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Styles, formats and even the technology used to give sales presentations has changed over the year, but one elemental truth has remained the same. Presentations are made to people. .There will always be the human factor

I definitely recommend reading through and bookmarking, the four resources linked below before you make your next sales presentation.

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Entrepreneur Magazine

6 Essentials for Making Your Elevator Pitch Unforgettable
Larry Alton (@LarryAlton3) is a contributing writer for @Entrepreneur and a freelance tech and computer writer. The shortest sales presentation you’ll ever give is your elevator pitch. Here are some excellent tips on how to make yours memorable.

KEY QUOTE: …cramming he details of a complex business plan into an opening the size of a few sentences can be excruciatingly difficult, even more so when you’re trying to stand out and make a great first impression.

“Fortunately, with the right strategies, you can make sure your elevator pitch is unforgettable.”

Your next opportunity to give your elevator pitch can happen at any moment. Don’t passively wait for it. Instead, actively lookfor it. #ElevatorNotRequired

[Reading Time of This Post: 3:00 minutes]


Michelle_Boyette_120x120Top Sales Dog Blog
Try ‘Pecha Kucha’ to Teach Tighter Sales Presentations
Michael Boyette (@TopSalesDog) is the editorial director for @rlinstitute. He introduces you to the concept of “Pecha Kucha.” It’s a proven way to keep a limited number of presentation or demo slides within a specific time frame to increase your effectiveness.

KEY QUOTE …Pecha Kucha (pronounced P’chochka) may be just the condiment you need to help reps spice up long, meandering sales presentations.”

Much like TED Talks being limited to 18 minutes, Pecha Kucha presentations are also effective along the lines of less being more. Check out the link to Daniel Pink’s presentation to see an example.  #HandleItCorrectly

[Reading Time: 1:30 minutes]


Julie_Hansen_120x120Acting For Sales Blog
3 Questions Your Sales Presentation Must Answer
Sales presentations and demonstrations expert and sales trainer Julie Hansen (@acting4sales) offers three important questions. You may need to answer one, two or all three of these questions for your buyers when you walk them through a presentation or a demo.

Hansen shows you how to determine which questions(s) you’ll need to answer.

KEY QUOTE: Don’t be afraid to ask the necessary questions to find out which question you must address in your presentation. Knowing well before you start planning will help you avoid disappointment and unpleasant surprises, and increase your success rate.”

Also: Don’t miss Hansen’s tips on the 5 things you must do in your discovery call#DontAssumeAnything

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]


Bruce_Gabrielle_120x120LinkedIn SlideShare Blog
5 Tips for Presenting to Executives
Author, speaker and expert PowerPoint presentation trainer Bruce Gabrielle (@bruce_gabrielle) explains 5 excellent tips with which I strongly agree.

KEY QUOTE: …don’t be afraid OF executives. Be afraid FOR them and think about how your proposal could help to allay their biggest fears.”

This post won’t take long to read, and you can go deeper into this topic with the embedded SlideShare presentation at the end of the post (59 slides). #YouCanDoThis

[Reading Time: 2:30 minutes]

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