned, the important thing is to intentionally practice wherever you go.

It will only take a couple of minutes to read his post, so go check it out now and begin thinking about your next chance to ABP: Always Be Practicing.

As for my second honeymoon, it only took a couple of days before my wife’s embarrassment turned to excitement (and an elbow to my ribs when it was time to ask again). She loved seeing what would come our way next.

What will come next for you?

She still elbows me to this day, and now I’m the one who’s embarrassed when I ask for a honeymoon discount for a bunch of bananas and a gallon of milk on a slow Tuesday night at the grocery store…

[Reading Time For Barrows’ Post: 2:00]
QUESTION ::: Where have you practiced your selling skills outside of your conversations with buyers? And what did you receive as a result

Let’s talk about it…

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Fear_4_-_343_shadowFear is a powerful force. Have you heard about these interesting fears?

  • Alliumphobia: Fear of garlic #Dracula
  • Allodoxaphobia: Fear of opinions #Stalin
  • Caligynephobia or Venustraphobia: Fear of beautiful women #MeInJuniorHigh
  • Gnosiophobia: Fear of knowledge #KimJongUn
  • Lutraphobia: Fear of otters #What???
  • Microphobia: Fear of small things #Goliath
  • Nephophobia: Fear of clouds #ChickenLittle
  • Pogonophobia: Fear of beards #MyWife
  • Rhytiphobia: Fear of getting wrinkles #Hollywood
  • Soceraphobia: Fear of in-laws #SomeHusbands
  • Xyrophobia: Fear of razors #Samson

And my personal favorite:

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words

When it comes to our buyers, we often encounter different forms of Atychiphobia: the fear of failure.

Buyers don’t want to sign the contracts which may prove to be disadvantageous for their employers. We may think of them as being gun-shy, but they didn’t get to their positions by making poor choices when it came to spending their company’s money.

I recently read an excellent blog post by the head of Smart Selling Tools, and one of the most retweeted B2B marketers, Nancy Nardin (@sellingtools). Her post is titled:  Don’t Spook Your Prospects: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Keep Your Prospects From Fleeing in Fear.”

The big idea of Nardin’s post is this:

“Decision-makers are under pressure and short on patience. In a word, they’re easily spooked. They look for reasons to run away—or to avoid salespeople in the first place. Put these five tips into practice and assure your prospects they’ve got nothing to fear.”

In the post, Nardin gives us a quick, scannable view of each of her five tips in large content headers, and each tip is encapsulated in a single paragraph.

We’re busy people who want to learn quickly. Nardin gives us just that. But not just that, the tips are excellent.

You’ll find a nice collection of important reminders as well as some tips you think you’ve heard before but are, instead, her own personal take on each of them.

Go read Nardin’s post now.

[Reading Time For Nardin’s Post: 3:00]

QUESTION ::: How have you had success alleviating the fears of your buyers?

Let’s talk about it…

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Businesswoman_6_-_338_shadowFRIDAY SALES GROWTH LINKS

This week’s resources are focused on Women In Sales.

What are the truths about women in sales in today’s sales industry? I have some answers from three solid sources. Read about it below.

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Lori_Richardson_121x121Score More Sales Blog

The Push for More Women in Sales
Social sales influencer, speaker author and trainer Lori Richardson (@scoremoresales) has some important words for all women in sales.

KEY QUOTE: “…there are sales teams – some tech included – that have SOME women but MOST CROs and VPs and SVPs of sales say they’d like more women on their team.

I could be accused of jumping on the bandwagon supporting “Women In Sales,” but that’s okay as long as I can be counted as a supporter of seeing more women in sales. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this topic, and it won’t be the last time. #LetsSeeMoreOfThis

[Reading Time of This Post: 2:00 minutes]


Debra_Carpenter_121x121Accelerate Blog

4 Signs You May Have Imposter Syndrome and Why it Matters if You’re in Sales
Freelance content manager and Huffington Post contributor Debra Carpenter  (@hello_itsdeb) wants to get inside your head for a moment. Don’t worry, it’s for a good cause. Carpenter has a way of talking about tricky subjects with incredible honesty and focus.

KEY QUOTE: Instead of feeling proud, confident, and successful, I felt like an imposter. Like I had somehow managed to fool the folks at HuffPost.”

Let Debra roam about your head a while. By the time you get to the end of the post, you’ll be better off for it. #YoureStrongerThanYouBelieve

[Reading Time: 4:30 minutes]


Debra_Carpenter_121x121Accelerate Blog

Is Work-Life Balance a Myth for Moms in Sales?
It’s Debra Carpenter again (@hello_itsdeb). In this post, Carpenter offers a very transparent and honest look into the idea of a work-life balance. She talked with sales leader Lynn Mandinec, and you shouldn’t miss it.

KEY QUOTE: “Lynn Mandinec spoke about her experience as a high-performing sales leader who became a mother at the age of 34, when her career was well underway. She thought she would be able to hack it. She quickly found out she was wrong.”

Additionally, don’t miss this post by Mandinec as well (on the work-life topic) #NotAnEasyTask

[Reading Time: 3:00 minutes]


LinkedIn_Sales_Solutions_124x124LinkedIn Sales Solutions

[Infographic] Top Trends of Women Sales Professionals
This infographic from LinkedIn Sales Solutions (@linkedinselling) wrote this helpful article toward the end of last year, but the data still holds true today. Learn which days of the week are best for converting sales in specific countries around the globe. It’s fascinating data.

KEY QUOTE: “While the sales industry has historically been male dominated, more and more women are joining their ranks. LinkedIn explored that spike as well as other trends involving women in sales. Our data also reveals the rising percentage of women in the overall workforce represented on LinkedIn, and which job functions they are more likely to fill. We also pulled sales tools and tips from top saleswomen.”

Don’t miss the tips at the end of the infographic from top women sales experts. #TrendingUp

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]

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