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FAIL_440I need to make a confession…

I thought of that title after reading Bubba Page’s article (@BubbaPage, along with @MaxAlts) for titled, “10 Must-Follow Rules of Email Etiquette.”

My title plays off the fact that if you don’t read and take heed of Page’s direction on this important topic we [most often subconsciously] deal with every day, then it will only be a matter of time until you FAIL hard. It will not be pretty…it never is.

If that isn’t motivation enough to keep reading, let’s take a look at my favorite moment reading Page’s piece:

Your connections and relationships are extremely important and introductions are delicate. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when they aren’t treated as such. Therefore, here is my lesson in introductions that should be used by all salespeople, or even just all human beings in general.

If those words strongly resonated with you , as they did with me, then you’re definitely ahead of the curve. By my estimation, about a third of all people would see that and deeply agree, another third more or less would agree but not be moved to action/growth, and the rest wouldn’t really care.

If you’re in the middle third, there’s hope for you yet. Read on…

Page discusses situations such as:

  • Who Responds First, And How Fast?
  • Move To Bcc (when to do it after introductions)
  • Providing Context (for the one doing the introduction)
  • Making Intros Mutually Beneficial

I really want you to take 5 minutes to read this one and then to bookmark it. You will definitely  want to refer to it again at some point in the future.

Page’s article could’ve been titled something along the lines of, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting B2B Email Right Every Time,” or, “The Only Primer For B2B Email Etiquette You’ll Ever Need” and the feature would’ve still been aptly named.

I say that because of its great attention to the details and nuances of so many of the most common situations we [attempt to] navigate on a daily basis.

Now, if you were in the middle third of people when you first began reading this story, and you have now clicked over to Page’s article and read it, where are you now?

Thank you for taking the time needed to put together this resource  for us, Bubba and Max. Keep writing, young men, keep writing…

QUESTION ::: What was the biggest email etiquette FAIL you’ve witnessed (by someone else, of course)? How have you learned from the mistakes of others?

Let’s talk about it…


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